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Common Holiday Plumbing Disasters

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021
common holiday plumbing disaster

Common Holiday Plumbing Disasters 2021

As the Christmas season approaches, you could find yourself spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Tureks Plumbing services, plumber Appleton WI, has put together a list of common holiday plumbing disasters that you may strive to prevent during family gatherings to help keep your Appleton home safe.

Plumbing Mishaps During the Holidays

Listed below are some common holiday plumbing Disasters. Your plumber Appleton WI values the integrity of your households plumbing system and is aware that it is an afterthought for most, especially during the holidays. However, we urge you to read these common issues so you know what to look out for.

No Hot Water

Investing in quality water heaters is necessary if you want hot water. If you have guests coming to your home, you should consider having a tankless water heater installed by our experts at Tureks Plumbing Services, water heater replacement Appleton WI. This will help ensure that you can still use hot water to do the dishes right after three people have showered.

If your water heater is working, but you have an issue with running out of water sooner than you may be used to, it may be as a result of sediment in your water tank. To fix this, you have to flush the unit to clear the debris. Our Fox Valley water heater repair techs can help with this.

However, if your water heater is already broken, then you need to call in a professional for a water heater replacement. 

Clogged Kitchen Sink

It seems logical to pour grease into your drain or garbage disposal because it’s a liquid, but this doesn’t mean you should do it. The grease may harden and end up clogging your whole drain. It may also cause an awful odor to come from the drain. If you would like to dispose of any cooking grease, Gilmore Heating, Air, and Plumbing, Sacramento plumbing services, recommend that you let it harden first before you dump it in your trash. 

Broken Garbage Disposal

The holiday season brings with it a lot of food, which translates to lots of leftovers. So, instead of throwing small pieces of vegetables into the disposal, chuck them in the bin. There are various items that your garbage disposal can’t grind down. Therefore, throwing them in the disposal could cause damage. Some of these items include coffee grounds, grease, potato peels, or eggshells. After dumping your leftovers in the trash, you should ensure you take the trash out immediately after you’re done to prevent your home from smelling. 

However, if your garbage disposal is clogged or not running, you should find the reset button (usually located at the bottom of the unit) and press it. If the disposal still isn’t working, you should get a Fox Valley plumber to repair it for you. Having a clogged garbage disposal is not only inconvenient but also smelly. If your disposal is not broken, but you notice that it takes a longer time to do its thing, then there might be a chance the blades need to be sharpened. An easy and quick way Appleton plumbers advise homeowners to do is to run a couple of ice cubes through the garbage disposal. 

Broken Washer or Dryer

If you have family staying with you for a long period of time, it’s likely that they’ll be using your washer or dryer. To ensure that both your dryer and washer are functioning properly, simply inspect the appliances. Ensure that there are no cracks in your hose lines. Additionally, you should inspect the seals and line connections. If you do not have stainless steel hoses, you should consider getting them as they are the best. The last thing you want your guests to do is to pay for dry cleaning.

Clogged Drains

It’s not uncommon for your plumbing lines to get clogged when your family is in town. If you notice that your drains are clogged, you should have a plumber from a plumbing company in Appleton, Wisconsin, come to fix it for you. Of course, you can try Drain-O and other pipe cleaners, but it may not fix the problem. If that does not work, you can then try snaking the pipes. When you have clogged drains, you can always contact an emergency plumbing company in Appleton, WI. Our team will restore your plumbing system in no time!

For any plumbing disasters that may choose to strike during the holidays, contact Tureks Plumbing Services. 

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in December, 2020 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

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Kitchen Backsplash Trends To Consider For A Kitchen Upgrade

Tuesday, November 9th, 2021

Are You Considering a Kitchen Remodel? Here Are Trends In Kitchen Backsplash 2021

kitchen backsplash trendsPerhaps you’ve recently moved into an older home and want to make it truly your own by making a few changes. Alternatively, you may have updated some aspects of your home, making others appear obsolete. Making a new backsplash is an easy way to enhance your kitchen. What are the most recent kitchen backsplash trends? Our Kitchen Remodel Appleton WI professionals share below. 

