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Plumbing Upgrades To Save Money

Wednesday, June 1st, 2022
Plumbing Upgrades To Save Money

4 Ways To Save Money With Plumbing Upgrades

Plumbing is an area of the home that is often taken for granted, but it plays a vital role in our everyday lives. Most of us only think about our plumbing when there is a problem, but making small upgrades can save you money in the long run. One simple way to reduce your water bill is to install low-flow fixtures, which use less water without sacrificing performance. Another upgrade to consider is a tankless water heater, which heats water on demand and can save energy compared to a traditional storage tank model. These are just a few of the many ways that plumbing upgrades in Appleton WI can save you money. So if you’re looking for ways to cut costs, be sure to consider your home’s plumbing.

Tankless Water Heater Installs

Making plumbing upgrades to your home is a great way to lower your energy bills and save money. One upgrade you may want to consider is converting to a tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters have a lifespan of approximately 20 years, which is double the lifespan of a traditional water heater. They also do not use energy to keep water warm, so you can lower your energy bills by up to 15% each year by converting an on-demand hot water heater. In addition, since tankless water heaters don’t include storage units, you don’t have to worry about leaks. So if you’re looking for a way to save money and lower your energy bills, converting to a tankless water heater near me may be the right choice for you.

Low-Flow Toilets Will Benefit You

As any homeowner knows, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Not only is it a place to relax and unwind, but it’s also where we start and end our day. However, the bathroom is also one of the biggest sources of water consumption in the home. The toilet alone accounts for 27% of the average home’s water usage and a toilet that leaks or has other problems can easily double that number. However, switching to a low-flow toilet can cut your toilet’s water consumption in half. Low-flow toilets use about 1.6 gallons of water per flush, while older toilets use about 3.6 gallons. This means that you can save about 2 gallons of water per flush by upgrading to a low-flow toilet. Tureks Plumbing upgrades like this are not only good for the environment, but they can also save you money on your water bill. So if you’re looking for ways to reduce your water consumption, start with your bathroom.

Upgrade Your Sink Faucets

If your kitchen’s faucets are older and outdated, consider switching to modern ones instead. The average older faucet (installed before 1992) uses anywhere from three to seven gallons of water per minute. A newer faucet, however, can use as little as 2.2 gallons per minute. This can add up to significant savings over time. In addition, newer faucets often come with additional features that can make your life easier, such as hands-free operation and temperature control. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your water usage, upgrading your kitchen faucets is a great place to start.

Install New Shower Heads

Another way to conserve water in your home is to switch to low-flow showerheads. A conventional showerhead uses about two gallons of water each minute, but a low-flow showerhead can reduce your water usage by up to 25% or more. If you’re thinking of getting a new showerhead, ask a Tureks plumber near me for recommendations on the best design and materials for your home. There are many different types of low-flow showerheads available, so it’s important to choose one that will work well with your existing plumbing. Some models are designed to reduce the water pressure, while others use special nozzles to create a wider spray. Whatever type you choose, switching to a low-flow showerhead is easy to save water and money.

Contact Tureks Plumbing Today

When it comes to plumbing, most homeowners don’t think twice about it until there’s a problem. However, if you’re looking to upgrade your home’s plumbing, Tureks Plumbing can help. We are the leading provider of plumbing services in Appleton, and we can help you make the switch to modern plumbing. We offer a wide range of services, from replacing old pipes to installing new fixtures. We also offer a variety of financing options to make the switch more affordable. And when you’re ready to make the switch, we will gladly explain the benefits of modern plumbing and help you make the best choices. Visit our website to learn more about our services or call us today to schedule a consultation.

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How to Select a Fixtures for Your Remodel

Wednesday, March 24th, 2021
fixture for your remodel appleton wi

How to Select Your Fixtures for Your Remodel

Finding the perfect fixtures to compliment the cabinets and countertops is critical. If you’re on the hunt for new fixtures for your home remodel project, look no further. Our general contractors at Tureks Plumbing share some tips on how to select a fixture for your remodel. Below, we explore some trends to consider.

Expand The Faucet’s Range of Motion

Traditional faucets allow for little range of motion. When remodeling your kitchen, consider how the size of your faucet could expand full functionality. For instance, pull-out spouts, larger nozzles, and other design features can make for a modern, sleek, and efficient style.

LED Light-Equipped Faucets

A trend that has recently become popular in modern-day kitchens is LED Light-equipped faucets. This feature is perfect for those who often sneak into the kitchen or bathroom late at night. It’s not only practical but a great party trick. Many LED light-equipped faucets have the capability to change color with the temperature of the water. This makes a lot of sense from a practical point of view.

