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Signs You Need Commercial Plumbing Repairs

Wednesday, December 9th, 2020
signs you need commercial plumbing -

Signs You Need Commercial Plumbing Repairs

As a general rule, commercial plumbing systems are used more often compared to residential ones. This is mainly due to the number of public and employee restrooms as well as the huge supply of water needed for your Appleton, WI business. 

At least once in your business’s lifespan, you will need commercial plumbing services. At Tureks Plumbing Services, we provide a wide range of professional plumbing services for businesses all around Wisconsin. 

Your business’s need for plumbing repair services depends on the age of the plumbing system. Not sure whether your plumbing system is working properly? Read the signs to you need commercial plumbing repairs below. 

Bad Odors From Your Drains or Pipes 

If you turn the tap in your bathroom on and notice a repulsive smell coming into the room through your drain, this may be an indication of sewage backup. Having backed up sewage is not a light matter and should be addressed immediately. Ignoring this issue may cause a lot of damage to your commercial property. This may also affect the health of your customers and employees negatively.

Not to worry, though. Fox Valley plumbing companies can handle any plumbing problem, whether it be burst pipes or clogged drains.

Water Stains on Your Walls 

Have you taken note of any water stains beneath plumbing pipes or on your business’ walls? This may be the result of leaky pipes. Our Fox Valley commercial plumbing experts have been trained and equipped with leak detector equipment and other tools that can be used to find leaks in the plumbing system of your business. 

Once the leak detection is complete, and the locations have been pinpointed, we form a plan that details how we’ll remedy the leaks. Depending on your specific preferences, we may end up re-piping your business using either copper pipes or PEX pipes. 

Leaks may seem like a tiny problem but should not be ignored. Minor leaks develop quickly into a bigger issue that’ll cost you more money to fix. If you aren’t sure how serious a leak is, you should contact our team for an estimate on sewer pipe repair in Appleton, WI. We will assess the damage and work with you to solve the problem. 

Have You Been Experiencing Low Water Pressure?  

Have you noticed that the water in your toilets or sinks is flowing slowly? This may be a result of clogged pipes. Low water pressure indicates that you need to hire a commercial plumbing company. The sooner you contact a professional, the better. As a business owner, you want to avoid any plumbing emergencies, if possible. 

Do You Have Discolored Water Coming From Your Pipes?

This could be an indication of corroded pipes. Discolored water is typically brown or yellow. It should be noted that any type of water discoloration should be looked into immediately.

In some cases, the reason for an abnormal watercolor could be excessive dirt in the water supply in your area. No need to get worked up though, Fox Valley commercial plumbers will fix it for you at an affordable rate. To do this, we may need to replace or repair your pipes to ensure your customers and employees’ health. 

High Utility Bills

On a general scale, commercial enterprises have high utility bills. However, if you notice a sudden spike in your bills, it may an early sign of a huge plumbing leak. Contact your maintenance plumber in Appleton, WI, if you expect a leak. Our friends at McQuillan Bros, a St. Paul plumbing company, agree that not addressing this issue early on may lead to your building having a mildew or mold problem.

Lack of Hot Water 

For some enterprises, hot water is important for many operations, while for others, having lukewarm hot water isn’t a big deal. To make sure your customers and employees are comfortable, have a local plumbing company come to access your water heater. You may need a water heater repair or replacement if you’re not getting hot water immediately. 

You Have Burst Pipes

Sometimes, especially during the winter, water that’s frozen inside your pipes may cause your pipes to burst. This can cause a lot of damage if it’s not immediately fixed.

While it may not be easy for you to find the affected pipes, having your plumber from a commercial plumbing company in Appleton, WI, such as Tureks Plumbing Services, take a look and provide solutions is your best option. 

You may realize after reading this article that you require commercial plumbing repairs in your business. Our Tureks Plumbing Services team is available and happy to be of service. Contact Tureks Plumbing for all your plumbing needs, whether it be residential or commercial plumbing.

