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Bathroom Remodel Costs

Sunday, January 9th, 2022

Bathroom Remodel Costs

Bathroom Remodel Costs

Your bathroom is a frequently used facility. So it’s no wonder that bathroom renovations are at the top of many homeowners’ priority lists, from soaking in the tub on weekends to ensuring your visitors have a decent powder room to use. Your Appleton bathroom remodel company has put together a must know list of bathroom remodel costs.

What Does it Cost to Remodel Your Bathroom?

Although bathroom renovation may seem to be a problematic endeavor, good planning may help you achieve the style and feel you want for your house. With this guide, learn more about the advantages of upgrading your powder room, guest bathroom, or master bathroom. Bathroom remodels typically cost $5,000 to $10,000, depending on the size of the space and the goods you want to replace.

What to Consider

Take a few moments to consider which features of a bathroom makeover are most important to you and what you would like your Fox Valley Plumber to install. Here are some crucial things to think about:

Why Are You Remodeling?

Do you want to modify the design of your room, or do you think it may be more functional following a renovation? Make a list of your most important goals explains Plumber Appleton Wisconsin.

What is Your Schedule?

Some homeowners believe their bathroom renovation is long overdue and can do all of the tasks at once. In other cases, implementing incremental changes rather than a complete rebuild may be a preferable option.

What Are Your Finances?

Before deciding which improvements to make, you’ll need to know how much money you have.

Cost-Affecting Characteristics

It’s essential to consider aspects that might affect the ultimate cost while planning your project. For example, many homeowners consider the following features:


The price of a tub is determined by its size and design. Installing a standalone bathtub, for example, may result in higher plumbing expenditures. Gilmore Heating, Air and Plumbing, Sacramento heating company, also explains it is important to take into account whether or not your water heater is up to snuff.

Vanities and Cabinets

The most cost-effective selections are the stock vanity options, which are the most affordable. The cost is affected by the size, top type, cabinets, and material utilized. Small areas and luxury master baths may benefit from custom cabinets.


The cost of renovations will be heavily influenced by the materials used. For example, the stone is attractive and long-lasting, although it is more expensive than other materials. Prefabricated countertops may be used in various settings and can help you save money.

The manufacturer, style determines the cost of a faucet and material utilized.


The price of pedestal sinks, drop-in sinks, and designer designs differ. Drop-in sinks are often a cost-effective alternative that comes in various forms.


It is easy and inexpensive to replace an old toilet. The cost of primary and luxurious models varies, although installation expenses are often minimal.

Tub Liner

This is a significant improvement option if you can’t afford a more extensive update or if you don’t want to go without a shower for too long.

Tile For Walls and Floors

Bathroom floor tile options include ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. The cost of the materials will be the determining factor, although the natural stone is frequently more expensive to install because of its difficulty in cutting and placing. Wall tile selections range from natural stone and bare ceramic to glass and mosaic types that simulate raw materials.

To learn more about bathroom remodel costs contact Tureks today!

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Considering an Outdoor Shower

Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

considering an outdoor shower - Tureks Plumbing ServicesAn outdoor shower is an increasingly welcome idea for many homeowners. It comes with a number of benefits, especially during the summer. For example, it allows you to clean off the dirt that you don’t want in your house. This is a great option for homeowners who have kids. You can clean your pets on an outdoor shower too. It can also help if you have a swimming pool and need a quick shower before jumping into it. An outdoor shower has also been found to increase the value of your property. When considering costs, it’s recommended that you build your outdoor shower in either the fall or winter compared to the summer. It is much cheaper to complete home remodel projects in the off-seasons. You need a plan before calling a plumber in Appleton Wisconsin for an outdoor shower. This will ensure that you not only have a shower you can be proud of but will also not have to spend more than the necessary amount trying to maintain it. There are a number of factors that will influence your decision to get an outdoor shower.

Type of shower

There are a number of ways to set up an outdoor shower. You could decide to mount a hose and simply attach a brass of stainless steel shower head at the end. It is the simplest option and will not require much expertise. This option will work for you if you have no problem using cold water. 

