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How to Prevent Burst Pipes This Winter

Wednesday, January 20th, 2021
how to prevent burst pipes this winter - Tureks Plumbing

How to Prevent Burst Pipes This Winter

As winter months bring snow and cold to our Appleton, WI community, many of us are scrambling to pull out warm sweaters, get firewood, and check our furnaces. But there is one job that many of us have neglected during our preparations for the long winter months: preventing burst pipes. Surprisingly, this happens to many Fox Valley homeowners. Burst pipes can be an expensive plumbing emergency in Appleton, WI, which is why our plumbers are sharing how to prevent burst pipes this winter in the article below. 

Why Pipes Freeze

How are do plumbing pipes freeze? When it’s cold, the accumulated water inside the pipes freezes and expands, which creates extreme pressure. Eventually, the ice causes enough pressure to break the pipes. Fox valley plumbers explain that this is where the issues really begin. Research shows that a one-eighth-of-a-inch crack in a plumbing pipe can deliver up to 250 gallons of water a day! This amount of water can cause significant structural and property damage.

What would you do to avoid freezing and bursting pipes in your home? Here are seven tips to keep your pipes safe during the winter cold:

Pipes Must be Insulated

The exposed pipe is vulnerable to freezing, even in warmer climates. There is a range of ways to keep the pipes as snug as a bug in a blanket. One way is to apply insulation to the pipes throughout the building. Almost every home improvement store has foam insulation available for purchase. Simply wrap the foam around the tubing to shield it from cold temperatures.

Other choices for keeping your pipes warm include covering them with heat tape or using thermostatically operated heat cables. Make sure you use products approved by your Fox Valley plumber to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety.

Let Your Faucet Drip

Most people see a leaking hawk as a matter that needs to be resolved. However, in the winter months, it’s actually a smart idea to let your hawk drip just a little. A little bit of water flow keeps the pressure in the pipes low. Low pressure means less of a risk that those pipes could break!

Seal the Cracks and Leaks

Caulk is our favorite this time of year. You want to keep as much cold air out as you can. Have a careful inspection of your house to determine if there is any air leakage. Places to look at include nearby dryer vents, walls, electrical wiring, and of course, pipes.

When you’ve found them, the regular caulk gun and caulk should do the trick of sealing the leaks and keeping the chill-out.

Open Doors 

If you’re home or out of town, the American Red Cross suggests leaving the interior doors of your home open. This makes it possible for the heat to flow into the house more effectively. It also allows the heat to get closer to the pipes, minimizing the chance of freezing them.

Keep Garage Door Closed

While you want to leave those interior doors open to allow free heat to circulate throughout the building, you can keep your garage door closed. This is particularly true if you have pipes running through your garage. Again, you want to keep the cold air out of your walls and pipes as much as you can. Shutting the garage door will help to give you an extra layer of security.

Control the Thermostat

If you’re leaving town, be sure to keep your heat at no less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, it’s hard to think of paying to keep the heat on when you’re not at home. However, in the long run, you’ll save money by keeping your house warm and stopping blowing pipes. Our friends at McQuillan Bros, a plumbing company in Woodbury, MN, adds that water damage could cost you a couple of thousand dollars in costs repairs. And that’s a lot more than a few extra bucks that could cost your heating bill.

Disconnect/Shut off The Water

Another tip if you’re out of town for a while: consider turning off your main water line and exhausting your water supply. This would leave your pipes empty in the building so that no water will freeze within them and cause a rupture.

Contact Fox Valley Professionals

But as Fox Valley plumbers point out, if you have a fire safety device, this might not be a good idea. Shutting off the water main means that the fire system won’t work. If shutting down your water main doesn’t seem to be a good idea at least detach all the outer water hoses. Water in these hoses will freeze back to your house. You can always contact our plumbers at Tureks Plumbing. Our team will assist you with all your residential plumbing needs. Not to mention we provide 24/7 plumbing services in Appleton, WI. 

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How Long Will My Pipes Last?

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020
how long will my pipes last - Tureks Plumbing Services

How Long Will My Pipes Last?

Plumbing has dramatically evolved over the years. Clay and lead piping were among the first materials to be used. These were used to transport water to public buildings and homes. In the early 20th century, when homes began to be built with indoor plumbing, materials such as copper, cast iron, terra-cotta, and galvanized steel were utilized. 

Until World War II, lead piping was the majority’s material of choice when it came to plumbing pipes. As awareness about lead poisoning grew, its popularity drastically declined. Post World War II brought about galvanized screw piping as the choice material for plumbing pipes in homes.