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Trenchless Sewer Repair Costs

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020
Trenchless Sewer Repair Costs - Tureks Plumbing Services

How to Determine Costs for Trenchless Sewer Repairs

When your drain line needs to be replaced, pricing is usually the most asked question by people. So, how do you determine trenchless sewer repair costs?

Turek’s Plumbing Services offers trenchless pipe repair services in Appleton, WI. Our team of licensed plumbers works on trenchless repairs more times a year than we can count. Using our vast experience, we answer your questions below by taking you through the whole process: trenchless sewer repairs and breaking it down to show why they cost what they cost.

However, it should be noted that pricing for trenchless sewer repairs may vary, depending on your location, the contractors you choose, the sewer design, and approach.

The following are some of the factors most contractors involved in trenchless pipe repair in Appleton WI consider in the pricing of trenchless sewer repairs.

The Depth and Size of the Pipe in Use 

The thickness of the pipe you are using may be used to determine the cost of the material. Pipes with smaller diameters cost less as compared to those with larger diameters. Also, trenchless methods need access points. An access point will be constructed if your sewer system does not have one. This is done by accessing a vent pipe, installing a sewer cleanout, or unearthing the sewer at the point the Fox Valley plumber chooses.

If the person’s drain requires an access point, the depth of the pipe to be used will also be considered when generating a quote for the repair.

The Trenchless Approach Used

There are many different trenchless methods available. It is essential to do your research and settle on a trenchless way to help you have, at least, a rough estimate of how much it may cost. The different techniques have substantial differences in cost. For example, epoxy pipe lining (cured in place pipe lining), has a very high material cost. For affordable pipelining, contact Tureks Plumbing Services in Appleton WI.

Additionally, McQuillan Bros, an HVAC, and plumbing company in St. Paul, says a sewer line longer than 100 feet may be more expensive to repair/ replace. Methods like pipe-bursting have a lower material cost, although the technique requires more access holes. If this method is used for a sewer with many connecting drains, costs may increase because each connecting drain needs to be uncovered before pipe-bursting to replace the sewer.

Access to Your Existing Pipes

If the sewer line passes below your patio or pool, this may present a challenge in terms of access to a trenchless contractor. Landscaping may also present obstacles in terms of access to the sewer line. Additional costs may be incurred to cut down on dust generation if you want the access hole to be constructed in your house. For properties with utility lines moving across their land, access is not only challenging but also very dangerous. 

If access to one’s sewer line is required in a city street or public passage, prices are bound to skyrocket. This is mainly due to city regulations. For a summed up price quotation, a contractor needs to determine the access point of your pipe. 

The Present State of the Pipe in Use

Your pipe condition may determine the technique to be used in the repairs due to the presence of different trenchless techniques. For instance, if one has a cast iron sewer line with lots of scale buildup, it is required that the pipe be de-scaled before repairs can begin. De-scaling a pipe is a step in the preparation procedure for lining pipes. The process may take any amount of time between an hour to a whole day. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the degree of buildup before the plumbing company in Appleton, WI comes up with a price.

Trenchless contractors are required to collect information on all of the above using a specialized sewer camera before they can give a figure of the total price. Make sure that you receive a sewer camera inspection report before hiring a contractor for sewer pipe repair Appleton, WI to dispense their services.

Trenchless Sewer Repair in Appleton, WI

In conclusion, it is essential to keep in mind that many contractors may quote a price based on price per foot for trenchless repairs. Be cautious before you accept a price per foot estimate as this may be a way to provide an estimate while leaving out important variables that drive the price higher. 

