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Tips for Hiring the Right Plumber

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021


Tips for Hiring the Right Plumber 2021

When you move into a new place, the last thing you want to do is fix a plumbing issue. Not only do plumbing problems cost you time but also money. To ensure that your plumbing system is working in prime condition, you’ll want to hire the best plumber in town for a plumbing inspection. Otherwise, you won’t have a reliable plumber to help you with slow drains, toilet problems, or a leak under the kitchen sink. Below, our Fox Valley plumbers share their tips for hiring the right plumber for your plumbing needs.

Choosing the Right Plumber

Even if you end up putting off the search for the best plumber near me until a plumbing emergency, you’ll still want to have someone in mind when the time comes. It’s crucial that you find professionals with years of experience and a reputation for delivering prompt, high-quality work every single time, rather than settle for plumbers that offer low rates yet fail to resolve the problem at hand. To ensure that you’re getting help from the true experts, here are five tips for hiring the right plumber:

Look For a Licensed Plumber

Before any work gets done on your home, you should ask to see the plumber’s qualifications. This way, you can have peace of mind that they are allowed to practice professionally in your location.

Plumbing Service Estimates

Compare their quote with the competition’s to see if they are within a reasonable range. If they are within range it is a good sign. They’re not simply aiming to fetch more business by quoting unbelievably low prices. Also, long-established plumbers will be able to provide an almost accurate initial assessment.

Plumbing Experience

Extensive plumbing experience earned from having been in the industry for several years means the company has a good track record and is considered reliable in the area. Our friends at Gilmore Heating, Air, and Plumbing, the #1 plumber Sacramento, recommends looking at online reviews, the company’s website, and social media to see if the company is as good as they say they are. 

Are They Insured?

Insurance is careful about protecting your home. An insured company will also protect its own business, which is always a responsible thing to do.

Ask About a Plumbing Warranty

More than just performing great work, a reputable plumber will provide a guarantee on parts and labor. This will assure you of security as well as reliability when repairs are needed.

If you are looking for a great plumbing company in Fox Cities, contact Turek’s Plumbing to schedule your appointment today.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in August 2016 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

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How To Reduce Water Waste

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020
Reduce Water Waste - Turek's Plumbing

When every penny counts, it is wise to look for every opportunity to conserve the resources at your disposal. One of the ways to do that is by reducing water waste. Here are some easy water-saving tips recommended by the experienced plumbers at Turek’s Plumbing Services, a plumbing company in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Whole-House Water Conservation

According to the EPA (Environment Protection Agency), the average American home loses about 10,000 gallons of water each year to dripping faucets, pipe leaks and constantly running toilets.

Fox Valley plumbers say this is literally money down the drain, so your water conservation efforts should begin by addressing these issues. The best way to fix leaks, constantly running toilets and other plumbing system problems that waste water is by asking a plumber to perform annual maintenance on the plumbing system.

The professional will identify all the leaks and repair them so that you can stop losing water and money on a daily basis.

Water Conservation In The Bathroom

More than half of all the water used in your home is used in the bathroom. Read that again, and let it sink in. The greatest water waste reduction dividends are therefore likely to be registered when you pay attention to the way you use water in your bathroom.

For starters, upgrading to the latest low-flow toilets can save you up to 20% of the water you currently use, according to Headwaters Construction Inc., a commercial renovation contractor. These savings will increase even further if you get a dual flush toilet so that you can use less water when flushing liquid waste and a little more water when flushing solids.

Rather than take a bath, opt for a short shower in order to reduce your water waste. While at it, a low-flow showerhead recommended by your Fox Valley plumber will cut your water use by half.

It is also a good habit to turn the faucet off while you shave or brush. Train your family members to adopt this habit as well so that you all work as a team to reduce water waste.

Water Conservation In The Kitchen

According to Appleton, WI kitchen remodel experts, washing dishes by hand uses a lot more water than using the dishwasher. It is therefore prudent for you to wait and run a full load in the dishwasher instead of a few dishes at a time.

Additionally, dishwashers have become so efficient and effective that you no longer need to pre-rinse your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. The water you use to pre-rinse will have been wasted.

In contrast, scraping off food particles from plates and dishes before putting them in the dishwasher will conserve water.

While on the subject of scraping dishes, put the scraps on your compost heap instead of dumping them in the garbage disposal says Sacramento, CA plumbing company, Gilmore Heating, Air, & Plumbing. Appleton plumbers say this will save the water that would have been used to clear the garbage disposal of these food scraps.

Saving Water In Your Lawn Or Garden

You also need to shine a light on how you use water outdoors if you are to plug all the points at which water is wasted.

For example, at what time do you water your garden or lawn? Any Fox Valley plumber you ask will tell you that it is best to water gardens or lawns early in the morning or late in the afternoon to save water since minimal evaporation will take place at that time.

Our friends at McQuillan Bros, an HVAC, and plumbing company in Minnesota, recommend aerating the lawn periodically so that more water can be soaked up instead of running off each time it rains or you water that lawn. In this way, you will reduce the amount of water needed to keep the garden or lawn thriving.