In the 1970s, copper and polybutylene grew in popularity. Currently, polybutylene is now banned by most, if not all, building codes, as research found out that the material was compromised when exposed to chlorine.  

Knowing the different types of plumbing pipes in your home ensures that you take the necessary steps to avert floods, leaks, and potential health hazards. If you’d prefer a professional’s assistance from the beginning, contact Tureks Plumbing Services. Let’s discuss the main plumbing pipes commonly found in your home.

Types of Plumbing Pipes

Copper Pipes

Two major types of copper piping can be utilized in a plumbing system. They include flexible copper tubing and rigid copper. Copper piping is usually manufactured in different sizes, the most popular ones being the 15 and 22 mm. 

Copper piping is a reliable material that can endure for more than 50 years. It is also not prone to leakage or corrosion. It will not pollute water, it can be recycled, can withstand extreme temperature changes, and since bacteria cannot flourish in the pipes, it is safe to use copper to transport drinking water. 

Polyvinylchloride Pipes (PVC)

This is a mixture of plastic and vinyl. They are mostly used for highly pressurized water. They can also be used in draining and transporting drinking water. 

PVC pipes last for an indefinite period as they are not susceptible to corrosion or rust. These pipes can also handle high water pressure as stated above and are very light, making them easy to carry and use. PVC pipes are also affordable and are offered as an economical alternative for plumbing pipes. To replace PVC pipes with CPVC pipes for the additional advantage they offer, get in touch with a Fox Valley plumbing company.

Galvanized Steel Pipes

These pipes are made of steel, which is then coated in a zinc layer to prevent rusting. However, they are rarely used these days because of their unreliability. If your home was built in the 1980s or before then, it might have galvanized piping. Consider replacing these right away. Contact Tureks Plumbing Services to replace your galvanized steel pipes.

The pipes last between 20 to 50 years before they start breaking down. They are prone to rust and corrosion, which may lead to lead contamination, which is hazardous. Mineral buildup in the pipes forms clogs that block water from flowing.

For emergency plumbing services such as burst galvanized steel pipes or pipe corrosion, contact the best plumbing company in Appleton, WI.

Cross-linked Polyethylene Pipes (PEX)

This is a relatively new material in the plumbing scene but is gaining popularity as it is being utilized in new homes. The main difference between PEX and PVC is that PEX pipes are flexible; they can make 90 degree turns without fragmenting. McQuillan Bros, a Twin Peaks plumbing repair company, says that these pipes are easy to cut and join together, making the installation process for experts like the Fox Valley plumbing company easy and quick, promoting efficiency. 

PEX pipes are completely corrosion and rust-resistant. These pipes are also able to hold out against extreme temperatures. Despite being more expensive as compared to PVC, they are still significantly more affordable than copper.

An additional advantage of these pipes is that they are made to last.

Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC)

These pipes are PVC pipes, the only difference being that they are chlorinated. This makes them able to withstand temperature differences that PVC cannot.

The pipes are rust and corrosion resistant as well as lightweight, making them easy to carry and use. They withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees, meaning they can handle and transport hot water. If you’d like CPVC pipes installed in your home, contact a plumbing company in Appleton, Wisconsin.

In any case, you should check for and remove polybutylene piping and lead piping in your house, especially if your house was constructed between the 1970s and 1990s.

Polybutylene is plastic and gray. The material is prone to breakage and is mostly found in houses located in Mid-Atlantic states, the Sun Belt, and the Pacific Northwest. If you suspect your house does have these pipes, have a Fox Valley plumber come and conduct an inspection as soon as possible.

Lead pipes, on the other hand, are dull gray and have a 100-year lifespan but are a hazardous and toxic material, especially when it leaches into your drinking water as it causes lead poisoning, the effects of which can be treated but are irreversible.

If you’re in need of plumbing services in Appleton, WI, contact a plumbing professional and have the water tested for lead. If the lead content is 15 ppb (parts per billion) or more, have a professional plumber from Tureks Plumbing Services replace your home’s pipes immediately.

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Trenchless Sewer Repair Costs

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020
Trenchless Sewer Repair Costs - Tureks Plumbing Services

How to Determine Costs for Trenchless Sewer Repairs

When your drain line needs to be replaced, pricing is usually the most asked question by people. So, how do you determine trenchless sewer repair costs?

Turek’s Plumbing Services offers trenchless pipe repair services in Appleton, WI. Our team of licensed plumbers works on trenchless repairs more times a year than we can count. Using our vast experience, we answer your questions below by taking you through the whole process: trenchless sewer repairs and breaking it down to show why they cost what they cost.