From the above, it is clear that the distance a sewer line covers isn’t the only variable taken into consideration when coming up with the total price. Therefore, always probe into the “per foot” price, any costs that may not have been revealed to you, undisclosed challenges, or any incidents that may surface as a result of the trenchless repairs. However, with the sophisticated machinery used in trenchless technology, the price estimates are bound to be a minimum of $2,500 on the part of trenchless sewer repairs and $3,500 for trenchless sewer replacements. Contact Tureks Plumbing Services, and we will gladly inspect the sewer line and give you a competitive estimate for the repairs.

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Emergency Commercial Plumbing Problems

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

commercial plumbing problems - Appleton commercial plumbing

For most commercial property managers, plumbing is one of the last things to think about. But that doesn’t mean it still isn’t an important part of the property. 

Plumbing problems are subtle and can end up being expensive. Not to mention, they can end up ruining the value of the property by causing long-term damage. The plumbing experts at Tureks Plumbing explore some of the different emergency commercial plumbing problems that can come up. The sooner you identify and handle the problem, the better. For commercial plumbing in Appleton, WI, contact us at Tureks Plumbing!

Commercial Plumbing Leaks 

Leaks are one of the more common and difficult problems to spot. You don’t generally know when a leak occurs until or unless it is major. You’ll start to notice a leak after the water seeps through the wall or onto the floors. But by then you will need some major repair work. 

To help identify leaks, you need to pay close attention to your water appliances. If you notice a drop in the pressure of the water from your faucets, this could mean that there is a leak somewhere along the pipeline. Another indicator is an unusual rise in your water bill. We recommend contacting a 24/7 emergency plumbing company right away to stop any further damage. 

Bellying and Blockage in Your Plumbing System

The blockage of the drain can be a huge problem for your overall drain system. Most people use commercial drain cleaners to help rid blockages, but they don’t solve the problem. Getting your drains cleaned by a plumbing professional is the best bet.

The backing of your drains is the best way to identify blockage. If it happens frequently, then that is the result of “bellying.” This occurs when the soil starts to shift over time. Earthquakes can also disrupt placement in pipes. This can result in dips in the pipe, which leads to backup and requires the help of a professional.

Bad Smells from Plumbing

Noticing bad smells coming from the drain itself is not a good sign. It usually means there is some sort of sewage backup or blockage that needs to be cleared out. Another reason for such smell could be the sewer vent not functioning properly. In either case, you need to consult a plumbing company in Appleton, Wisconsin, Turkeys Plumbing. You can rely on our team to provide fast and efficient residential and commercial plumbing services.

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Traits You Should Look For in a Plumber

Thursday, February 20th, 2020

traits you should look for in a plumberA plumber is one of the most important people to work with during your home maintenance routines. Their work is to ensure that everything in your plumbing system flows smoothly, so to speak. They are usually the first people you call whenever you encounter issues such as clogs, leaks, and other assorted issues such as faulty water heaters. 

For a successful interaction between you and your plumber, you need to be sure that they are up for the task. Here are a number of things you can look for in your plumber to determine whether they are fit to work in your house. 


Papers are not enough to make a plumber qualified to work on your home. Your plumber needs experience as well. Experience allows them to pinpoint issues and fix them fast enough thus allowing you to go back to your normal routines. 


Every skilled tradesman understands the importance of safety when working. Your plumber should prioritize safety by employing safe practices and procedures when working. This prevents the plumber you and your family members from getting injured. 

Physical Health 

Plumbers need to work in different situations that are physically tasking. For example, some work will require them to get on the roof and safely work from there. Other times they will have to crouch for long hours in order to produce good results. Your plumber should be in good shape to reduce the risk of injury. 

Communication Skills 

Communication is one of the most important skills to have. Whether you’re a student, an employee, an HVAC company, or a plumber. We asked the best residential ac company in Placerville, Gilmore Heating Air, and Solar, how important communication is in a home service business. The Sacramento HVAC professionals stress the importance of effective communication before, during, and after services. Your plumber needs to communicate effectively in order to fix your problems. That means being able to listen attentively and understand what you need. They should also be able to properly explain things to you as a homeowner. 