Kitchen Trends In Kitchen Backsplash

When it comes to kitchen backsplash, there are plenty of trendy and traditional materials you can choose from. To name a few, slate, granite, travertine and glass have been enjoying a fair amount of popularity among designers and homeowners in 2021. These materials are closely followed by wood and metal typically used as accents.

Our Appleton Kitchen remodel specialists share that tumbled stone backsplashes and anything with pastel hues have considerably lost their popularity in the kitchen design world.

Size and shape

Overall, larger ceramic tiles have become more popular for backsplashes. Many designers use tiles ranging 1″ X 3″ to 4″ X 12″. Some designers combine different tile shapes, colors and sizes for a more dramatic effect. You might also want to vary the depth of the materials used in your kitchen backsplash to add dynamism. Also, more and more designers are opting for vertical patterns over horizontal ones.

Using large tiles for small kitchens (and vice versa)

Can you use large tiles for the backsplash to make your small kitchen appear larger? It is possible to use large tiles to make your small kitchen larger but there are a lot of other things to consider. For one, you have to remove the clutter around your kitchen. Second, you need to use the tiles to create a horizontal line.

On the other hand, if your kitchen looks too big and you want to trim its size visually, you can use small tiles and colors.

Here, there is no single rule of thumb to follow. You can use large or small tiles no matter what the size of your kitchen is.

Matching the backsplash with other kitchen elements

The general consensus among designers is that the backsplash color should complement other elements in the kitchen including the cabinet, floor and countertop. That does not mean that you need to find an exact match. Rather, you should choose a color for the backsplash that complements the color of the other elements.

White subway tiles

Although white subway tiles remain a popular option among designers and their clients, many are veering away from these because of the basic look these offer. If you are leaning toward a more classic and clean look, you can use these tiles.

Similar materials for backsplash and countertop

A lot of designers avoid using the same materials for both as these can make the kitchen look overwhelming. It is possible to avoid this by using exotic stones.

Extending the backsplash up to the ceiling

If the wall where the backsplash is going to be placed has no wall cabinet, you can extend the tiles up to the ceiling, depending on your taste and the overall design of the kitchen.

Inspiration from Europe

One trend that is popular among Europeans is reducing the space allocated to wall cabinets, allowing the backsplash to take center stage. A lot of Europeans are also favoring the installation of tiles up to the ceiling because these are easier to clean and are more hygienic.

One good rule of thumb when choosing a backsplash color and design is to consider the kitchen lighting. The more natural light you have in your kitchen the darker you can go. If your kitchen is lacking in natural light, you will want to try and lighten up the space with lighter colors.

If you are considering a kitchen remodel, contact the remodel professionals at Turek’s Plumbing Services and let them help you start designing your beautiful new kitchen today!

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in July, 2016 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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Kitchen Sink Backing Up When Washing Laundry

Wednesday, September 29th, 2021
Kitchen Sink Backing Up When Washing Laundry - Fox Valley Cities

What to Do When Kitchen Sink Backing Up When Washing Laundry

Plumbing problems can be the worst, especially when it’s affecting several parts of your home. A kitchen sink backing up when washing laundry is definitely out of the normal. This problem can be caused by either a clogged drain or a venting issue. So, where do you start? Well, if you’re looking for a quick fix, we always recommend contacting your local plumbing company. If you’d like to try to fix this on your own, continue to read the article below!

The Location Of The Clog

All plumbing fixture drains in a residence, including the washing machine drain, must connect to a 3- or 4-inch main drain pipe that connects to a sewer or septic tank outside the home. To drain a washing machine into a kitchen sink, the kitchen sink drain must connect to the washing machine drain pipe. Our Appleton plumber says that the clog lies somewhere after the connection to the kitchen sink drain but before the connection to the other drains. Note that the water would just back up from the washing machine drain if the clog was before the kitchen sink. If the blockage occurred after the connection with other fixture drains, it would back up into the lowest fixture, which was usually a shower or toilet.