You could also call a plumbing company in Wisconsin to fix you a pedestal or tower shower outside your home. Such a setup could include both hot and cold options. You can also choose between a permanent or semi-permanent pedestal shower. Most people prefer pedestal wall-mounted showers. 

You are required to have an anti-scald valve with your outside shower if you are planning to include a mixed-temperature control. 


Depending on your municipal codes, your water should not be left to drain on the ground or through a bed of stones. Some codes require proper drainage like you could find in a building while others require that the shower be tiled with enclosed plumbing. Your Fox Valley plumber will be better able to provide you with the relevant information regarding your outdoor shower in Appleton. 


It helps to include a few amenities with your shower such as a dry changing area. This area is important because you can store towels, soaps, and other important items that are required during a shower. Additionally, you could include a bench or a seat to make it easy for people to change. Make sure that the accessories you use are rust-proof. 

Winterizing your Shower

Your outdoor shower is only good for the summer. However, that does not mean you do not have to consider it during the winter. Prepare your plumbing for the winter to prevent damages, especially if your shower is permanent. Drain all pipes and hoses, open the taps where necessary and insulate the plumbing. Better yet, call a plumber to help winterize your shower to avoid spending thousands of dollars in repairs. 

Construction Materials

Pick materials that can withstand exposure to a myriad of elements. Wood, stone, metal, and tiles are available options for an outdoor shower. Remember, the material you pick will determine how much maintenance is required. Wood, for example, is trendy but requires regular maintenance. You can substitute this with faux wood tile which looks like wood but is more durable. Concrete is a great choice because it requires little or no maintenance and can withstand different elements. 

Deciding on whether you’d like to add an outside shower to your property is an important decision. That is why it is important to have a professional plumber from Tureks Plumbing helping you set up a shower you and your family can enjoy. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our bathroom remodel services or any other plumbing services

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Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

turn your bathroom into a spa tureks plumbing servicesSpa dates are always a welcome idea for many people. However, while it might seem like a great idea to go and de-stress, not everyone has the time to go to a spa. With so much happening in our lives, we need a place in our homes where we can relax and de-clutter our minds. Your bathroom is one of the most intimate rooms in your house. It is also the perfect spot to turn into a spa. You can choose to turn your bathroom into a mini-spa allowing you to get the full relaxing experience you would get in a real spa. This saves you money and time, allowing you to relax without having to get out of your busy schedule. Here are some interesting ways to turn your bathroom into a spa. 

Reduce the Clutter

You will find it hard to relax in a congested place. Make a point of de-cluttering your bathroom by storing your beauty and toilets away from your bathroom, perhaps in a medical cabinet. You can use the remaining space to hang an art piece or two. 

If you do not have anywhere to take your soaps, then consider working with shelves. These work well with small bathrooms. A few tiers of some decorative shelves will transform your bathroom. 

Consider Making Candle Arrangements

Candles are a great way to transform the ambiance of your bathroom. An artistic yet straightforward arrangement of your candles will give your bathroom the spa experience. Also, consider having a few plants in your bathroom. Low succulent ad air plants work best. Succulents are easy to maintain and allow you to use creative containers to build the right accent for your bathroom. 

Get Some Fancy Towels

Spas generally have an abundance of perfectly arranged towels. Get some fancy towels for your bathroom and make similar arrangements. This works especially well with small bathrooms because the towels will be more visible. 

You might include an artistic rack to display your towels. It allows your bathroom to look more intentional, just like a spa. 

Glam Up Your Floors

Instead of the traditional floor mat in your bathroom, get some bathroom rags. They will not only keep your feet comfortable and warm but will also create a luxurious feel in your bathroom. Go for trendy yet comfortable styles for that spa look and feel. 

Include Some Relaxing Sounds

Relaxing sounds are a great way of making sure that you actually relax in your bathroom. You might find this useful if you do not live alone. The sounds help drown out noises from other occupants in your house, allowing you to have some time to yourself. 

Currently, there are flexible options for music and sounds such as apps that you can download on your phone that allow you to stream music. You can also download a white noise app that provides you with a wide range of sounds that are aimed at helping you relax. Have a waterproof speaker with you to reduce the risk of getting your phone wet. 