However, it should be noted that pricing for trenchless sewer repairs may vary, depending on your location, the contractors you choose, the sewer design, and approach.

The following are some of the factors most contractors involved in trenchless pipe repair in Appleton WI consider in the pricing of trenchless sewer repairs.

The Depth and Size of the Pipe in Use 

The thickness of the pipe you are using may be used to determine the cost of the material. Pipes with smaller diameters cost less as compared to those with larger diameters. Also, trenchless methods need access points. An access point will be constructed if your sewer system does not have one. This is done by accessing a vent pipe, installing a sewer cleanout, or unearthing the sewer at the point the Fox Valley plumber chooses.

If the person’s drain requires an access point, the depth of the pipe to be used will also be considered when generating a quote for the repair.

The Trenchless Approach Used

There are many different trenchless methods available. It is essential to do your research and settle on a trenchless way to help you have, at least, a rough estimate of how much it may cost. The different techniques have substantial differences in cost. For example, epoxy pipe lining (cured in place pipe lining), has a very high material cost. For affordable pipelining, contact Tureks Plumbing Services in Appleton WI.

Additionally, McQuillan Bros, an HVAC, and plumbing company in St. Paul, says a sewer line longer than 100 feet may be more expensive to repair/ replace. Methods like pipe-bursting have a lower material cost, although the technique requires more access holes. If this method is used for a sewer with many connecting drains, costs may increase because each connecting drain needs to be uncovered before pipe-bursting to replace the sewer.

Access to Your Existing Pipes

If the sewer line passes below your patio or pool, this may present a challenge in terms of access to a trenchless contractor. Landscaping may also present obstacles in terms of access to the sewer line. Additional costs may be incurred to cut down on dust generation if you want the access hole to be constructed in your house. For properties with utility lines moving across their land, access is not only challenging but also very dangerous. 

If access to one’s sewer line is required in a city street or public passage, prices are bound to skyrocket. This is mainly due to city regulations. For a summed up price quotation, a contractor needs to determine the access point of your pipe. 

The Present State of the Pipe in Use

Your pipe condition may determine the technique to be used in the repairs due to the presence of different trenchless techniques. For instance, if one has a cast iron sewer line with lots of scale buildup, it is required that the pipe be de-scaled before repairs can begin. De-scaling a pipe is a step in the preparation procedure for lining pipes. The process may take any amount of time between an hour to a whole day. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the degree of buildup before the plumbing company in Appleton, WI comes up with a price.

Trenchless contractors are required to collect information on all of the above using a specialized sewer camera before they can give a figure of the total price. Make sure that you receive a sewer camera inspection report before hiring a contractor for sewer pipe repair Appleton, WI to dispense their services.

Trenchless Sewer Repair in Appleton, WI

In conclusion, it is essential to keep in mind that many contractors may quote a price based on price per foot for trenchless repairs. Be cautious before you accept a price per foot estimate as this may be a way to provide an estimate while leaving out important variables that drive the price higher. 

From the above, it is clear that the distance a sewer line covers isn’t the only variable taken into consideration when coming up with the total price. Therefore, always probe into the “per foot” price, any costs that may not have been revealed to you, undisclosed challenges, or any incidents that may surface as a result of the trenchless repairs. However, with the sophisticated machinery used in trenchless technology, the price estimates are bound to be a minimum of $2,500 on the part of trenchless sewer repairs and $3,500 for trenchless sewer replacements. Contact Tureks Plumbing Services, and we will gladly inspect the sewer line and give you a competitive estimate for the repairs.

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Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

turn your bathroom into a spa tureks plumbing servicesSpa dates are always a welcome idea for many people. However, while it might seem like a great idea to go and de-stress, not everyone has the time to go to a spa. With so much happening in our lives, we need a place in our homes where we can relax and de-clutter our minds. Your bathroom is one of the most intimate rooms in your house. It is also the perfect spot to turn into a spa. You can choose to turn your bathroom into a mini-spa allowing you to get the full relaxing experience you would get in a real spa. This saves you money and time, allowing you to relax without having to get out of your busy schedule. Here are some interesting ways to turn your bathroom into a spa. 

Reduce the Clutter

You will find it hard to relax in a congested place. Make a point of de-cluttering your bathroom by storing your beauty and toilets away from your bathroom, perhaps in a medical cabinet. You can use the remaining space to hang an art piece or two. 