Good Work Ethic 

Does your plumber get to work on time? Plumbing services performed usually cripple the whole workflow inside your home. You might find yourself unable to use water due to these issues. Your plumber should get to you in time to solve the issues and allow you to get back to your normal living. Additionally, punctuality is one way of offering great customer service. 

Another good work ethic indicator is the ability to fulfill promises. You plumber should be able to lay down achievable promises and actually work towards achieving them. They should also treat you with respect as their client at all times. A good work ethic is one way to guarantee quality service. 


Find out whether your plumber is insured. Plumbers are required to get insurance to a certain amount which helps cover costs to any unforeseeable damage to your plumbing system while they work for you. This will ensure that should such an eventuality happen, both you and your plumber will not encounter a lot of problems. 

Proper registration

Is your plumber a registered professional? You are more likely to trust your plumber if they are registered with the relevant authorities. This shows that they have passed the required qualifications to practice as tradesmen in Appleton Wisconsin. 

You do not have to worry about getting a qualified plumber in Appleton. At Tureks Plumbing Company in Appleton Wisconsin, we endeavor to provide our customers with the best services at any time of the year. 

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Leaking Toilet Base

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1569263090937{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]leaking toilet base - Plumber in Appleton WIA leaking toilet base can prove to be a big nuisance in the bathroom, especially if it is an old bathroom. A leaking toilet base is an unhygienic problem, and it can make your bathroom look not well taken care of. Another problem is that it can damage your bathroom flooring, and leave stains. To avoid severe water damage arising because of a leaking toilet base, you can address this common plumbing problem by fixing it yourself even if it the first time you are trying your hand at plumbing repairs.

Call Your Local Plumbing Experts

Our team at Tureks Plumbing Services are always ready and happy to assist you with your plumbing problems. If you don’t have time to deal with leaking toilets then give us a call at anytime. Our expert plumbers can analyze and advise you on the problem and the best possible solution for it.

How to Fix Leaking Toilet Base

  • Problem identification: To do this, you first need to dry the base, and this can be done by wiping it by a cloth or a towel. After doing this, you need to check all the connections.
  • Address the faulty connections: The bolts connecting the tank to the toilet are secured with rubber washers to prevent the water from leaking. Leakage can occur if these bolts have loosened up. Therefore if you find these bolts to be loose, you can tighten them using a screwdriver. Although you should make sure you do not overtighten the bolts because this can cause the tank to crack. You also need to make sure that the toilet is level on the floor because if it is un-level, it might break the seal. If tightening the bolts does not address the problem, then it means that the problem lies somewhere else. In that case, you may need to reach out to for our plumbing services.
  • Replace the washers: You might need to replace the washers if tightening the bolts does not solve the problem of a leaking toilet base. The washers might have worn out, and before replacing them, you will first need to stop the water source. After that, remove the bolts, dry the area, and replace the washers.
  • Replace the wax ring: If the problem still persists, it is possible it is due to a failed wax ring. The wax ring is not a very expensive replacement and will therefore not cause a serious dent in your pocket. But on the flip side, it might take a few hours of your time to replace as you will have to remove the toilet in order to replace it. After removing the toilet base, you need to remove the old ring and replace it after thoroughly cleaning the surroundings. After this replacement, you can install the toilet back into its original place. If this sounds like too much work, we will gladly do it for you, just fill out a plumbing service request.
  • Replace the toilet altogether: If all of the methods mentioned above have failed, there is only one option left, and that is to remove and replace the whole toilet itself.


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Do I Need to Fix My Gurgling Drains?

Wednesday, September 4th, 2019

do i need to fix my gurgling drainsYou should be concerned if one or more drains in your home are emitting a gurgling sound each time that drain or another one is used. While the sound can be annoying, it is actually a good thing because it draws your attention to a developing problem. Read on and discover why drains gurgle and what you can do to fix the problem on your own before calling the experts at Tureks Plumbing Services for help.