Drainage Issues

Washing machines may pump up to 15 gallons of water per minute into the drain. This is significantly quicker than any other fixtures or appliances. A drain pipe of 1 1/2 inches was thought to be adequate for earlier washing machines. However, code now requires a washing machine drain pipe size of at least 2 inches in many regions for appropriate drainage. Our friends at McQuillan Bros, who offers Twin Cities plumbing services, say that due to the grease and food that is frequently poured into them, kitchen-sink drain pipes clog more frequently than other plumbing fixtures. Due to the volume of water pumped from the washing machine, even a partial obstruction in the shared drain pipe from the kitchen sink can cause the washing machine to back up into the sink.

Ventilation Issues

If there is a gurgling sound coming from the sink drain when the washing machine drains, the backup could be caused by a venting problem. Drainage problems will occur if the washing machine or kitchen vent is run incorrectly or is too small. Similarly, if the vent is clogged, consider a straw with liquid in it. The liquid will not drain if one end of the straw is blocked. The same is true for a plumbing system. If you hear gurgling coming from the kitchen sink, it’s because the sink is being used as a vent.

Resolving the Issue

If the sink is gurgling, visually inspect the vent for blockages. A clog in a drain pipe is most likely too far away to be unplugged by plunging. At this point, if your kitchen sink is backing up when washing laundry, you should contact Tureks Plumbing. Our team of experienced plumbers will resolve the problem in no time. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services throughout the Fox Valley cities areas. 

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Hiring a Plumber Checklist

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021
hiring a plumber checklist - Fox Valley WI

Hiring a Plumber Checklist

On the hunt for the best plumbing contractor in Appleton, WI? Look no further! It’s critical for anyone in need of plumbing services to find someone who will be the right fit for their needs. With so many plumbing services in Fox Cities, it can be overwhelming deciding which plumber to choose. In the article below, we share our Hiring a Plumber Checklist. That way, you find the right person for the job. You can always contact Tureks Plumbing for your residential plumbing or commercial plumbing needs.


Does the plumber you’ve hired have good references or online reviews? Always do some digging before booking a service with a plumbing company. It won’t take too long to read their Google My Business reviews or even ask around for a plumbing referral. Looking online will definitely help.

Residential vs. Commercial Plumbers

Commercial plumbers are best suited for corporate offices, restaurants, and companies, while residential plumbers are ideally suited for your home’s plumbing. Hire the best plumber for the job based on your requirements. At Tureks Plumbing, we offer Appleton residents both residential and commercial plumbing services. Give us a call. We’re happy to help!

Scope of Work

It’s important to clarify what the problem is before hiring a plumbing contractor to do the job. Some plumbing companies do not provide all plumbing services. For instance, if you need trenchless sewer repair, you should find someone who specializes in this service. That way, you have someone who is knowledgeable in the work you need.


Most plumbers work regular hours, with a “24/7 emergency services” option. This service comes with a cost. Look for a 24/7 plumbing company that you can count on at all hours of the day. You’ll need someone who can respond quickly and tackle any urgent jobs that come their way. That’s why so many Appleton residents rely on Tureks Plumbing to get the job done right.


Our friends at McQuillan Bros, a Twin Cities plumbing company, recommend getting an estimate before the job begins. That way, you can avoid any hidden costs or fees. The written estimate should include everything: labor, sections, and so on. However, the calculation should not be written until they have thoroughly examined the issue. A plumber who isn’t willing to give you an estimate shouldn’t be on your list. 

Presentable & Professional

Hiring a plumber who is hardworking and professional is a must. There are plenty of plumbing companies in Appleton, WI, who are exactly this. You always want to have complete confidence in your plumber. Contact Tureks Plumbing today if you’re searching for “plumbing services near me.” 

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Sewer Line Damage From Tree Roots

Wednesday, April 21st, 2021
sewer line damage from tree roots - Appleton WI

Sewer Pipe Damage From Tree Roots

So many Fox City residents experience sewer pipe damage from tree roots. So, why is this plumbing problem so common? Mother nature can’t help it. As trees begin to grow, it’s common for their roots to infiltrate underground sewer lines. In the article below, we discuss the seriousness of sewer pipe damage from tree roots. For plumbing services, contact Tureks Plumbing.

