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The Most Popular Laundry Rooms in 2019

most popular laundry rooms 2019

The Six Most Popular Laundry Rooms in 2019

The second quarter of 2019 is well underway and some clear trends are coming to light regarding the laundry room designs. Here are some of the designs seen by Fox Valley plumbers. Use these ideas for inspiration if you are thinking of remodeling your laundry room this year.

Addition of a Dog-Washing Station to Your Laundry Room

You can increase the utility of your laundry room by including a dog-washing station if you want to avoid washing your furry friend in your own bathroom. You can use stone pavers as a durable flooring material for the laundry. Sub-way tiles on the walls will go well with the pavers on the floor. White tiles can be installed in the dog-washing station, and the laundry room can be finished off with open shelving and white cabinetry to keep the space clean and bright.

High Contrast Laundry Room

Plumbers in Appleton, WI have also observed that many homeowners are opting for laundry room designs that utilize high contrast. For example, the cabinets and walls can be painted pure white while the floor can have a wooden look. There is no shortage of color combinations if you want a laundry room with high contrast.

Go Gray in Your Laundry Room

If gray is your thing, then you are not alone. This laundry room design is increasing in popularity among homeowners. You can buy and install pale gray cabinetry and match them with countertops that are deeper gray. Needless to say, you will be better off with washing machines that load from the front so that you push them underneath the countertops. As you are aware, gray can make the laundry room look a bit dark. So, Tureks Plumbing Services advises you to include wall-mounted sconces so that anyone using the laundry room can easily distinguish the different colors of the fabrics being cleaned or sorted/folded.

Bring the Woods in Your Laundry Room

You can also opt for a wood-themed laundry room. Plumbers in Appleton, WI say that they have seen many homeowners having laundry room designs that have faux wood finishes. This starts from the flat-front cabinets which are made from melamine that resembles wood to a tan backsplash that is shimmery. The flat fronts of the cabinetry minimize the accumulation of grime and dust, says a leading Fox Valley plumber.

Get Upbeat with a Sunny Look in Your Laundry Room

Does the prospect of spending time in a gray laundry room turn you off? Many homeowners hold the same view, and they are expressing themselves by going with a sunny look for their laundry room. You can start by picking cabinetry that is painted classical yellow and combine this with patterned floor tiles. The ceiling and walls can have a bright color, such as white. This combination will deliver a sunny cheery look to your laundry room. For additional usability, why not throw in a bar stool or two? Folding a huge stack of clothes will be a whole lot easier if you sit while at it.

Gold is King

Another variation of the sunny look seen by the plumbers at Tureks Plumbing Services this year is the gold look in laundry rooms. This design is particularly stunning when it is used in a laundry room that serves as the main entrance into a home. Who says laundry rooms can’t be glamorous! This look can be attained by simply painting all the lower cabinets a rich gold. Other features can be in other bright colors so that the gold stands out prominently.

There you have it; six of the most popular laundry room designs that have so far made a mark on 2019. Did a light pop in your mind regarding one of those designs? Were you inspired to come up with a variation of any one of the designs discussed? Talk to our plumbers at Tureks Plumbing Services and we will help you to make the laundry room as functional as possible. We are also ready to fix any other plumbing issues that may exist in the rest of your home.

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