Where Does the Gurgling Come From?

One of the most important steps, before you can fix the gurgling sound in your plumbing, is finding out where the sound is coming from. You can get answers to this question by listening carefully as you use different drains. From this observation, Fox Valley plumbers recommend that you note down the specific drain or drains exhibiting this symptom.

When Does the Gurgling Occur?

Tureks Plumbing Services also recommends that you take note of when gurgling sounds are emitted. For example, one drain may gurgle each time it is used. It is also possible for a drain to gurgle when another plumbing fixture is used. A clear example of this is when you hear gurgling in the floor drain of your bathroom when you pour water down the kitchen sink drain.

What Gurgling from One Drain Means

When you talk to an Appleton plumber about the gurgling from just one drain, he or she will immediately suspect that there is either a partial clog or blockage in that drain, or there is a malfunction in the vent of that plumbing fixture, such as the kitchen sink.

Solutions to Gurgling in One Drain

First, use a plunger to try and dislodge the clog that is blocking the single drain emitting the gurgling sound. If you try to use the drain and the problem persists, then it may be time to switch to an auger. Be careful when using the auger because any mistake that you make can result in damage to the plumbing pipe.

If you aren’t certain of your ability to accomplish this task on your own, contact a plumber in Appleton, WI for help in using an auger to safely get rid of the clog.

The second alternative solution is suitable for gurgling due to defective venting. Here, what is required is to clean the p-trap of the fixture from which the gurgling sound is originating. Access the vent and clean it so that it can start letting air into the drain as water is flowing through.

If you find that the plumbing fixture doesn’t have a vent, now is the time to call a Fox Valley plumber and ask him or her to install a vent on this particular fixture and others without vents.

What Gurgling from Multiple Drains Means

You can hear gurgling sounds from several vents in your home if the main vent of the plumbing system has a problem, such as a bird’s nest blocking it or when it is constricted by a heavy object. Alternatively, gurgling from multiple vents may also result if the main sewer line has a clog or is damaged.

Solutions to Gurgling in Multiple Drains

You may have noticed that your home has a vertical pipe that runs to the roof of the house. This pipe is the main vent of the entire plumbing system. Tureks Plumbing Services explains that once this vent is clogged, then air will be unable to enter the plumbing pipes and several drains will begin gurgling.

The fix to this problem is to access the vent on the roof and remove any clog inside that vent. You can use a thin piece of tubing to push down any debris which has entered the vent. This may also be the time to put an elevated cover or mesh on the vent opening so that tree leaves and other forms of debris don’t enter the vent in future. You might want to hire a Fox Valley plumber to perform this task if you are afraid of heights or you find climbing onto the roof too risky.

The second solution involves unclogging the main sewer pipe if the main vent has no problem but you continue to hear gurgling from different drains. If you are up to the task and you have the necessary tools, such as a plumbing snake, you can open the nearest cleanout port and push the snake into the pipe until you dislodge the clog.

Calling Professional Fox Valley Plumber

However, you are better off asking a plumber in Appleton, WI to clear the pipe. This professional will inspect the pipe using a camera and identify the kind of blockage hindering the flow of wastewater. For example, tree roots may have penetrated the pipe and partially blocked it. This inspection will enable the plumber to use the most appropriate technique to get rid of the clog so that the gurgling sounds are brought to an end.

It is vital that you resist the temptation to ignore the gurgling sound coming from a drain or several drains in your home. Any delay to address the problem can allow the situation to deteriorate and a plumbing emergency, such as a burst sewer pipe, can arise. Don’t let matters get this far. Call Tureks Plumbing Services as soon as you notice gurgling in any drain and our expert plumbers will assess and resolve the situation.