Signs of Damaged Pipes

  • Clogged drains – If you keep experiencing clogged drains, it’s likely that you have sewer pipe damage from tree roots.
  • Noises – Gurgle sounds are common after flushing the toilet.
  • Blocked or collapsed pipes – this is often manifested as a clogged drain or toilet. It might be that someone flushed something they shouldn’t have. It is also caused by tree roots in sewage line pipes.
  • Sinkholes – If you see a sinkhole in your yard, it is possible that tree roots are growing within your sewer pipes. Keep a safe distance from it and hire a Fox Valley plumber for a plumbing pipe inspection. This is a severe warning sign that suggests a significant sewer line problem. This amount of tree root disruption in sewer lines jeopardizes your home’s base.
  • Foul odors – Typically, damaged sewage lines emit foul odors. You can have a major sewage problem if you smell rotten eggs or sulfur.

Are you experiencing these plumbing problems? Contact Tureks Plumbing today.

The Dangers of Tree Roots in Sewer Lines

Tree roots travel long distances in search of water, and they also seek moisture from tiny leaks. Unfortunately, your sewer line may be the only place for this. Roots with hair-thin strands can easily clog pipes. The gunk, when combined with the grime and grease that flows into the sewer pipes, can cause toilets, sinks, and other drains to become sluggish and even back up.

In addition, roots cause pipes to start cracking. Our friends at Gilmore Heating, Air, and Plumbing, the best plumbers in Sacramento, explains clay pipes in older plumbing systems are particularly fragile. This plumbing issue of tree roots in sewer line systems causes some serious damage.

How to Avoid Tree Roots Out of Sewage System Pipes

The only way to deal with tree root problems is to avoid them from happening in the first place. Here’s what our plumbing professionals recommend doing to prevent tree roots from growing in sewer line drain systems.

  • Landscaping – Big trees will have big roots, so keep an eye out for any damage. You can go to the extent of removing trees to prevent the roots from infiltrating your sewer lines. 
  • Stay on top of drain clearing and repairs – If yous suspect that there is a plumbing problem, address it before it grows into a bigger problem. Unfortunately, this type of pipe damage won’t go away on its own. When searching for a “plumber near me,” find a plumber who offers trenchless sewer line repair. Regular clearing and cleaning of sewer lines prevent root growth within your pipes. As a result, substantial sewage upgrades can be avoided.
  • Get regular inspections – Living in an older home? Our plumbing contractors recommend annual plumbing inspections. 

Contact Your Appleton Plumber

A full-functioning plumbing system is crucial for any home. Don’t put off calling a plumbing professional any longer. For any plumbing problems, contact your Appleton plumber as soon as possible. Our Tureks Plumbing team will work with you to provide residential plumbing solutions and restore your plumbing in no time! 

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How to Unclog a Dishwasher

Wednesday, March 17th, 2021
how to unclog your dishwasher - Appleton, WI

How to Unclog a Dishwasher

Have you ever reached to open your dishwasher, only to see a big puddle of water at the bottom of it? You’re not the only one. If you have standing water at the bottom of your dishwasher, it’s time to call a plumber. Below, our plumbing contractors in Appleton, WI, share a few tips on how to unclog a dishwasher. 

Step 1: Unload The Dishwasher

The first thing you should do if your dishwasher is clogged should be to remove all of the dishes and silverware from your appliance. Once everything is cleared from your dishwasher, remove the bottom dishwasher rack so that you can easily access the bottom. 

Step 2: Turn Your Dishwasher Off

Ensuring that your dishwasher is turned off is critical for your safety. You may need to go to your electrical breaker and turn off the electricity in the kitchen. If you need help fixing your dishwasher, you can always contact Tureks Plumbing Services.