It is possible to find tranquillity even in the most unlikely places. Get your bathroom remodeled by the best plumbers in Appleton, Wisconsin, and transform it into a spa you will hardly ever want to get out of. Contact Tureks Plumbing and enjoy fast and professional services all year round.

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7 Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

7 Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems

Most homeowners will have some essential tools on hand to cope with simple plumbing emergencies. Often, a slow drain or a clogged toilet might need a bit of elbow grease or a plunger for it to work properly again. Small repair jobs can easily be taken care of if you are handy around the house; however, bigger bathroom plumbing problems will need professional assistance.

A regular maintenance schedule is a great way of preventing expensive repairs. An in-depth inspection is indeed the key to catching petty problems before they can cause serious structural damages.

Common Bathroom Plumbing Glitches

1. Low Water Pressure

Your plumbing system is suffering from low water pressure if the water that should gush just trickles from the tap. This problem may be related to the municipal water supply. But often, this can be caused by a build-up of sediment or deposits on faucet aerators. Cleaning the shower heads and aerators can solve this issue; if not, you may have a more complex problem. If you cannot identify the cause of the reduction in water pressure, call a reputable plumber right away.

2. Leaky Pipes

Leaks can be a very expensive nuisance. Although replacing a leaky pipe is not a complex job, it can be a very messy one. So you might want to let a professional deal with these tasks to save on cleaning time. But until the expert plumber gets to your home, consider using a leak tape and a compression clamp to temporarily deal with the leaky pipe/s.

3. Running Toilet

Replace the inner workings of your toilet if it does not behave after flushing. Typically, toilets run if the flapper valve will let the water pass from the tank to the bowl. For most models, toilet repair kits work well.

4. Clogged Drains

If the water going into the tub, sink or toilet will not go out, you may have a complete or partial clog. Often, a plunger can fix the problem but it cannot remove a clog completely. So if you frequently deal with clogs, it is best for you to get professional help.

5. Slow Draining Tub

If the tub drain is full of hair, it slows the water down when it drains out of the tub. Clearing out the debris can solve this problem. But even when the tub is not draining slowly, it is very crucial for you to regularly clear out any debris in the tub drain. Because when this is left for too long, it can completely clog the drain.

6. Dripping Faucets

An unresolved dripping faucet can be very annoying if you don’t know how to stop it. This will also drive your water bill higher. Not all sinks are equipped with washers to efficiently hold back the flow of water. Some use durable ceramic plates for a tight seal. Calling pros to deal with this plumbing issue is a smart idea.

7. Sewer Smells

If you can smell sewer gas in your bathroom, this can be caused by a dry shower trap, damaged drain pipes, a clogged drain or an old toilet ring. Although there are some DIY remedies for eliminating the smell, it is still best for you to contact a reputable plumber to identify its cause and properly deal with it.

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Remodeling an Old Bathroom – Your Blueprint for Success

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

Remodeling an Old Bathroom – Your Blueprint for Success

Perhaps your old bathroom is too small and you wish to have a bigger one built. Or maybe you live in an old home and you want to refresh its look by giving it a do-over, starting with the bathroom. Or perhaps, your old bathroom no longer fits your current needs.

Whatever your reason may be, remodeling an old bathroom is a serious undertaking that should be approached carefully.

Fortunately, you can eliminate some of the guesswork and hassles involved by following these tips; they have worked for other homeowners who have successfully upgraded their old bathrooms.

Use the right type of tiles

If you want bathroom tiles that are easy to clean and maintain, avoid those made with porous materials, like stone. Instead, opt for glazed or porcelain tiles.

On the other hand, if you want to boost safety, opt for tiles with matte finishes, textured surfaces, or those that contain sand in their glazes.

Keep mildew at bay with the right type of caulk

Opt for an acrylic or hybrid formula caulk which can provide protection against mildew for up to five years. Additionally, both are easy to remove.

Need a half bath?

If you want a half bath, you will need a space that measures roughly three feet by six feet. Do check your local building codes for further clarification.