You can also start harvesting rain water in a rain barrel or any other available receptacle. This water can be used to water the lawn and your garden, thereby reducing your water bill. Your plants and grass will thrive as you give them this rainwater that is free from chlorine. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Saving water starts with knowing all the ways in which you have been wasting water on your property. Contact Turek’s Plumbing to perform a water use audit in your home. Our experienced plumbers will then recommend all the cost-effective ways through which you can reduce water waste and keep water bills affordable. Give us a call today!

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Reasons for Water Heater Leaks

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

Reasons for Water Heater Leaks

Water heater leaks can cause inconveniences, can be costly, and can result in damage to your property. However, water heater leaks come with the added risk of being potentially fatal. It is important for you to know the best course of action to take for water heater leaks. Turek’s Plumbing Services shares what homeowners should do during water heater leaks.

Confirm That the Water Heater is Indeed Leaking

Don’t be quick to conclude that your water heater is leaking simply because you have seen some moisture around it. This is because the heater is surrounded by many pipes, fittings, and connections. The leak may originate from any one of those other elements.

To isolate the source of the leak, plumbing professionals in Appleton, WI recommend that you clean up the water underneath the water heater and then examine the water pipes, connections, and any other features near the water heater.

If you don’t see another puddle forming, then it is likely that the moisture you saw earlier was the result of normal condensation around the water heater. If you see another puddle form, but you are unable to identify an external source, it is likely the water heater.

Turn the Power Off

Once you confirm that your home or commercial water heater is leaking, Headwaters Construction Inc., a Sacramento commercial construction company, highly recommends that you quickly turn off the power to the water heater. You can do this in one of two ways, depending on the type of fuel that your water heater runs on.

  • Electric water heaters. Go to the circuit breaker box and switch off the breaker of the water heater.
  • Gas water heaters. Check on the water heater itself and locate the power switch. Turn this switch off.

Turn the Water Off

If there your home or commercial water heater is leaking, it is important for you to turn the water off immediately. Doing so will prevent further leakage occurs while you are fixing the problem. Another reason why the plumbers at Turek’s Plumbing Services recommend that you turn the water off is that the hot water from your heater can cause serious injuries to you while you try to fix the leak in the heater.

Locate and turn off the water from the cold water shutoff valve located at the top of the water heater. If it is risky for you to access this valve, then don’t sweat it. Just turn the water off from the main shutoff valve located outside your home so that you can be safe while fixing the leak.

Reasons for Water Heater Leaks

  1. Loose Connections or Fittings. The fittings and connections found on the cold water inlet, and hot water outlet side of the water heater can become loose and cause the water heater to leak. These fittings and connections are found at the top of the heater. The solution may be as simple as tightening those connections and fittings explains Sacramento, CA plumbing company, Gilmore Heating, Air, & Solar.  You should talk to a plumbing maintenance professional from Gilmore Heating, Air, & Solar to help!
  2. A Malfunctioning T&P Valve. A T&P valve is the temperature and pressure release valve on your water heater. This valve is one of the most important safety features on the water heater. It allows excess pressure to escape once the water heater exceeds the set temperature that the water should be heated. High temperature causes the pressure in the tank to get dangerously high, and the T&P valve steps in to restore the pressure and temperature to a safe level. This component of the water heater is very dangerous to troubleshoot if you aren’t a professional, so it is best to ask a plumber in Appleton, Wisconsin, for help.
  3. A Defective Drain Valve. The drain valve is located near the bottom of the water heater. Over time, this valve can deteriorate and start leaking. Fortunately, the drain valve is easy to replace or fix once it leaks, so buy a replacement valve if you check the current one and find it leaking at the point where it is connected to the water heater.
  4. A Leak Inside the Tank. If your efforts to pinpoint an external source of the leak are futile, then the problem may be within the heater tank itself. Corrosion is normally the cause of such a leak. The most viable remedy is to replace the water heater.

Call Turek’s Plumbing to Fix Water Heater Leaks

As a general rule, you should not attempt to fix a leaking water heater on your own if you aren’t a trained professional. Be cautious and call Tureks Plumbing Services for a water heater repair. Our trained Appleton, WI plumbers will inspect the heater and recommend the best course of action.

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New Pipes in the New Year

Wednesday, January 8th, 2020

new pipes in the new year tureks plumbingOne of the most common traditions during the New Year period is making resolutions. These are important because they allow us to improve ourselves. Among the resolutions you should be making this coming year are how to maintain your home better. One popular area you can resolve to improve on is how to maintain your pipes and plumbing related appliances in your home. It will not only save you the inconvenience of having to deal with a faulty plumbing system as well as save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. New pipes in the New Year would be a great resolution to pick for the new year. Here are a number of things you can resolve to do for your home plumbing maintenance for the coming year. 

Learn How to Deal With Clogs 

Clogged plumbing is normal, especially if you do not live alone. They are undesirable because they pose health risks, can lead to bad odors accumulating in the house, and can potentially lead to leaks in your plumbing system. 