Step 3: Drain the Clogged Dishwasher 

Once your dishwasher has been disconnected, you’ll need to remove the standing water with a towel. This will allow you to get to the bottom of what started the clog. For instance, there could be pieces of broken glass causing your dishwasher not to drain properly. The chances are that you could find out what’s causing the problem if you just look at the bottom of the dishwasher. 

Step 4: Locate the Hose

If you haven’t figured out what’s causing your dishwasher to clog yet, you’ll need to locate the dishwasher’s drain hose. This connects directly connects to your sink’s garbage disposal. Look under the sink or under the dishwasher. You may have to take your dishwasher from out of the wall to access the hose. 

Step 5: Clear the Hose

There’s a chance that your dishwasher’s hose needs to be replaced or cleared. After locating the drain hose, detach it from the dishwasher. Our friends at McQuillan Bros, a plumber in Woodbury, MN, about unclogging a dishwasher. They suggest using plyers to loosen or disconnect the hose. It would be a good idea to have a bucket or pan to catch any excess water from the hose. If indeed your drain is clogged, you can try to use can try commercial de-cloggers or grab a coat hanger and unclog it. If you don’t notice any debris that could damage the hose, there could be a clog in the dishwasher itself.

Step 6: Check the Dishwasher’s Drain

Look for a basket-shaped portion at the bottom of your dishwasher and remove it with a screwdriver. Then as you did with a drain hose, use a de-clogging system. If your dishwasher is still not draining properly at this stage, it’s time to search for a “plumber near me.”

Hire a Professional Plumber

To many people’s surprise, it’s very easy to learn how to unclog a dishwasher drain without the help of a professional. However, if not done properly, you can cause more harm than good. Decide whether or not DIY plumbing repair is worth it. To ensure that your dishwasher is working properly, contact Tureks Plumbing today. We offer a variety of plumbing services for homeowners in the Fox Cities and beyond, whether it’s 24/7 emergency service, home remodeling, or residential plumbing services.

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Trenchless Sewer Repair Costs

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020
Trenchless Sewer Repair Costs - Tureks Plumbing Services

How to Determine Costs for Trenchless Sewer Repairs

When your drain line needs to be replaced, pricing is usually the most asked question by people. So, how do you determine trenchless sewer repair costs?

Turek’s Plumbing Services offers trenchless pipe repair services in Appleton, WI. Our team of licensed plumbers works on trenchless repairs more times a year than we can count. Using our vast experience, we answer your questions below by taking you through the whole process: trenchless sewer repairs and breaking it down to show why they cost what they cost.

However, it should be noted that pricing for trenchless sewer repairs may vary, depending on your location, the contractors you choose, the sewer design, and approach.

The following are some of the factors most contractors involved in trenchless pipe repair in Appleton WI consider in the pricing of trenchless sewer repairs.

The Depth and Size of the Pipe in Use 

The thickness of the pipe you are using may be used to determine the cost of the material. Pipes with smaller diameters cost less as compared to those with larger diameters. Also, trenchless methods need access points. An access point will be constructed if your sewer system does not have one. This is done by accessing a vent pipe, installing a sewer cleanout, or unearthing the sewer at the point the Fox Valley plumber chooses.

If the person’s drain requires an access point, the depth of the pipe to be used will also be considered when generating a quote for the repair.

The Trenchless Approach Used

There are many different trenchless methods available. It is essential to do your research and settle on a trenchless way to help you have, at least, a rough estimate of how much it may cost. The different techniques have substantial differences in cost. For example, epoxy pipe lining (cured in place pipe lining), has a very high material cost. For affordable pipelining, contact Tureks Plumbing Services in Appleton WI.

Additionally, McQuillan Bros, an HVAC, and plumbing company in St. Paul, says a sewer line longer than 100 feet may be more expensive to repair/ replace. Methods like pipe-bursting have a lower material cost, although the technique requires more access holes. If this method is used for a sewer with many connecting drains, costs may increase because each connecting drain needs to be uncovered before pipe-bursting to replace the sewer.