If you do not have anywhere to take your soaps, then consider working with shelves. These work well with small bathrooms. A few tiers of some decorative shelves will transform your bathroom. 

Consider Making Candle Arrangements

Candles are a great way to transform the ambiance of your bathroom. An artistic yet straightforward arrangement of your candles will give your bathroom the spa experience. Also, consider having a few plants in your bathroom. Low succulent ad air plants work best. Succulents are easy to maintain and allow you to use creative containers to build the right accent for your bathroom. 

Get Some Fancy Towels

Spas generally have an abundance of perfectly arranged towels. Get some fancy towels for your bathroom and make similar arrangements. This works especially well with small bathrooms because the towels will be more visible. 

You might include an artistic rack to display your towels. It allows your bathroom to look more intentional, just like a spa. 

Glam Up Your Floors

Instead of the traditional floor mat in your bathroom, get some bathroom rags. They will not only keep your feet comfortable and warm but will also create a luxurious feel in your bathroom. Go for trendy yet comfortable styles for that spa look and feel. 

Include Some Relaxing Sounds

Relaxing sounds are a great way of making sure that you actually relax in your bathroom. You might find this useful if you do not live alone. The sounds help drown out noises from other occupants in your house, allowing you to have some time to yourself. 

Currently, there are flexible options for music and sounds such as apps that you can download on your phone that allow you to stream music. You can also download a white noise app that provides you with a wide range of sounds that are aimed at helping you relax. Have a waterproof speaker with you to reduce the risk of getting your phone wet. 

It is possible to find tranquillity even in the most unlikely places. Get your bathroom remodeled by the best plumbers in Appleton, Wisconsin, and transform it into a spa you will hardly ever want to get out of. Contact Tureks Plumbing and enjoy fast and professional services all year round.

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Repairing versus Replacing a Water Heater

Wednesday, December 18th, 2019

To repair or replace? This is an important question every homeowner needs to answer when dealing with water heaters. 

Water heaters are important in many homes. Homeowners would wish to repair their water heaters instead of buying new ones. It is more economical. However, there comes a time when replacing the water heater is actually more economical and beneficial. Deciding whether to repair or replace your water heater can be decided upon based on a number of factors. 

Here are some of the factors that will determine whether you will call a plumbing company in Appleton Wisconsin for a repair or a replacement for your water heater. 

Age of Your Water Heater

Water heaters tend to last long. A basic water heater will have a lifespan of about 10 years. If your water heater is less than ten years old and has been providing you with great service, then repairing it will make more sense. 

Note that all water eaters do not have the same lifespan. A storage water heater, for example, is likely to last for 15 years while a solar water heater is likely to last for 20 years. A tankless water heater one will last longer. 

Therefore, if the lifespan indicated has not lapsed, and the unit can be repaired, then let your plumber in Appleton Wisconsin carry out the repairs. 

Efficiency of Your Water Heater

How efficient is your water heater? 

You can tell how efficient your water heater is by looking at the sticker on the side, which estimates the annual costs of operation. Check to the R-Value (the ability for the water heater to resist heat based on its insulation). A higher R-value means better insulation. Replace the water heater is the R-value reads anything below 24 or if it feels hot to the touch. 

Additionally, check the water heater’s energy factor. The higher the energy factor, the more efficient your water heater is. Therefore, if your water heater is efficient in its operations, then repairing it will work well. 

Your Level of Satisfaction 

How satisfied are you with your water heater based on the amount of hot water you need in your home? 

If you have or are planning to have a family, then you will need to replace your water heater at some point. Your hot water requirements will increase based on the number of people using it. You will also have more laundry and dishes to clean as well as more people using the shower. 

A water heater that served you well when you were, perhaps, two, will not be sufficient when the number hikes to 5. This calls for a replacement. 

The same case applies to when your family starts to decrease. There is no point in having a high capacity water heater if people are moving out of the house. You will be wasting money on heating water unnecessarily.  

Cost of a Water Heater

Cost is a major factor in deciding whether to repair or replace your water heater. However, there are a number of questions you need to answer if caught between repairing and replacing a water heater. They include: 

  • What is the cost of both repairing and replacing a water heater 
  • If repairing is cheaper, how long will the water heater last before it has to be repaired again?
  • Are there any warranties offered o the replaced pats by the installer? 

Answering these questions will help you determine which one is a more worthy option. 

Level of Damage

Your plumber will be better able to advise on the level of damage and whether you need to replace or repair it. Some issues like leaks might call for a replacement. 

If you are caught between repairing and replacing a water heater in Appleton, perhaps its best to consult a plumber, Tureks Plumbing Services offers you professional services for all your domestic needs to keep you enjoying your home.