Upgrade the electrical system

Take advantage of the work that will be done in your old bathroom and have its electrical system upgraded. This is particularly important if you live in a very old home. The new electrical system should be able to accommodate your gadgets and appliances.

Placement of bathroom accessories

How high should you place towel bars, robe hooks and other accessories? Broadly speaking, the towel bar should be about four feet high, the medicine cabinet about five and half feet high, and the toilet paper holder should be around six inches away from the toilet.

Leave room for accessories

If space is limited, consider adding niches where you can place toiletries. This will allow you to make efficient use of available space while leaving enough room for bathroom essentials.

Splurge on the best toilet that you can afford

If you must splurge on one thing, make it the toilet. At the very least, opt for one that has a Maximum Performance testing score of 500.

Know the pros and cons of each type of sink

If you haven’t set sights on a particular type of sink yet, study the pros and cons of each available option and weigh these against the available space as well as your needs.

When you want a warm bathroom floor

Consider investing in an electric mat which can complement your home’s heating system. You can program its thermostat to warm up the floor a few minutes before you wake up.

 If you are interested in remodeling your bathroom, call us to set up an appointment!

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Benefits of Walk in Tubs for Seniors

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Safer, Easier Bath Time with Walk in Tubs for Seniors

Baths are dangerous places for the elderly and infirm. Slippery water, slick porcelain, thresholds that need to be stepped over — it’s a formula for disaster if you aren’t steady on your feet. Aside from adding grab bars and non-slip shower mats, it’s usually best to also install walk in bathtubs. This is one of the most common solutions in elderly and medical care facilities.

Just Lets You Walk In

Walk in tubs allow senior folk to walk straight into the tub and forgo the perilous exercise of stepping over the tub’s edge one shaky leg at a time. They go through an inwards-opening watertight door. A seat is also installed into the tub, which allows the elderly to sit comfortably while they take a bath and relax.

All these accommodations naturally make walk in bathtubs costlier than the norm. Expect price tags to start at around $2,000, with more luxurious designs going upwards of $10,000. The $8,000 difference between low and high-end walk in tubs include, but are not limited to:

  • High-speed drains
  • Shower wands
  • Complex temperature controls
  • Bubbling jets, and more

Finding the Perfect Tub to Walk Into

Walk in tubs are investments not only because they tend to be expensive; you also need to pay close attention to the design and features of your purchase. Since they’re designed specifically to meet the needs of the infirm and the elderly in the bathroom, you need to closely inspect if they meet the needs of whoever will be using them.

Consider, for instance, that some walk in tubs have narrow entrances, and the senior who will use the tub may not be able to easily navigate the entrance if it’s too narrow. Others have small ridges that you have to step over — much smaller and easier to surmount than an ordinary tub’s full height — but it could still prove to be an inconvenience. Make sure the person who will be using the walk in tub can get an opportunity to see it and try it out before purchase.

A Caveat: Walk In Tubs Require Patience

Since they have installed doors, it’s obvious that the elderly using them won’t be able to “walk into” a tub full of water. Walk in tubs are filled with the user already inside, and likewise, drained completely before the user gets out.
This means you also need to closely consider temperature controls — nobody wants to sit in an empty tub filling with cold water while waiting to bathe. Nobody wants to wait while the tub takes its time to get filled, too, so there’s another factor. In the same vein, since users can’t exit without draining the tub first, drain times should also be factored in.

Walk in tubs for seniors are a valuable and pricey investment; ask your plumber for more details.

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Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Do Not Flush These Objects Into Your Toilet

There are only two things that need to be flushed down a toilet: human waste and regular toilet paper.

There is one reason why a clogged toilet is one of the leading plumbing problems in a household. People throw things into the toilet that they shouldn’t.

Some people think of the toilet as another trash can where they can dispose of anything they like. But when you throw foreign objects into the toilet, you will not only cause clogs in the toilet. Apart from that, you can experience other problems like damage to the septic tank and pollution. Furthermore, you will need to spend money to fix these problems.

What are the objects that you should not throw into the toilet?