Touchless Faucets 

Touchless faucets are among the most useful modern technologies. If you’re undergoing a kitchen remodel, we highly suggest incorporating a touchless faucet. It makes everyday use so easy! The simple wave of your hand triggers the faucet to turn on. This is particularly useful when your hands are dirty. They’re also able to detect objects such as cups. Our friends at Maid for Muddy Paws, a cleaning company in The Woodlands, TX, agree that touchless faucets can help keep your kitchen more sanitary and make your daily tasks simpler.

Fixture Style

When you pick up your new kitchen fixtures, take note of your own sense of style rather than what’s most common. Think about whether you’re going to enjoy it as much as five years from now. There are so many different options when it comes to style that there is something for every taste. Modern minimalist fixtures often look better with a simple, understated style of decoration, while ornate faucets may complement a more luxurious kitchen. Our friends at Headwaters Construction Inc., a retail general contractor, recommend matte black or brass-colored fixtures for a timeless option.

Features to Consider

When remodeling, you may want to think about whether you prefer to have two different hot and cold knobs or a streamlined simplicity of a single handle. Do you want a water filtration device to be built into your socket? Will you like a pull-out sprayer? There are plenty of styles to choose from, even for something as basic as a kitchen faucet.

Hire a Home Remodeling Contractor

When the time comes to upgrade your bathroom or your kitchen, contact Tureks Plumbing Services. We offer both kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling services in the Fox City areas and beyond. Our plumbing contractors are happy to give you an estimate on your remodeling projects. Need 24/7 emergency plumbing services? Call Tureks Plumbing. 

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2021 Kitchen Trends

Wednesday, January 13th, 2021
2021 Kitchen Trends

2021 Kitchen Trends

More and more Fox Valley homeowners are starting home projects because they’re spending more time at home. Who could blame them? We’re here for all the kitchen and bathroom remodel projects! That being said, renovations can be time-consuming and costly without the right help. Below, we’ve shared a simple guide to 2021 kitchen trends.

With trendy new kitchen brands popping up left and right, there are plenty of creative design concepts and clever twists to improve your home. We hope this guide inspires you or helps you during your home remodel. You can always count on Tureks Plumbing for home remodeling services in Appleton, WI

Marble Counters

We currently love marble. Whether you want a minimalist or modern look, this next-level style will elevate the space and increase your home’s value. 

Wood Finishes

Another common trend we’re seeing is wood finishes. Exposed wood beams, wooden cabinets, oversized islands, and accents warm up the room, bringing earthy tones to the space. 

Moody & Dramatic

Now more than ever, moody and dramatic kitchens are in demand. Many Fox Valley homeowners are incorporating dark accent walls, dark cabinets, or dark pieces. If you’re going for a modern-rustic feel, we recommend textured woods and black accent colors. 


Those who aren’t into the moody and dramatic kitchen elements are for the colorful and warming kitchen trends. A little color goes a long way. Here are our favorite ways to add a pop of color into the kitchen: paint colored kitchen islands, window treatments, and appliances. If you don’t plan on selling your house, then go wild! However, if you’re not in your forever home, consider adding items that are non-permanent, like art or chair cushions.

Not One, But Two Islands

Moving towards larger kitchens and open-concept rooms, the kitchen island has become the focus of many kitchens. If you’re interested in a modern and luxurious kitchen, double islands are an excellent addition. Not to mention the additional storage. 

Smart Home Design

As we advance in technology, we learn more ways to live efficiently. If you plan on remodeling your kitchen, you might as well add smart home technology to it. Today, there are plenty of smart appliances that will make your life so much easier. Our friends at Specialized Audio and Video, a smart home automation company in NorCal, agree that homeowners everywhere need this technology. It adds a modern look and feel, not to mention resale value is tremendous. Some features you may like include smart ovens, smart fridges, smart dishwashers. You can save time, money, and energy when you have a smart home design. 

Gold Finishes

Did you know that the sinks and appliances are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes? Yep! Anything your heart can imagine. Of course, nongeneric appliances and sinks will cost more than traditional ones. However, if you’re going for a unique and custom kitchen, adding gold finishes will truly enhance the space. 

Unique Lighting Fixtures

If you’re looking for an affordable way to improve your kitchen, start with light fixtures. You’d be surprised to see how different the kitchen looks when you change out the light fixtures. Make sure to choose a fixture that fits the theme of your kitchen as well as the space.