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How to Remodel Your Kitchen

Monday, July 22nd, 2019

tureks plumbing services how to remodel your kitchenIt can be hard for an inexperienced person to know what steps to take once they have decided to remodel their kitchen. Consequently, the risk of overlooking something important is high, and this can throw the entire project in disarray. Tureks Plumbing Services offers the following tried and true steps that you can follow to make sure that the entire kitchen remodel project goes like a charm.

Decide How You Want to Use the Kitchen After the Remodel

Think about the lifestyle of your household for a moment and note down how exactly you want to use your kitchen once it is remodeled. For example, what kind of layout do wish to have? How many people do you expect to work or gather in your kitchen? Is your current kitchen large enough or you may need to build an addition to it? What kitchen features and appliances would you like to have? Plumbers in Appleton, WI recommend that homeowners gather pictures from different sources. This could be an interior design magazine and compile them in a scrapbook so that these pictures can be used when fine-tuning the final features and look of the kitchen.

Work Out the Scope and Budget of the Remodel

The next step that you should take after getting a rough idea about what you want is to write down the different tasks that have to be done during the project. This is technically called a scope of work. For example, the scope of work can include installing new floor tiles, replacing the existing faucets, and repainting the walls. Along with this scope of work comes a budget. So, you also need to think about how much you are willing to spend on the entire project.

Home remodel contractors in Appleton, WI experts reveal that the scope of work and budget you generate at this point is unlikely to be the final since many changes will be made as you verify the costs of different items and adjust the scope of work within the budget available.

Identify the Professionals You Will Need

Depending on the nature of the work you’re wanting in your kitchen remodel project, you are likely to need the service of different professionals ranging from an interior designer, architect, plumber, and a general contractor or builder.

Tureks Plumbing Services recommends that you involve these chosen professionals as early as possible during the remodeling project so that they can help you with getting the needed permits and advise you on the selection of different materials.

Agree on a Schematic Plan

The next big task that you have to pay attention to is the schematic plan of the project. Home remodel contractors in Appleton, WI caution that homeowners should resist from obsessing with what their kitchens will look like during this process. Only because you can detract from the necessary details of deciding the floor plan and other decisions regarding the sizes and locations of different appliances or features. The schematic is important because it organizes what will go where so that there is room for everything, and it all fits together.

Talk to the Fox Valley plumber you are working with about ordering different materials since the lead times may vary. You also don’t want to work to stall while the professionals wait for the ordered items to be delivered.

Specify Finishes and Fixtures

The next step in the process of the remodel entails specifying what fixtures and finishes you want for your kitchen. This is the point at which all those photos you have been collecting become valuable. From those photos, you need to select one overall style for the kitchen, such as the traditional, classic, cottage, or modern kitchen style.

Once that is done, move on to selecting the different fixtures and their finishes. For example, you may want a granite countertop, matte black faucets, colored floor tiles, and a glass backsplash. Maybe you want to include home automation in your kitchen? Our friends at Specialized AV, a company that offers smart home automation services in NorCal, say it’s an upgrade every homeowner should consider. Be detailed in specifying exactly what you want because the decisions that you make at this point will determine the final appearance of your kitchen once the remodel is completed.

Finalize Designs and Construction Documents

Now is the time to finalize the designs (floor plans, mechanical and electrical drawings, etc.). Headwaters Construction Inc., a Sacramento construction company, says that these final drawings will determine what the contractors will include in their bid for the project in the next step of the kitchen remodel process. Tureks Plumbing Services also adds that the final drawings made at this stage will be submitted to the authorities for any needed permits or approvals before the work begins.

Receive Bids and Select a Contractor

If you hadn’t hired a contractor, now is the time to receive bids from about three contractors and then select one whose bid is the most competitive. At this point, you can still change some of the materials and finishes if the costs quoted by the contractors exceed what you had expected. For example, you can change from a granite countertop to faux granite without changing the overall desired look of your kitchen, according to experienced Fox Valley plumbers.

Get Ready for Demolition Work

If your kitchen remodel includes extensive work, such as demolishing sections of the existing walls, you need to plan for this disruptive activity. For example, plumbers in Appleton, WI, recommend that you prepare alternative space where you will be preparing your meals since the kitchen is likely to be unusable during this phase of the project. Some people even temporarily move while the remodel is undertaken. Talk to your contractor and get ideas on how to prepare for the demolition, and indeed the entire remodel.