Access to Your Existing Pipes

If the sewer line passes below your patio or pool, this may present a challenge in terms of access to a trenchless contractor. Landscaping may also present obstacles in terms of access to the sewer line. Additional costs may be incurred to cut down on dust generation if you want the access hole to be constructed in your house. For properties with utility lines moving across their land, access is not only challenging but also very dangerous. 

If access to one’s sewer line is required in a city street or public passage, prices are bound to skyrocket. This is mainly due to city regulations. For a summed up price quotation, a contractor needs to determine the access point of your pipe. 

The Present State of the Pipe in Use

Your pipe condition may determine the technique to be used in the repairs due to the presence of different trenchless techniques. For instance, if one has a cast iron sewer line with lots of scale buildup, it is required that the pipe be de-scaled before repairs can begin. De-scaling a pipe is a step in the preparation procedure for lining pipes. The process may take any amount of time between an hour to a whole day. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the degree of buildup before the plumbing company in Appleton, WI comes up with a price.

Trenchless contractors are required to collect information on all of the above using a specialized sewer camera before they can give a figure of the total price. Make sure that you receive a sewer camera inspection report before hiring a contractor for sewer pipe repair Appleton, WI to dispense their services.

Trenchless Sewer Repair in Appleton, WI

In conclusion, it is essential to keep in mind that many contractors may quote a price based on price per foot for trenchless repairs. Be cautious before you accept a price per foot estimate as this may be a way to provide an estimate while leaving out important variables that drive the price higher. 

From the above, it is clear that the distance a sewer line covers isn’t the only variable taken into consideration when coming up with the total price. Therefore, always probe into the “per foot” price, any costs that may not have been revealed to you, undisclosed challenges, or any incidents that may surface as a result of the trenchless repairs. However, with the sophisticated machinery used in trenchless technology, the price estimates are bound to be a minimum of $2,500 on the part of trenchless sewer repairs and $3,500 for trenchless sewer replacements. Contact Tureks Plumbing Services, and we will gladly inspect the sewer line and give you a competitive estimate for the repairs.

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Budgeting for Your Bathroom Remodel

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

Budgeting for Your Bathroom Remodel in Appleton, WI

budgeting for your bathroom remodel - Tureks Plumbing Services

If you are trying to budget for your bathroom remodel, there are two key factors (the materials you select and who will do the work) that will help determine cost. Here are some suggestions that our experienced professionals at Tureks Plumbing Services in Appleton, Wisconsin, recommend that you think about to keep costs affordable in your bid to transform your bathroom into the stuff dreams are made of.

The Construction Itself

Depending on the specific work you would like done, you could do it yourself, hire a general contractor, or act as a contractor. If you opt to hire a general contractor, Headwaters Construction Inc., a Sacramento commercial construction company, recommends that you get bids from multiple contractors and check their references before choosing one.

To save some money on the project, consider doing some of the work (such as any needed demolition) yourself or with the help of friends. Additional savings can also be made if you compare sourcing the needed materials through the contractor or buying them yourself from thrift stores or online sellers. Pick the option that will deliver savings.

Labor Costs of Bathroom Remodel

Regardless of whether you act as the contractor or hire a general contractor, several skilled tradespeople will be involved. Tureks Plumbing Services recommends that you limit having to move fixtures from their existing layout so that the costs associated with such work are avoided.

Also, some general contractors are highly sought after, and their rates could be higher than average, so you might want to shop around for experienced ones whose rates are pocket-friendly while delivering outstanding quality work.

Choosing Fixtures for Your Bathroom Remodel

Here is where costs can add up rapidly if you don’t have a plan to execute the bathroom remodel without breaking the bank. For example, choosing a standard toilet will be a lot cheaper than opting for a designer model, which costs thousands of dollars as opposed to less than two hundred for the basic model. This isn’t to say you can’t splurge on one item or so; just be conscious about mixing top of the range fixtures with standard ones so that your budget doesn’t get blown out of control.