Contact Tureks Plumbing 

When you need bathroom or kitchen remodeling services in Appleton, WI, contact Tureks Plumbing. We provide excellent remodeling services and have many years of experience in home renovations. Call us today for a free estimate.  

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The Kitchen Remodeling Checklist Everyone Should Have

Wednesday, October 28th, 2020
Kitchen Remodeling Checklist - Tureks Plumbing

The Kitchen Remodeling Checklist Everyone Should Have

Here at Tureks Plumbing Services, we are dedicated to making sure our clients get the best deals from us, not only in terms of work done but also regarding reliable and useful information. Today, we focus on kitchen remodeling. We will take you through the basics and add information from our experience that may prove useful to both first-timers and experienced renovators. Yes, I know it sounds hard, especially if you’re not a do-it-yourselfer. We recommend hiring a professional for your kitchen remodel, so find a kitchen remodel company in Appleton, WI, as soon as you can.

Below are a few of the things to consider if you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, down to the smallest detail.

A Wall-Mounted Faucet is Better for Your Kitchen

When selecting a tap, you may be predisposed to pick a standard deck-mounted design. However, if you’d prefer a model that’d make it easier to maintain a dry and clean sink surface, Fox Valley plumbers recommend a wall-mounted faucet as the better option.  

Don’t Forget About the Finer Details 

On your kitchen remodeling checklist, make sure to include the small bits most people usually overlook or forget about. These may include electrical outlets or kitchen vents. There’s no point in focusing on marble countertops and beautiful tiles and forgetting to include plans for proper ventilation. Nobody wants to have a state of the modern art kitchen with the latest appliance models and gleaming countertops, yet you have only one electrical outlet located in a corner next to the door or a kitchen filling up with smoke every time you cook because you forgot to include vents in the remodel. Make plans for the little things, people!

If you’d prefer a professional who ensures everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail, then contact Tureks Plumbing Services for all your kitchen remodel needs in Appleton, WI today.

Don’t Get Caught Up in the DIY Craze

The world of DIY offers many brilliant ideas on how to redo your kitchen cabinets and the numerous different cabinet styles that exist. Trust us. There are very many ideas out there. However, these may be very confusing, so you should try not to get carried away in the glamor that is DIY. That is unless, of course, you plan on doing and redoing your kitchen cabinets because the design didn’t come out like in the video, which may be time-consuming and stall the rest of your remodel. 

For timeless and durable styles, there are about six cabinet styles you can choose from. Ikea offers these custom cabinet styles at affordable prices, which eliminates the need to source for material to build from scratch and the confusion that comes with deciding what you want from the internet. If you’d prefer a professional opinion, look up a Fox Valley kitchen remodel company.

Be Prepared to Spend

We aren’t going to lie; for your dream kitchen to become a reality, you may need to put a price on it. Kitchen remodeling is not cheap, despite the many shows that peddle “on a budget” kitchen remodels on your TV. Figures from Remodeling Magazine estimate the average cost of an entire kitchen remodel at about $66,000, and this is just the basic stuff. If you’re looking to do an “upscale” kitchen renovation, which is basically starting from scratch, it may cost you over $100,000.

HomeAdvisor.com estimates that about 29% of the cost goes to hardware and cabinetry, with Installation raking in 17% of the cost while ventilation and appliances account for 14% of the cost. It is important to note that remodeling may not necessarily increase your home’s resale value. Owners looking to sell their houses may recover only about 60% of the remodeling costs.

Our friends at Headwaters Construction Inc., a commercial renovation company in California, recommends sticking to the original layout. This is where you can save big on time and money. There are plenty of different ways to work with different layouts. If you need help, our Appleton kitchen remodel professionals can guide you. It will cost less, and you won’t need to move your wiring. It is recommended that for electrical work, you hire a professional as it may be dangerous. 

What Are Your Kitchen Needs?

When planning, you should put into consideration your cooking needs. For example, do you require an oven? A larger freezer for storage? Taking into account which will be using your kitchen and what you would like to add to your kitchen in the remodel may help you decide on the remodeling design and make decisions based on this information.

Also, when deciding on what countertops to get, focus more on practicality rather than on the aesthetic. Materials like soapstone and marble need to be maintained and are costly. If you are on a budget, ceramic tiles, cultured granite, or laminate are some of the affordable options to choose from. 

Single or Double: Which Sink is Better Suited for You?