Prepare Your Punch List

When the kitchen remodel is nearly complete, you need to observe everything carefully and identify all the little details that haven’t been attended to as required. For instance, there could be a spot that needs touching up with paint, or a cabinet handle that doesn’t work, or even a scratch on an appliance. The list of these items is called a punch list. Give the contractor this list and let them come back to address those little details. Don’t think that the contractor is negligent for not seeing and correcting those issues.

Once the punch list has been addressed, you are ready to start using your newly remodeled kitchen! Tureks Plumbing Services is always available to provide routine maintenance so that plumbing issues don’t detract from your enjoyment of the visual and functional aspects of the remodeled kitchen, so get in touch today![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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7 Things to Consider Before You Remodel Your Bathroom

Wednesday, June 5th, 2019

things to consider for bathroom remodel

Things to Consider Before a Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom may be one of the smaller spaces in your home, but a lot of thought needs to go into the process of remodeling this room if you are to benefit from the time and effort invested. Here are some of the top considerations which you need to have in mind if you are to turn this space into your dream bathroom.

Plumbing is Key

Plumbers at Tureks Plumbing Services caution that you may never get to enjoy your remodeled bathroom if the plumbing isn’t working properly. In this regard, Fox Valley plumbers suggest that you think about the hair and gunk which finds its way into the bathroom drain on a daily basis. These substances are the primary reason why bathroom drains clog, so you should use the remodel as an opportunity to find a lasting solution to this problem.

One step that you can take is to install a larger drain pipe, such as a 2-inch pipe instead of the commonly used 1.5-inch pipes. This single change alone will significantly reduce the likelihood of clogs developing since the pipe will be large enough to allow hair and other small solids to flow through.

Floor Tiles

If you are considering using tiles on the floor of the shower area, pay attention to their size. Larger tiles are difficult to slope appropriately. Secondly, larger tiles pose a safety risk because they tend to be more slippery since the grout lines are widely spaced. Tureks Plumbing Services, therefore, recommends that you opt for smaller tiles so that you don’t have a hard time getting them to slope at the angle you want for proper drainage.

Drawer Storage

Opt for a vanity with drawers instead of one with doors. You will find it easier to organize the storage if it has drawers when compared to keeping the vanity storage organized if it has doors. Additionally, drawers can be cut to create room for plumbing pipes and fixtures. You can also have larger drawers made for the storage of larger items.

Wall-Hung Toilet

Another idea you can incorporate during your bathroom remodel is the inclusion of a wall-hung toilet. In the past, these toilets were very expensive and therefore a preserve of those with deep pockets. Today, wall-hung toilets are affordable and within reach for any homeowner. Why would you even add a wall-hung toilet to your bathroom? This type of toilet is ideal for smaller bathrooms because their footprint is smaller since the toilet tank is hidden away in the bathroom wall. However, you should be mindful of the fact that you will need to adjust the plumbing should you ever decide to switch to another type of toilet in the future.

The Medicine Cabinet

Consider installing a recessed medicine cabinet if you can. Such a cabinet will leave more room free above the vanity. If you cannot have a recessed medicine cabinet, then elevate it as much as you can so that the countertop on the vanity can be used conveniently.

Lighting is Vital

Fox Valley plumbers emphasize that careful planning should be invested in the lighting of a bathroom during a remodel so that all the other work done isn’t downplayed by improper lighting. First, ask yourself what you plan to do in the bathroom. Will you be applying your makeup from there? Place bright light in strategic locations so that you can see clearly when using the mirror. Install a dimmer switch which you can use to control the brightness of the light when you wish to adjust the atmosphere in the bathroom. Recessed lights would also be a good addition to keep the bathroom well lit.

You can be sure that the bathroom remodel will stand the test of time if you include many of the considerations above as you plan that remodel. For all your plumbing needs during the bathroom remodel, contact Tureks Plumbing Services. Our experienced professionals are at your service.

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6 Stylish Bathroom Vanities with Great Storage

Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

bathroom vanities with great storage

6 Stylish Bathroom Vanities with Great Storage

You don’t have to choose between style and storage space if you are shopping for a vanity for a powder room or bathroom with limited space. Designers have come up with stylish vanities that provide ample storage for all the necessities that you need to have in your powder room. In this article, you’ll discover some of the most popular vanity designs that Fox Valley plumbers have seen in bathroom remodels.

Downscale to a Child-Sized Vanity

You don’t have to place a full-sized vanity in a bathroom used by kids. Match their stature by scaling the vanity down to a miniature version fit for a small kids’ bathroom. For example, the width of the vanity can be no bigger than the size of the sink at the top of that vanity. Two drawers can be located just below the sink and bigger shelves can house larger items, such as towels. The child-sized vanity can store enough supplies for two kids!