The Tiles for Your Bathroom Remodel

The cost of tiles is one of the big items on any Appleton bathroom remodel budget. The tiles themselves are costly, and so is the labor needed to install them. To minimize these costs, consider using tile on just select sections of the bathroom, such as the floor and the areas immediately above the tub. Alternatively, you can use the expensive tile as accents in the space and give the walls a great coat of paint. 

The Countertops for Your Bathroom Remodel

Since the square footage that will need to be occupied by a countertop in the bathroom is small, you can use your smarts to get natural stone or other premium materials without denting your pocket. For example, Tureks Plumbing Services has seen pedestal sinks used in bathrooms that didn’t cost a lot of money to renovate. You can also buy a single-sink vanity and give your bathroom a new look.

All in all, the cost of remodeling your bathroom will depend on where you live (which sets a baseline for the labor charges) and the specific materials that you prefer for the project. The key to bringing your dream bathroom to reality lies in taking your time to plan and research the different options before coming up with final decisions on each aspect of the remodel. At Tureks Plumbing Services, we have tons of experience under our belt in executing bathroom remodels to meet different budgets and needs. Contact us today for a home remodel or plumbing services in Appleton, Wisconsin, and we will discuss how your desired project can best be executed cost-effectively.

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Tankless Wate Heater Savings

Wednesday, August 26th, 2020

Will a Tankless Water Heater Save Me Money?

Tankless Water Heater Savings - Tureks Plumbing Services

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, American homes spend an average of $2,060 each year on energy bills. Approximately $268, or 13% of the annual energy bill, goes to heating water. This doesn’t include the cost of the water itself, so it isn’t surprising that many homeowners in Appleton, WI, are looking for ways to cut costs. One of the avenues they consider is a tankless water heater. 

Can a Tankless Water Heater Result in Cost Savings?

Tankless water heaters are also referred to as instantaneous water heaters, on-demand water heaters or simply demand heaters. This type of heater has seen a spike in demand because the heater heats water just when it is needed.

This instantaneous availability of hot water, rather than having gallons standing by just in case someone needs a supply of hot water, has led many homeowners to believe that having one of these appliances will save them money.

Turek’s Plumbing Services confirms that Appleton WI tankless water heaters usually require less energy to run those water heaters. However, having lower energy bills doesn’t necessarily mean you are saving money since the upfront costs of buying and installing the on-demand water heater also have to be accounted for.

Because tankless water heaters are more complex than water heaters with storage tanks, it costs more to install the on-demand water heater. That added cost, plus the purchase price of the heater, means that it will take longer for the water heater to pay for itself. 

These water heaters could deliver savings in your case, and they come with the following added benefits which could outweigh any savings you hoped to gain.

Longer Service Life

As mentioned earlier, on-demand water heaters typically last about twice as long as the heaters with water storage tanks. For instance, while a traditional water heater could last for 8-12 years, a tankless version can work for 20-25 years.

Furthermore, most components of on-demand water heaters can be replaced, so a situation which can result in trashing a traditional water heater merely requires you to buy replacement parts for a tankless water heater.

Limitless Hot Water Supply

In most cases, on-demand water heaters can provide a nearly endless supply of hot water. You therefore no longer have to worry that you will get a jet of cold water in the midst of having a hot shower.

However, St. Paul plumbing company, McQuillan Bros cautions that this endless supply of water is only attainable if you engage an experienced plumber to determine the appropriate flow rate of the water heater needs of your household can be met even if different hot water points of use are active at the same time.

You could also solve the flow rate challenge by installing a smaller on-demand water heater at a point of use that requires a lot of hot water. This will result in even more efficiency as the heat losses incurred while water is transported from the heater to the point of use are avoided.

Space Economy

We live at a time when every square foot of space comes at a premium. It is therefore welcome news to learn that tankless water heaters require very limited space since the heater doesn’t come with a storage tank.

For example, Fox Valley plumbers explain that on average, a traditional water heater (the ones with storage tanks) are approximately two feet in diameter and five feet tall. These huge water heaters aren’t only an eyesore wherever they are installed, but they also take up a lot of space in the kitchen, laundry room, or any other location where they have been installed.