When it comes to sinks, a double-bowl sink is better suited for anyone, really, especially if you’re a multitasker like me. A single-bowl sink is better for a small kitchen, but wouldn’t you prefer to have easy access to the disposal, wash your dirty dishes in one sink and rinse them in the other without getting soap all over the counter? I know I would.

For professional installation of the sink of your choice or any queries you might have on either, contact Tureks Plumbing Services. We’re always happy to be of service.

Look Out for Discounts on Preloved Appliances

Our friends at Specialized Audio and Video, a whole home automation company in Sacramento, know that smart appliances are the greatest thing. You can preheat your oven, look inside your fridge, all from your phone. Now, this may not be for everyone, but if you live a busy life, smart home automation may be for you.

However, kitchen appliances depreciate in value. If you’d prefer to get reliable appliances for a fraction of the cost of a new one, look for sturdy, slightly used items. They’ll do the same job a new one would anyway. Additionally, there’s no need to buy appliances you do not actively need for the sake of it. Please add this to your kitchen remodeling checklist: Buy only what you need or will use on an almost daily or daily basis.

Make a Checklist to Ensure You Have Everything You Want

As humans, we often forget. With the hustle and bustle that goes on in worksites, packages may be left unopened till the last minute. A checklist helps make certain what you ordered is exactly what you received. If it isn’t, it may be returned for the right item. That’s why it is important to sort out any wrong orders before workers install the wrong item. This helps avoid renovation disappointments.

Armed with the information above, your kitchen remodel will proceed without a hitch. If you are overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done, get in touch with Tureks Plumbing Services. Our Appleton kitchen remodel experts will help you during every step of the way.

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Protecting Utility Pipes during Kitchen Remodel

Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

Are you thinking of a kitchen remodel? 

Protecting utility pipes during your kitchen remodel - Turek's Plumbing

Every now and then homeowners desire to remodel their kitchens. The remodeling can be anything from repainting and adding a few items to changing the entire design of the kitchen. A kitchen remodeling project can cause a lot of changes. It also has the potential of interfering with your utility lines. 

Whether you go for a small or large remodeling project, it helps to know how to protect your utility lines. This ensures that there are no disruptions in gas, water, or electricity. Here are some of the ways to protect these utility pipes during a remodel. 

Gas Lines 

Most gas lines either carry natural gas (methane) for heating or propane for cooking. A common remodeling project that might involve your gas lines is installing new gas appliances or moving the ones you have to a different location. This could warrant a shift or extension of the gas lines. 

Our friends at Headwaters Construction Inc., a commercial construction company, says to make sure to note where the existing gas lines are located and plan around them. Contact a professional if your remodeling project will involve moving them to avoid leaking gas into your house. 


Most, if not all, appliances in your kitchen use electricity. Every now and then, homeowners buy new appliances that require bigger or smaller spaces. Your project might introduce appliances that may not adhere to the standard outlets installed or those that require more power that is not provided by the outlets. Additionally, it may also affect lighting. 

Plan adequately on how to go around these issues to prevent accidents or damage to your appliances or entire wiring system. This involves planning for general illumination in your kitchen to provide direct light to task areas such as sinks and food preparation areas. 

If your plan involves rewiring the kitchen, make sure to remove the old wiring systems first. You can also involve an electrician or the local planning department in Appleton, Wisconsin. 


Your plumbing system can be affected by your Appleton kitchen remodel. Any alterations that might affect the flow of water can lead to blockages and leaks. These will have an adverse effect on your kitchen and the entire house. 

Make sure that your sink has a free and unobstructed supply of both hot and cold water lines. If you plan on having a dishwasher or moving the one you have, make sure that the plumbing is done right to provide the machine with enough water. 

Additionally, make provisions for waste pipes. These are especially tricky to adjust because their functionality is usually set on a gradient. Therefore, make sure to involve a professional plumber

Remodeling your Kitchen the Right Way 

Kitchen remodels can be a fun and exciting way to bring some life into your home. There are also necessary as people move in and out of your home or when you buy new and modern appliances. 

It is always important to ensure that all utility lines are well taken care of. You can easily do this by involving a kitchen remodel company in Appleton WI. Tureks plumbing offers a fast and guaranteed service delivery for all homeowners. Contact Turek’s Plumbing today and get the best remodeling services.

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Best Time of Year for Home Improvement Projects

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

The Best Time of Year for Home Improvement Projects

You are not alone if you have an extensive list of home improvement projects that you are eager to get underway. As you may already know, it isn’t advisable to get all those projects started at the same time. You can plan the work in accordance with the most appropriate time for each project.