Barrel Vanity

A barrel-shaped vanity can also take sleekness to a whole new level when it is installed as a space-saving option. The barrel shape provides more vertical storage space while limiting the horizontal footprint of the vanity. The beauty of such vanity is that its doors open to an angle that exceeds 90 degrees, so it is possible for you to make maximum use of the space inside without fearing that the door will limit your access to the stored items.

Modern Minimalism

If space is at a premium in your bathroom, then opting for a minimalist approach when selecting a vanity will do wonders for you according to the small bathrooms seen by plumbers from Tureks Plumbing Services.

A vanity made in this style features plenty of space on the countertop where you can keep your toiletries and a soap dispenser. An open shelf above the cabinet can do a good job of creating an impression of spaciousness instead of closed cabinetry that may highlight how small the bathroom is.

Go Furniture-Style

Do you own a vintage home that you would like to get a vanity that matches the style of that home? A furniture-style vanity can provide incredible storage for the small bathroom and add provide visual appeal to that space. For example, a compact 30-inch-wide furniture-style vanity with several cabinets and drawers will store sufficient supplies for the couple using the master bedroom for whom the powder room is being outfitted.

Classic Chrome Console

Another way to make the most of a small bathroom is by getting a console vanity which is no more than 30 inches wide and approximately 32 inches tall. A bottom shelf can provide more storage space underneath the console. The console bases leave plenty of room underneath the console, so your bathroom will look roomier. The bonus? This style of vanity gives the home a traditional look.

Customized Cottage Vanity

Some bathrooms are so small that it is not possible to get a store-bought vanity into them. For such situations, a site-built vanity is a feasible option with a small but versatile vanity being made to fit within the available space. A Fox Valley plumber describes one such cottage vanity as being quartz-topped. The countertop holds soap and toiletries. Just below the countertop is a toilet tissue holder, and the storage space is completed by an open shelf below the toilet tissue holder. The shelf has ample space for keeping towels. This cottage style is easier to pull off when the vanity is made at a time when the entire house is being remodeled to that style.

Whether you are buying ready-made or have the resources for a custom-made vanity, there is always something to provide great storage in your powder room while also meeting your stylistic requirements. If you need sections of the storage to be fitted around plumbing fixtures or pipes, Tureks Plumbing Services is happy to drop by and give their professional opinion on how the vanity can fit without endangering the plumbing.

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The Most Popular Laundry Rooms in 2019

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

most popular laundry rooms 2019

The Six Most Popular Laundry Rooms in 2019

The second quarter of 2019 is well underway and some clear trends are coming to light regarding the laundry room designs. Here are some of the designs seen by Fox Valley plumbers. Use these ideas for inspiration if you are thinking of remodeling your laundry room this year.

Addition of a Dog-Washing Station to Your Laundry Room

You can increase the utility of your laundry room by including a dog-washing station if you want to avoid washing your furry friend in your own bathroom. You can use stone pavers as a durable flooring material for the laundry. Sub-way tiles on the walls will go well with the pavers on the floor. White tiles can be installed in the dog-washing station, and the laundry room can be finished off with open shelving and white cabinetry to keep the space clean and bright.

High Contrast Laundry Room

Plumbers in Appleton, WI have also observed that many homeowners are opting for laundry room designs that utilize high contrast. For example, the cabinets and walls can be painted pure white while the floor can have a wooden look. There is no shortage of color combinations if you want a laundry room with high contrast.

Go Gray in Your Laundry Room

If gray is your thing, then you are not alone. This laundry room design is increasing in popularity among homeowners. You can buy and install pale gray cabinetry and match them with countertops that are deeper gray. Needless to say, you will be better off with washing machines that load from the front so that you push them underneath the countertops. As you are aware, gray can make the laundry room look a bit dark. So, Tureks Plumbing Services advises you to include wall-mounted sconces so that anyone using the laundry room can easily distinguish the different colors of the fabrics being cleaned or sorted/folded.

Bring the Woods in Your Laundry Room

You can also opt for a wood-themed laundry room. Plumbers in Appleton, WI say that they have seen many homeowners having laundry room designs that have faux wood finishes. This starts from the flat-front cabinets which are made from melamine that resembles wood to a tan backsplash that is shimmery. The flat fronts of the cabinetry minimize the accumulation of grime and dust, says a leading Fox Valley plumber.