In contrast, tankless water heaters are much smaller and can be tucked away in compact spaces. Additionally, they come in attractive designs which enhance rather than detract from the aesthetics of your home.

Is a Tankless Water Heater Suitable for Me?

As you can see from the discussion above, a lot goes into determining whether an on-demand water heater will deliver savings to a particular home or not. It is therefore advisable for you to contact us at Turek’s Plumbing Services so that a member of our team can visit your home and assess your hot water needs before giving you our considered opinion on whether you may or may not realize monetary savings when you install a tankless water heater. Contact an Appleton WI plumber today for tankless water repair or replacement!

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7 Signs You May Have a Water Leak

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020
Water Leaks- Turek's Plumbing

While some plumbing defects, such as a clogged toilet, can be obvious, others (like a water leak) aren’t so obvious. Knowing what to do when you have a water leak on your property is very important. Here are some surefire signs that the experienced plumbers at Turek’s Plumbing Services, the best plumbing company in Appleton, WI, recommend that you look out for.

Abnormally High Water Bills

Plumbers in Appleton, Wisconsin say water bills tend to be fairly constant on a monthly basis with just a slight variation of about ten bucks or so from one month to another. If your water bill suddenly jumps and there is nothing (like a recent house party) to explain the rise, then you may have a leak somewhere.

The Sound of Running Water

The moment you hear water running, check the faucets and spigots on your property to confirm that none of them is responsible for the sound you are hearing. Next, note down the water meter reading and avoid using any running water in or outside your property for about half an hour.

After that interval, take note of the meter reading and see if there is any variation. If the readings show that some water has been used, you may be having a leak somewhere. Perform a visual inspection of the obvious places like sinks, faucets, and other points of use.

If you can’t immediately identify the leak, call Turek’s Plumbing Services, and one of our experienced plumbers in Appleton, WI will use leak detection equipment to identify and fix the leak.

Damp or Wet Floors

Did you recently walk across a damp or wet section of carpeting and your kids swore they didn’t spill anything? If that happened and your dog didn’t have that tell-tale guilty look, then you might have a water leak that caused the spot of wetness.

Using a towel to mop up that moisture isn’t going to fix the problem. Instead, do your own investigations so that you can confirm the source of the leak. Contact Tureks Plumbing, a plumber in Appleton, WI immediately before other problems, such as mold and mildew, arise.

Foul Odors

Sometimes, a foul odor may be the first indication that you ever get of a potential water leak on your property. 

Call a plumber immediately because the most likely cause of the foul odors whose source you cannot pinpoint may be mold growing. Mold poses serious health risks, so the sooner the leak is located and fixed, the better for your family and property.

A Lush Patch on Your Lawn

There are few things that can cause small patches of grass to look more luxuriant than the rest of the lawn. One is excess fertilization of that area, and the other is overwatering that section of the grass.

If you don’t recall making any of those mistakes, then you may have a water or sewer pipe leak to contend with. The moisture and nutrients from the leak will feed the grass in that area and the result will be the lushness you see.

Wall Cracks

Over time, even the smallest of leaks can eventually cause cracks to develop in the foundation of your home explains McQuillan Bros, an HVAC and plumbing company in St. Paul. and As those foundation cracks become more pronounced, you could notice vertical or horizontal cracks in the walls of your home.

Call as soon as you observe those wall cracks because the water leak may have gone on for months or even years without detection, so the sooner our plumbers act to fix the leak, the less the damage your property will suffer.

Low Water Pressure

Our friends at Do It Right Plumbing, a plumbing company in Orange, CA, says that an unexplained drop in water pressure may indicate that there is a leak somewhere on your property. However, experienced plumbers caution that clogs and problems with the municipal water supply could trigger a drop in water pressure, so these must first be ruled out before a leak is suspected. Get professional help for this.

If you have observed one or more of the signs above on your residential or commercial property, get on the phone immediately and talk to Turek’s Plumbing Services if you live in Appleton, WI. Our plumbing specialists have extensive experience in detecting and fixing water leaks, so the problem will be resolved quickly and decisively. Contact us today!

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