Seasonality and the weather are factors that Turek’s Plumbing Services, the best plumbing company in Appleton, Wisconsin, recommends as a way to prioritize different home remodeling projects as detailed below.

Kitchen Remodels

The kitchen is justifiably called the heart of any home, so planning to remodel this space is perfectly understandable. Not only will you increase the value of your home, but you will also make the kitchen customized to your style.

In terms of timing, kitchen remodels are best started in summer, according to Appleton kitchen remodel experts. You can plan your vacation so that you are away while the bulk of the work is done. The indoor nature of the work saves the contractor’s team from the hot weather outdoors. 

Sacramento, CA construction company, Headwaters Construction suggests saving costs by scheduling the kitchen remodel towards the end of summer when contractors’ schedules aren’t so tight.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation can also boost the value of your home, so it is a good investment to undertake. Appleton, WI bathroom remodel professionals recommend that bathroom renovations be done during summer or early fall. Scheduling the project out of season may result in some cost savings. A typical bathroom remodel costs approximately $8,820.

Home Additions/Upgrades

If you are planning to go big on home improvement, then a home addition maybe for you. A lot of care is needed for projects costing $38,500 or more. In terms of timing, winter is a no-no for a home addition, particularly if foundation work is involved. The experienced plumbers and technicians in Appleton, WI recommend that you undertake this project in late spring or early fall. This carries the risk that work may still be ongoing during holiday festivities, so proper planning is needed to avoid such an eventuality. Our friends at LMS Garage Doors, who repair and replace garage doors, say that replacing your garage door can significantly increase the value of your home.

Deck Installation

Many homeowners are exploring the possibility of deck installation or deck expansion in order to have more access to the outdoors. A lot of people believe this project should be undertaken in summer, but such timing means that one will not enjoy the deck during this season. A better time to install a deck is towards the end of fall or early in spring. This way, the deck will be beckoning when summer sets in! The bonus of this timing is that you could also get some good deals since you will have the work done during the off-season.

HVAC Repairs

This may not be what comes to mind when you think about home improvement projects. However, this activity is a necessary to keep your home comfy throughout the year. If possible, have your home heater maintained just before summer. Also, you should repair the AC during winter when it isn’t needed. This off-season timing will help you cut costs, and technicians will be readily available. Don’t delay to call a professional should your HVAC system develop a defect during temperature extremes.

In-Ground Pool Installation

In-ground pools can cost approximately $44,575. It is important that your timing is perfect if you want to keep this cost low. Most people have their pools installed in summer, and that sets them up to incur premium labor costs since demand is high at that time. Turek’s Plumbing Services recommends that you go against the norm and have your in-ground pool installed in autumn. This will be a slower process but worth it in cost savings.

Tuckpointing and Masonry Work

As the weather changes during the year, brickwork and masonry can develop cracks. Foundation problems and water leaks may result, so you don’t want to put off this project when these defects develop. 

If you have the luxury to select the timing of the repair, spring is the best time for tuckpointing and masonry work. During fall, contractors are preoccupied with fixing chimneys, so it is harder to get hold of the best pros. Additionally, spring offers suitable weather conditions for mortar and concrete to set.

Timing is of the essence if you are planning a home improvement project. The wrong timing can make the work harder to execute, or it could even make the project more costly. It is therefore best to plan ahead, wherever possible, and select the most suitable time for each project on your list. At Turek’s Plumbing Services, we have amassed experience in undertaking kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels and plumbing works, among other types of home remodels. Contact Appleton, WI plumbing service and we will be happy to make your dream come true![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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8 Bathroom Remodel Trends for 2020

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

bathroom remodel trends for 2020 - Tureks Plumbing ServicesBathroom Remodel Trends for 2020

2020 is well underway, and you may be wondering what bathroom remodel trends are likely to define this year and beyond as you plan to remodel your bathroom. At Tureks Plumbing Services, we make it our duty to keep homeowners in Appleton, WI informed about the latest home improvement trends. Here are the key trends that we have observed in 2020. Use this information to select the trend that appeals to you. You can even combine different trends so that you fully express your style!

Bathroom Remodel Trends: Biophilic Design

The name of this trend may sound alien, but there is nothing alien about it. It simply refers to putting you in touch with nature, and more bathroom remodels are taking advantage of this approach.