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Why You Should Hire a Commercial Plumber

Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

why you should hire a commercial plumber - tureks plumbing

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Plumber Instead of a Handyman

Some inexperienced owners or managers of commercial buildings may think that it will be more cost-effective for them to hire a handyman to fix commercial plumbing problems instead of hiring commercial plumbers for those tasks. However, many compelling reasons exist to make the case for hiring commercial plumbers for all plumbing maintenance and repairs in commercial buildings. This article discusses some of those reasons.

The Use of Appropriate Tools

Plumbing problems can be complex. For example, drains can block due to accumulations of grease and fats, or due to solids that were inadvertently flushed. Non-professionals are likely to use the wrong tools to try and fix the problem. These tools may at best not get rid of the problem completely. They may even create worse problems, such as when the pipe is damaged by the improper tools. Commercial plumbers like those from Tureks Plumbing Services, use the best tools for a given problem so that the issue will be fixed without creating additional problems within the plumbing system.

Round the Clock Availability

Handymen don’t specialize in any kind of job, so they are likely to accept any and all kinds of assignments given to them. These individuals get tired and therefore only work within a given timeframe. You are likely to be stuck in case the plumbing system develops a problem outside business hours, on weekends or during holidays.

Fox Valley plumbers are available 24/7 because they know that plumbing problems don’t respect work schedules or holidays. You can, therefore, count on someone from Tureks Plumbing Services coming out to your aid each time you call about a problem. Who doesn’t want such an assurance of help at any time of the day or night?

Plumbing Code Compliance

Good luck to you if you want to rely on a handyman to maintain your commercial plumbing system in accordance with the plumbing code of your area. You risk having the building shut down by the authorities as soon as plumbing code violations are discovered. It is far better to engage a commercial plumber in Appleton, WI so that you are sure that the professional will do everything in accordance with the applicable code in your area. This will save you from the losses associated with closing your building until all plumbing code violations are rectified.

Lasting Plumbing Solutions

Don’t expect anything other than a patched up job from a handyman. For example, he or she will fix a leak by trying different materials around the damaged pipe. It is just a matter of time before that makeshift repair gives way and you have a worse problem on your hands. A Fox Valley plumber will inspect the affected section of the plumbing system and select a repair method that will fix the problem for good. Which would you prefer, the patches of a handyman or the lasting solutions implemented by an experienced commercial plumber?


A commercial plumber in Appleton, WI is always insured and bonded. This means that you will be protected in case your property is damaged while the plumber is working. For example, your property may sustain water damage in case a pipe suddenly bursts while the plumber is working. The insurer of the plumber will meet all the costs of fixing the water damage. In addition, the work done by a commercial plumber comes with a warranty. So you will not incur any additional cost in case the repair fails within the warranty period. Handymen don’t provide these protections.

Provision of a Variety of Services

Tureks Plumbing Services is a one-stop center for all your commercial plumbing needs. You will be able to get any service you need, such as plumbing system inspections, plumbing repairs, and maintenance, etc. Such a broad range of services cannot be obtained from a handyman, however, experienced he may be. Fox Valley plumbers undergo extensive training, so they are equipped to provide a wide range of plumbing services.

As you can see, you can save money and time by engaging the licensed plumbers at Tureks Plumbing Services anytime you need plumbing Services in Appleton, WI or the surrounding areas. We’ll design a custom plan so that you never have to suffer a preventable plumbing problem.

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Why Flushable Wipes Will Clog Your Drains

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

why flushable wipes will clog your drains

Why Flushable Wipes Will Clog Your Drains

Many manufacturers of wet wipes claim that their products can be flushed down the toilet, but the experience of many homeowners shows that plumbing problems result when these wipes are routinely flushed. This article seeks to answer the question “Are flushable wipes safe to flush?”

How Does Flushing Wet Wipes Compare to Flushing Toilet Paper?

Tureks Plumbing Services reveals that in different tests conducted, toilet paper was found to disintegrate within 8 seconds after being flushed down the toilet. However, wet wipes hardly disintegrated more than a minute after being flushed.