Get Upbeat with a Sunny Look in Your Laundry Room

Does the prospect of spending time in a gray laundry room turn you off? Many homeowners hold the same view, and they are expressing themselves by going with a sunny look for their laundry room. You can start by picking cabinetry that is painted classical yellow and combine this with patterned floor tiles. The ceiling and walls can have a bright color, such as white. This combination will deliver a sunny cheery look to your laundry room. For additional usability, why not throw in a bar stool or two? Folding a huge stack of clothes will be a whole lot easier if you sit while at it.

Gold is King

Another variation of the sunny look seen by the plumbers at Tureks Plumbing Services this year is the gold look in laundry rooms. This design is particularly stunning when it is used in a laundry room that serves as the main entrance into a home. Who says laundry rooms can’t be glamorous! This look can be attained by simply painting all the lower cabinets a rich gold. Other features can be in other bright colors so that the gold stands out prominently.

There you have it; six of the most popular laundry room designs that have so far made a mark on 2019. Did a light pop in your mind regarding one of those designs? Were you inspired to come up with a variation of any one of the designs discussed? Talk to our plumbers at Tureks Plumbing Services and we will help you to make the laundry room as functional as possible. We are also ready to fix any other plumbing issues that may exist in the rest of your home.

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How to Upgrade Your Shower for a Spa-Like Experience

Thursday, May 9th, 2019

how to upgrade your shower for a spa-like experience

How to Upgrade Your Shower for a Spa-Like Experience

Even within the same household, it isn’t uncommon to find differences in people’s shower preferences. For example, you may want a drenching pour of warm water on your tired body or you may want your aching back to be soothed by a jet of cold water. How can all these interests be catered when upgrading your shower? The experts at Tureks Plumbing Services offer the following ideas to help you to design the shower experience of your dreams.

Think Carefully About the Showerhead You Install

The nearly endless variety of showerheads on the market can be grouped into four major categories (handheld showerheads, body spray panels, rain showers, and standard wall-mounted showerheads).

If you want to control the direction and height of the water as you shower, Fox Valley plumbers suggest that you buy a handheld showerhead. Conversely, if you prefer water to rain down on you from above, then buy a rain showerhead. In short, let your preferences guide you as you select one of the shower types on the market.

Actually, there are products which combine different ways of getting water onto your body as you shower. For example, one model may have both a handheld showerhead and a rain showerhead.

Think Technology

It is also possible to make your shower experience more luxurious and convenient by selecting products that have the appropriate technology. For example, Fox Valley plumbers have installed showerheads that allow users to switch from one spray pattern to another by just tapping the showerhead.

You can also get a showerhead that comes with a small remote so that you or your family members can avoid the necessity of reaching up to tap the showerhead. This feature is especially useful if you have young kids or an elderly family member who has mobility challenges. It can also be a good way to age-proof your shower.

Pay Attention to the Shower Stall

The design of the shower stall has a big effect in determining what kind of shower experience you will have, according to a plumber in Appleton, WI.  For example, a shower stall with a half-glass wall wouldn’t allow a person who likes splashing water around to enjoy taking a shower. A shower stall with a full-glass surround is a better option for such an individual since there will be no restriction on how splashy they get when taking a shower.

The experienced plumbers at Tureks Plumbing Services also recommend that you think about usability and safety when you are having a shower stall designed for your home. For instance, curved surfaces remove the risk of being injured by sharp edges. Curved surfaces also reduce the likelihood that mold will grow in the nooks created by sharp edges.

Explore Different Finishes

The finish that you select for your shower can also add to or detract from the shower experience. For example, a dash of color can stamp your bubbly personality on the bathroom and lift your spirits each time you use this space. Small tiles will assure you of better stability if you are consumed by the fear of slipping as you walk after taking a shower.

As you choose the finish for the bathroom, don’t neglect to consider how easy it will be for you to clean those surfaces. For instance, larger tiles mean fewer grout lines that will need to be scrubbed. Similarly, engineered quartz panels are easier to maintain when compared to natural stone. Luckily, manufactured products have advanced so much that it is hard to tell them apart from the natural ones by just looking, so you will not lose anything when you select natural product look-alikes if these will offer greater cleanability when compared to the natural versions.

As you can see, there is nearly no limit regarding the ways through which you can customize your shower to a spa-like experience. If you need more inspiration regarding how to take your shower experience to a higher level, talk to our professionals at Tureks Plumbing Services and they will point you in the right direction. In fact, your glorious experience will be guaranteed when you hire our team to help with the selection and installation of the different shower products.

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