The bathroom renovation experts at Tureks Plumbing Services suggest that you can utilize this trend simply by adding as many plants as possible to the décor of your remodeled bathroom. Alternatively, you can opt for materials that mimic nature, such as green paint that lends a natural look to your bathroom. 

In terms of lighting, a skylight can go a long way towards bringing a touch of nature into your bathroom, and so can a dimmer which allows you to adjust the lighting inside the bathroom to mirror what is outdoors.

Bathroom Remodel Trends: Be Colorful

“Bold colors are back,” said our commercial construction friends at Headwaters Construction Inc. They add, “You can go with this trend if you aren’t one to shy away from making a bold statement in the design of your home or commercial building.” We get that bright colors can sometimes be overwhelming. Instead of using bright paint, you could also use colorful appliances or artwork to help make the room pop.

Bathroom Remodel Trends: Terrazzo Still Reigns

Terrazzo, which is a mixture of cement, marble, and natural stones, staged a comeback years ago, and it appears to be here to stay. This versatile material is most likely to be found on bathroom walls and floors, and even on sinks.

Home remodel experts in Appleton, WI also adds that Terrazzo can last a long time. So, it is best to opt for variants that look like natural stone. Select Terrazzo with smaller fragments and not larger ones so that your renovated bathroom can have a timeless look.

Bathroom Remodel Trends: Open Shower Design

Open Italian showers are making a huge mark in 2020, particularly versions that are fully equipped and are multi-functional. For example, the shower can have an integrated misting system and an anti-fog mirror. Professionals from Tureks Plumbing Services have also seen many bathrooms in which the tub and shower are both located in the same area!

However, our bathroom renovation experts notice that some functional challenges can arise when you place the bathtub and shower in the same open area. For example, soap residues from the shower can reach the tub and vice versa, so the demands of keeping a clean bathroom increase significantly when these two features are close to each other. It is, therefore, best to weigh this consideration before going with the open shower design.

Bathroom Remodel Trends: Console-Style Vanity

The era of massive bathroom furnishings seems to be coming to an end. We see more console-style vanities in not just smaller bathrooms but larger ones as well. This trend is especially ideal for smaller bathrooms since it can create an illusion of spaciousness.

Bathroom remodeling experts in Appleton, WI, suggests that to maintain the minimalist feel of this design, take any extra materials, such as perfumes, out of the bathroom so that only the essentials are left.

Bathroom Remodel Trends: Refined Tiling

Tiles that look extravagant are so yesterday. In their place, tiles with character or detail are the new thing in 2020. Price is no longer the determinant of what makes a tile trendy or nice. So, keep your eye on how a given designer has given life to a particular tile. While selecting refined tiling, remember less is more. Instead, Tureks Plumbing Services recommends that you opt for elegant tiles that are likely to retain their appeal for years to come. For example, flashy tiles are a more significant fashion risk when compared to light or dark tones that remain appealing for longer.

Bathroom Remodel Trends: Linear or Minimalist Bathroom Lighting

This year is going to see linear or minimalist lighting taking bathroom remodels by storm. This particular trend has gained more traction because it enables other bathroom fixtures to grab the intention. 

Bathroom renovation experts suggest that you install light strips between walls. If not, consider getting a mirror that comes integrated with its own lighting system.

Bathroom Remodel Trends: Standalone Tubs and Sinks

It is incredible to see the nearly limitless ways in which designers can make a tub or sink pop. Inspiration comes thick and fast from all sorts of places, such as Japanese bathrooms, artisanal touches, and asymmetrical shapes.

Depending on the available space within your bathroom, you may decide to implement this trend by installing the standalone sink or bathtub. Our experienced professionals at Tureks Plumbing Services can also share their expert opinion.

As you can see, the options are nearly endless. As with any remodeling project, starting with a solid plan goes a long way. We know that getting all the decisions right can be a difficult task for any homeowner. That’s why we at Tureks Plumbing Services are putting our considerable training and experience at your disposal. Our home remodeling professionals are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us for bathroom renovation services in Appleton, WI.

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Choosing the Best Kitchen Countertops

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

Choosing the Best Kitchen Countertops - Kitchen remodel Appleton WIKitchen Remodeling: Choosing the Best Kitchen Countertops

One way to transform your kitchen in a big way is by replacing your kitchen countertops. Stop to think about how much wear and tear your countertops go through. No wonder there are so many stains and scratches. So, now that you know your countertops need some love, you’re probably wondering what the next steps are to replacing them. Let’s start off with fun stuff: choosing the best kitchen countertops. Yes, choosing the best kitchen countertops can be a daunting task because there are so many options to choose from! Don’t worry, home remodel experts at Tureks Plumbing are here to help!