This inability to breakdown quickly makes wet wipes a risky product to flush down your toilet because the wipes eventually accumulate and cause a clog in the system.

Why Would Manufacturers Claim That Wet Wipes Are Flushable?

Two possible reasons could explain why some manufacturers claim that the wet wipes they make are flushable. The first reason is that due to competition, some manufacturers may choose to be “economical with the truth” (mislead buyers) by asserting that you can flush their products down the toilet. Saying otherwise would mean that the product wouldn’t be popular among buyers since no one wants to do extra work to dispose of the wet wipes in the garbage when flushing them is an easier option.

Secondly, the protocol that some manufacturers use to test whether a wet wipe is flushable or not isn’t as rigorous as what plumbers would want. For example, the manufacturer may design a computer simulation model to generate data on how quickly the wipe will breakdown. At the same time, the manufacturer may just test whether the wet wipe will go down the drain. So if it does, then it has passed the test of being flushable. Consequently, many wipes pass the “flushability test” without being flushable in the true sense of the word.

How do Wet Wipes Cause Clogs?

As already mentioned, wet wipes don’t break down as quickly as toilet paper does. Consequently, these solid materials will flow down the drains and slow down as they move further in the system. Fox Valley plumbers say that problems arise as these wet wipes approach the entrance to the septic tank. This is because the entry points are small. So, the wipes stand a high chance of building up there and causing a blockage.

Matters are worsen based on the condition of your pipes. For example, some metallic pipes are so degraded that the wipes can snag on their interior surfaces. This triggers a domino effect of other materials piling up behind the wet wipe until a clog forms. The big ball of solids will be costly to trace and remove.

Experienced plumbers at Tureks Plumbing Services explain that the condition of the pipes may be the reason why one home will develop a major clog months later while another home will take longer to suffer the consequences of flushing wet wipes down the toilet.

Why Professional Drain Cleaning Is Important

You can never be sure that wet wipes or other unsuitable materials (feminine hygiene products, for example) have never been flushed down the toilet. The effects of such actions don’t usually show immediately. So, Tureks Plumbing Services advises homeowners to be proactive and have the drains cleaned professionally at least once every three years.

This professional drain cleaning does a more thorough job than the chemical cleaners that some people pour down drains. For example, the chemical cleaners can damage some plumbing pipe materials. Plumbers select the most appropriate technique, such as water-jetting, to clean out the plumbing drains so that they are clear.

Now you have a comprehensive response to the question “Are flushable wipes safe to flush?” In case you still have other concerns, just reach out to Tureks Plumbing Services or any Fox Valley plumber. You will get the help you need to make the right choices regarding what to flush or not flush.

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5 Handy Plumbing Tips For Renters

Monday, April 23rd, 2018

If you are renting your home, you can’t always rely on your landlord or property manager to show up with a plumber immediately whenever you have a plumbing problem. Your landlord or property manager will need some time to look for or call a plumber. Also, if you’re not new to leasing a home, you’ll know that property owners or managers always have a lot of things on their hands and as such, won’t always act on your complaint quickly.

Knowing some basic but useful tips will help you have an easier and less stressful time dealing with certain plumbing problems. If you’re living in a rented property or preparing to move to one, below are some handy plumbing tips for renters you need to keep in mind:

Know where the shutoff valves are located.

Nearly all plumbing fixtures have a shutoff valve. These small valves are used to control the flow of water to a plumbing fixture such as the faucet, toilet, shower, or tub. The shutoff valve may appear as a handle on the wall near the floor under the toilet or sink. The valves of bathtubs and showers are often found in a nearby access panel.

Knowing where these shutoff valves are is important if you have a leaking pipe or faucet. If you have this problem, you can avoid wasting water and further damage to your rental property.

In case you can’t find the shutoff valve for a specific fixture, use the main shutoff valve for the home. Ask your landlord or property manager where in case of a plumbing emergency.

Protect and take care of all drains.