Food and cooking oil/grease

Some homeowners think that it is all right to throw grease into the toilet because it is a liquid. However, grease can congeal when it cools down. And when that happens, the solidified grease can clog the pipes.

Cleaning pads and wet wipes

Plumbers from around the country have seen a marked increase in toilet clogs and backups in sewage pipes. The culprit? Wet wipes.

Instead of throwing used wipes into the toilet, find a trash can and throw these there.

Dental floss

Dental floss is non-biodegradable. Over time, as more of this item accumulates in the toilet, it can cause clogs.

Cotton balls and Q-tips

Cotton does not break down after you flush it down the toilet. Instead, it accumulates and forms clumps which then cause clogs, especially in areas where the pipes bend.


Diapers expand when these are put underwater, making them difficult to flush down toilets. However, if you manage to flush one, it can get caught in the bend of the pipe and cause a clog.

Expired pills

If you find expired pills in your medicine cabinet, do not flush these down the toilet. Although these will not cause the toilet to clog, it can cause water pollution. And when the water you flush down the toilet finds its way to the groundwater supply, it can harm wildlife.

Tissues and paper towels

If you prefer to use paper towels and tissues, do not throw these into the toilet. Unlike regular toilet papers, these do not dissolve in the water.

Cigarette butts

If you must smoke in a bathroom, dispose of your cigarette butts properly. When you throw cigarette butts into the toilet, these will simply float on the water. And when the water flushed down the toilet gets to the groundwater supply, that water will be loaded with lots of harmful chemicals.

Have a clogged toilet? Contact us for help!

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How to Deal with Basement Flooding

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

basement flooding

Basement and Bathroom Flooding

Any type of flooding in your home is a problem, but two of the worst types that your household could experience are bathroom flooding and basement flooding.

Bathroom flooding can be a disgusting process for all because of the human waste factor and how it can impact your entire household’s daily hygiene routine. Despite this, basement flooding remains a much bigger concern. Aside from the fact that it can be caused by everything from overland flooding, to infiltration flooding, to sewer backup, to a combination of two or all three of these types of flooding (different levels of nastiness for flood water), it can also lead to serious structural damages that can make your home unsafe to live in.

Since the basement is part of the house’s foundation, compromised elements in this room can alter the integrity of the entire structure. It’s important to mention as well that because of the room’s location, it’s quite prone to mold growth, which can pose health risks for you and your family. Molds are not easy to treat, and getting rid of them will not only set your finances back, but it will also be a great inconvenience to your family since you will be asked to evacuate your home until the situation is properly resolved.

Suffice it to say, basement flooding is a situation that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. You can’t let dirty water just sit in the room and breed all sorts of potentially harmful elements; the quicker you get rid of the water, the better. For this job, you will need plumbing specialists to help drain the flood and also correctly identify the cause of flooding.

Urgently addressing the situation is required if the flooding is caused by sewer backup. Applegate and Fox Valley plumbers say that while contaminated water is the main issue, other factors worsen the problem. Flooding can place extra pressure on the pipes underneath the home and this can result in the heaving of basement floors, especially when improper backwater valves are used.

Also, weeping tiles are connected to the municipal system through sanitary sewer laterals or storm sewer laterals, and sewage can be pressured back into the weeping tiles; this may result in great damage to the home, which will not only require repairs but replacement of materials as well.

If you need to have your basement serviced due to flooding, your insurance company may be able to help shoulder the cost due to sewer back-up, so do get in touch with them to see if your insurance policy can actually cover the cost of sewer backup damage. If it does, you won’t have to worry much about getting your home properly restored.

Contact us today for more information.

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Bathroom Remodel Approach – 3 Elements For Success

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

Bathroom Remodel Approach – 3 Elements For Success

Planning a bathroom remodel? Then you’re on the right track. Improving the bathroom offers the following proven benefits:

A sure ROI

Remodeling magazine estimates a 62 percent return for bathroom makeovers done right. The daily safety, productivity and efficiency you can experience from an improved bathroom also result in direct financial savings.

Improved quality of life

Homeowners who have updated their baths successfully said the changes they made are a constant source of joy for them. That means aside from the monetary returns, you also get priceless satisfaction from a great bathroom project.