Quartz Countertops

Quartz closely resembles stone but isn’t as demanding to maintain as natural stone is. This type of material is a combination of different minerals, resins, and colors. For this reason, you can find quartz countertops in different colors or patterns that closely mimic marble or granite. Home remodel contractors in Appleton, WI add that marble resists abrasive pads, stains, serrated knives, and hot pans very well. Quartz countertops make an excellent choice for your kitchen since the countertop will last longterm. 

However, the corners and the edges of this type of countertop are prone to chipping, and you will need expert help to fix such damage. Tureks Plumbing Services, the best kitchen remodel company in Appleton WI, recommends that you select a countertop that comes with rounded edges to reduce the likelihood that the edges will chip.

Granite Countertops

The beauty of granite countertops is that each slab will be unique from all others, so you can be sure that any granite countertop that you buy and install will be one of a kind. Expect to pay more for those countertops whose vein patterns or colors are even rarer. 

Granite has made a name for itself as a material that does a good job of resisting scratches, cuts, and heat. According to home remodel experts in Appleton, WI, granite countertops with a matte or polished finish perform even better in terms of resisting stains.

Nevertheless, you will need to regularly reseal the granite countertop if it is to retain its stain-resistant attributes. Tureks Plumbing Services also cautions that granite countertops are prone to chipping on the edges, so you are better off selecting one that has round edges to reduce this risk. If the countertop chips, ask a professional to fix the damage.

Limestone, Marble and Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone is rarer than granite, so that alone makes this an attractive material if you would like your kitchen to be really unique. Kitchen remodel companies in Appleton, WI, explain that soapstone is also excellent at resisting being damaged by heat. If the countertop is scratched, the damage can be fixed by sanding the affected part and then applying mineral oil there.

Marble and limestone are classic materials that have stood the test of time as countertops, so you won’t go wrong if you opt for them. Additionally, limestone looks like natural stone, although these countertops don’t have the veining or grain patterns of other forms of natural stone, such as granite. Marble and limestone also resist heat damage. Headwaters Construction Inc, a commercial construction company, adds that marble countertops are by far the most popular choice. 

As for the drawbacks, soapstone can be scratched, become nicked, or cut easily. Additionally, some stains are hard to wash off the surface of the countertop. This shortcoming is also present in marble and limestone. Marble is also particularly prone to heat damage, according to the kitchen remodel experts at Tureks Plumbing Services.

Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops have come a long way over the years, and they are more attractive than they were in the past. Many kitchen remodel contractors say that laminate countertops are one of the most affordable options, and they are easy to install, so you may think of them if your budget is tight.

Laminate countertops can also resist stains and heat damage. However, laminate can suffer permanent damage if cut directly, so the kitchen renovation professionals at Tureks Plumbing Services recommend that you use a cutting board to prevent such damage.

Solid Surfacing

Solid surfacing is available in a huge array of patterns and colors. This material can be put to use on the backsplash, sink, and counters. It creates a seamless look since the joints between different segments are almost invisible. 

Solid surfacing is also resistant to the majority of stains, while small nicks and scratches are easy to repair. Make sure you use a cutting board to protect your countertops.

Recycled Glass Countertops

When you want a countertop that is fun and looks contemporary, then go for a recycled glass countertop that has large shards. If you prefer a more muted look, then opt for a countertop that is made from ground glass. Most recycled glass countertops have the ability to resist heat, scratches, stains, and cuts. 

However, the experts at Tureks Plumbing Services have observed that the quality of these countertops tends to vary from one manufacturer to another, so you need to do your due diligence before selecting a product.

Bucher Block

This material can make your kitchen look warm and cozy, and it is also easy to install or repair. Kitchen remodel professionals point out that different finishes come with their own pros and cons.

For example, penetrating oil finishes reduce the stain resistance of the material while varnish increases stain resistance. You should carefully weigh the available options and select what will address your specific needs.

As you can see, there is generally there’s not too much of a difference between countertops. If you are considering a kitchen remodel, contact Tureks Plumbing Services. Our home remodel contractors are waiting to help you through the process.

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Do’s and Don’ts for a Shower Remodel

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

shower remodel Appleton WI

Shower Remodel in Appleton, WI

Figuring out how to make your bathroom remodel dreams come true can be a challenge. Your main concerns would be, what materials to use, what style you want, or what colors would look best. You could also be on the fence about hiring a home remodeling contractor or doing it by yourself. 

Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula for remodeling your shower. But there are a few tips that you can follow which will make your task a whole lot easier. There are some don’ts as well that you should avoid.

Do’s for a Shower Remodel

Keep Maintenance in Mind

Ask yourself how much maintenance am I willing to endure? Many people don’t realize how frustrating cleaning tile grout is. We suggest opting out of this style so you can enjoy a low maintenance shower. 

Take Your Time Deciding the Materials 

If you’re remodeling your shower, you might as well do what you want to it, right? Of course, you should. Professionals recommend weighing out all the options, including the materials you’ll use. You may like something initially, but you may change your mind after it’s too late.

Ask Your General Contractor

Before you hire the contractor to remodel your shower, you’ll need to know the skill level they have. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the project. Our friends at Headwaters Construction Inc., a commercial building company in CA, recommend asking the following questions: For example, who will be managing the project? Who will be doing the hard labor? What materials will be purchased? How much does the shower remodel cost? The more questions you ask, the better you will feel about letting someone else do the project. 

Don’ts for a Shower Remodel

Don’t be a Pushover

Sometimes taking on projects can be stressful. If you choose the right contractor, they will do everything they can to provide the best experience possible. Your contractor should never push you into a home remodel design that you don’t like. At Tureks Plumbing, we love working closely with our clients to bring their home remodel dreams to life. If you are looking for a bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling company in Appleton, WI, contact Tureks Plumbing! We’re happy to help you in any way we can!

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Considering an Outdoor Shower

Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

considering an outdoor shower - Tureks Plumbing ServicesAn outdoor shower is an increasingly welcome idea for many homeowners. It comes with a number of benefits, especially during the summer. For example, it allows you to clean off the dirt that you don’t want in your house. This is a great option for homeowners who have kids. You can clean your pets on an outdoor shower too. It can also help if you have a swimming pool and need a quick shower before jumping into it. An outdoor shower has also been found to increase the value of your property. When considering costs, it’s recommended that you build your outdoor shower in either the fall or winter compared to the summer. It is much cheaper to complete home remodel projects in the off-seasons. You need a plan before calling a plumber in Appleton Wisconsin for an outdoor shower. This will ensure that you not only have a shower you can be proud of but will also not have to spend more than the necessary amount trying to maintain it. There are a number of factors that will influence your decision to get an outdoor shower.

Type of shower

There are a number of ways to set up an outdoor shower. You could decide to mount a hose and simply attach a brass of stainless steel shower head at the end. It is the simplest option and will not require much expertise. This option will work for you if you have no problem using cold water. 

You could also call a plumbing company in Wisconsin to fix you a pedestal or tower shower outside your home. Such a setup could include both hot and cold options. You can also choose between a permanent or semi-permanent pedestal shower. Most people prefer pedestal wall-mounted showers. 

You are required to have an anti-scald valve with your outside shower if you are planning to include a mixed-temperature control. 


Depending on your municipal codes, your water should not be left to drain on the ground or through a bed of stones. Some codes require proper drainage like you could find in a building while others require that the shower be tiled with enclosed plumbing. Your Fox Valley plumber will be better able to provide you with the relevant information regarding your outdoor shower in Appleton. 


It helps to include a few amenities with your shower such as a dry changing area. This area is important because you can store towels, soaps, and other important items that are required during a shower. Additionally, you could include a bench or a seat to make it easy for people to change. Make sure that the accessories you use are rust-proof. 

Winterizing your Shower

Your outdoor shower is only good for the summer. However, that does not mean you do not have to consider it during the winter. Prepare your plumbing for the winter to prevent damages, especially if your shower is permanent. Drain all pipes and hoses, open the taps where necessary and insulate the plumbing. Better yet, call a plumber to help winterize your shower to avoid spending thousands of dollars in repairs. 

Construction Materials

Pick materials that can withstand exposure to a myriad of elements. Wood, stone, metal, and tiles are available options for an outdoor shower. Remember, the material you pick will determine how much maintenance is required. Wood, for example, is trendy but requires regular maintenance. You can substitute this with faux wood tile which looks like wood but is more durable. Concrete is a great choice because it requires little or no maintenance and can withstand different elements. 

Deciding on whether you’d like to add an outside shower to your property is an important decision. That is why it is important to have a professional plumber from Tureks Plumbing helping you set up a shower you and your family can enjoy. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our bathroom remodel services or any other plumbing services

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