To protect your sink, shower and bathtub drains, use strainers. A strainer will catch food, hair, and other debris that can cause buildup and clog the pipes. Never pour or throw moisturizer, lotion, shaving cream, cooking or meat fat, oils, grease, rice or pasta and other fibrous materials down the drain. These items will expand and bloat or tangle up and cause drain blockage.

Use the toilet responsibly.

Don’t use your toilet as another garbage disposal system for soiled diapers, used tampons, and other items. Some toilets and plumbing systems are simply more susceptible to problems. Avoid placing anything except for toilet paper and natural waste in your toilet system.

Always keep your sinks clean.

Keep them clear and prevent backing up by pouring some Drano or a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda every 2-3 months down the drain. These items will help dissolve buildups in the drains and keep them running properly.

Buy a plunger.

A clogged toilet is one of the most stressful plumbing problems you can have. It is an issue you can easily fix without calling your landlord or property manager if you have a plunger. According to a trusted Appleton plumber, the best toilet plunger to get is the kind with an extended cup that sits inside the bottom of the bowl since this is easier to use.

For more difficult and complicated plumbing problems, you will have to wait for your landlord or property manager. Do not attempt to fix them yourself. You may end up aggravating the issue and causing more problems that may be more time-consuming and costly to repair. If you have questions or concerns please contact Tureks Plumbing Services. 


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The 5 Most Common Plumbing Problems

Thursday, April 19th, 2018

As your home gets older, you may find yourself calling the plumber more often. This is because, over time, your pipes and other parts will be affected by the usual wear and tear and will become brittle or blocked. As a result, different kinds of plumbing issues will arise every now and then.

Knowing how to detect and fix simple plumbing problems can save you money, time, and unnecessary stress. Below are some of the most common plumbing problems you may encounter and tips on how to deal with them.

Leaking faucets

As faucets get older, their washers wear out as well. You can extend the life of your faucet’s washers by not turning the faucet on and off with too much force. Dripping faucets can also be repaired temporarily by replacing the joint yourself.

Leaky pipes

This typical plumbing problem can cause huge and expensive damage to floors, walls, and belongings. Leaks in pipes usually occur at joints. If this is the issue, you can easily fix this with commercial joint fillers and fitting compounds which you can buy at a hardware store. You can also prevent small leaks from worsening by checking your pipes regularly. Be on the lookout for rust or white lime deposits since they can indicate the beginnings of a leak.

Clogged or slow drains

If the water or anything that goes into your sink, toilet, or tub won’t go out, it is highly likely that you are dealing with either a partial or a complete clog. To get the drain flowing quickly again, remove the waste materials or debris immediately. There are different plumbing tools you can use for this task.

You can also use some chemical products or lubricants which will break up the waste material. This will allow the stuck material and water to flow through with ease.

No hot water coming from faucets or shower

This plumbing problem is caused by an issue with your water heater. If this problem keeps happening, before calling a  Tureks Plumbing Services, make sure you check the following first:

  • If you have an electric water heater, check the thermostat first. Your device may have a malfunctioning heating element which you can also replace since you can buy this part at most hardware stores. Check if the device is leaking water and has an undersized or weak fuse or breaker since they can cause your heater to malfunction as well.
  • If you have a gas water heater, make sure that the gas is on and the gas valve is not in the closed position. Make sure the pilot light is on as well. Adjust the setting to ensure that the temperature is set high enough to give you adequate amounts of hot water.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure is a common plumbing problem in older homes but it can also happen in newer homes, too. Low water pressure can be caused by a leaking or corroded pipe, old shower heads, blocked faucets or pipes, and other plumbing issues. You can keep this problem in check by having pressure regulators installed.

If you’re not sure you can deal with your plumbing issue, don’t hesitate to call the professionals immediately. Plumbers, such as the team of Turek’s Plumbing, will be able to correctly assess your problem and fix it quickly.

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