Practicality and value for money

The renovation industry has become more sophisticated than ever. You can now find a wide range of materials, solutions and services to suit your budget and preferences, making bathroom remodels easier and more practical to execute.

However, these paybacks can only be possible with the right bathroom remodel approach. Make sure the following elements are present to get the bathroom you want at the budget you have.

A well laid-out plan, developed with advice from the experts

Make sure you have a solid plan – the costliest mistake you can ever make is to start all over again because of vague vision or disorganization.

Work with bathroom remodeling professionals early on as they can help you develop an efficient timeline and a cost-effective budget. A reputable contractor will also have the industry connections and experience to help you realize your vision through solutions that are right for you.

A design that maximizes the existing space

Another practical approach is to implement changes that make the most impact but won’t require complicated work.

Remember that the more complicated a project is, the more expensive it will be and the longer it will take to finish. For instance, update the look by changing fixtures, but try to follow the existing plumbing system to minimize demolition and waste.

A focus on safe and healthy living

A major factor that is commonly neglected during renovations is ventilation. But if you pay attention to improving how air circulates in the bathroom, you will get a huge benefit. One of those benefits including improved indoor air not just for the bathroom but also for the entire home.

Good ventilation also minimizes moisture, thus reducing slippery floors and walls and mold growth. Moreover, it prevents damage caused by mildew and moisture to furniture and finishes, allowing you to avoid premature repairs, replacements and costly mold remediation. Strategic installation of air vents, exhaust fans and humidity detectors all help in improving the air quality in your bathroom.

If you aren’t sure how to handle a bathroom remodel approach, contact your plumbing professionals in Fox Cities at Turek’s Plumbing.



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Converting your bathroom from tub to shower only

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Video: Converting Your Bathroom Tub Into Shower Only – How Will It Affect Resale Value?

Are you considering converting your bathroom by getting rid of your tub and switching to a shower-only bathroom?

There are several reasons why people would want to do this. any of our clients looking to get rid of their tub are Seniors and need to be able to get in the shower without stepping over the side of the tub. It can be difficult to step over 15 inches to get in the tub for a shower especially with a hip or knee problem which is common in seniors. Other reasons for converting from tub to shower only are you simply don’t take baths. It could be that you don’t want the hassle of maintaining a bathtub or simply want more space. Trends are showing that shower-only bathrooms are more contemporary-looking so many homeowners are simply making the change for style purposes. Whatever your reasons are for converting your bathroom, you need to take into account the possible ramifications of such a move, especially on your home’s value. In the below video, Turek’s Plumbing Owner, Ed Turek talks about this very subject. 

Converting tub into shower only — how will it affect resale value?

Bathroom remodel projects can do a lot in increasing your home’s value, which usually means a good return on however much you invested. However, if you do decide to replace a bathtub with a shower, you’re changing your bathroom specs from a full bath (toilet, tub, and shower) to a three-quarter bath. This, however, doesn’t automatically mean a decrease in value.

Another factor you might want to consider is how many bathrooms there are in your home. If you’re removing the tub in the only bathroom, this might turn off many potential buyers — ones who love a good soak after a tiring week, mothers who prefer to bathe their children in the tub, etc. As long as your home maintains at least one tub, converting one bathroom to shower-only shouldn’t negatively impact its resale value.

It’s true that bathroom remodels are popular and considered a good investment. If you’re reselling in the near future, you have to appreciate that a mid-range, full bathroom remodel can return more than 50 percent of the investment. Nonetheless, if you expect to continue living in the house for some time, your convenience seriously trumps value.

You have to figure out what best serves your needs, especially where safety is a concern.

If, right now, you could use more space for storage or for your personal comfort, then you should have a bathroom that gives you that. If safety is an issue, there definitely shouldn’t be any question either. You need to do what’s best for safety. You’ll just have to take the slight decrease in value if it does result in that. If you are considering a bathroom remodel in Appleton, Oskosh or the Fox Cities area, be sure to give us a call. We will be happy to schedule an in-home evaluation and estimate. 

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