You can choose to deal with clogs by using vinegar naturally. Simply pour it down the drain and let it settle for about 15 minutes before washing it down with hot water. This will help release any backups that might have appeared in your drainage system. 

Get Know Your Plumbing System

It helps to know how your system works and where everything is. This will make it easier for you to maintain your plumbing system and even make minor fixes where necessary. Therefore, take some time and learn where your valves are located. It will help when there is a leak or clog, and you need to shut off the water. 

Use Your Toilet Responsibly 

The things you flush down your toilet can affect your plumbing system. It is easy to flush down anything, from wet wipes to sanitary pads, to offensive materials we find on our homes. 

However, this could lead to clogs and sewer backup switch will adversely affect your plumbing system. Make a point not to flush down anything that is not human waste and adopt a more responsible waste management system. 

Know When You Replace Your Plumbing 

One of the main reasons why your plumbing could be acting up is because it is old. Plumbing systems are built to last, but they are not built to last forever. Depending on the material used to make the pipes, your plumbing will start to deteriorate with time. For example, your lead pipes need to be replaced with time because their deterioration will introduce lead into your water. 

The good news is that it takes a pretty long time before this happens. For example, galvanized steel, copper, and cast iron pipes will last for up to 80 years. A plumber will be able to help you determine the material and whether or not it is time to repipe. 

Make Regular Pipe Inspections 

It helps to carry out an inspection at least once a year. You can involve a plumber in Appleton Wisconsin to help you make the right decisions regarding what needs to be changed and when. 

Your plumbing system is an important part of what makes your house a home. Your resolution to make sure that everything works will not take long and will save you a lot of problems in the future. Call Tureks Plumbing for professional help with your plumbing issues in Appleton. 

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6 Signs You May Have a Problem With Your Main Sewer Line

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

6 Signs You May Have a Problem With Your Main Sewer Line

Your property’s plumbing system goes beyond the visible pipes to the main sewer line connecting them. Today, plumbing problems are among the worst issues you would want to deal with as a homeowner because these may involve a hefty amount of your time and money. Often, this involves your main sewer line, resulting in busted pipes and flooded bathrooms.

But determining if the plumbing problem has something to do with your sewer line is not an easy task. Often, problems go unnoticed without professional help. A damaged main sewer line, for instance, is a huge problem that can become too expensive when not addressed immediately.
To help you, Turek’s Plumbing shares six signs you may have a problem with your main sewer line.

1. Nasty odors

A problem-free sewer line is airtight. So if you smell nasty odors coming out from the pipes, this means that there is a leakage in your main sewer line.

2. Sewage backup

Sewage backups are common. However, if this happens each time you flush the toilet, you may have a problem with your sewer line.
Remember that all drains rely on the main sewer line in order to drain properly. So if you notice blockages in your drains, this is a sure-fire sign of a damaged sewer line.

3. Slow Drains

One of the common plumbing issues homeowners encounter is a slow drain. Usually, this can easily be dealt with by drain cleaning or a plunger. But if these efforts don’t work anymore, the issue may already involve your main sewer line.

4. Sewage in your yard

Once your sewer line gets clogged, your home’s wastewater might not make it to the sewer. Instead, it gets out from the sewer clean-out, which then pours sewage into your yard.
A good indication that sewage is leaking out in your yard is when your lawn looks more lush than usual; that’s because sewage is an excellent fertilizer.

5. Mold

Mold is caused by several issues, including a damaged main sewer line. Even a small crack in the line will result in water leaks inside your home, leading to mold growth. Deal with mold immediately because this is detrimental to your health.

6. Foundation issues

Other signs of a damaged main sewer line include foundation issues like foundation settlement, cracks in the foundation slab, and sinkholes. These problems are often caused by leaks that are left unaddressed for a long period of time.
Plumbing problems can disrupt your daily routine. When dealing with these problems, a reputable Fox Valley plumbing company highly recommends calling plumbing experts, regardless of how mild or severe they are. This is the only way to make sure that the problem is fixed properly.

Don’t wait for your main sewer line to be damaged! The moment you notice a plumbing problem inside or outside your home, immediately call a professional Appleton plumber.

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A Few Things To Think About Before Starting a Bathroom Remodel Project

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

Bathroom Remodel ProjectComponents You Should Never Forget About When Starting a Bathroom Remodel Project

The bathroom is a very important room in any house; everybody spends a good amount of time in it each day. This is the main reason why it makes complete sense that a lot of people want to make it as visually and functionally satisfying as possible.

If you’re thinking about starting a bathroom remodel project, it’s important to plan this carefully. You need to make sure that your normal routines won’t get too disrupted by the project. Do determine where you will shower and perform your other hygiene practices while your bathroom is getting a makeover.

As for the project itself, plan how to make it as cost- and time-efficient as possible. For this, trusted bathroom remodelers in Applegate and Fox Valley have rounded up below the components you need to consider when carrying out a bathroom remodel project.


You need to establish how much money you’re willing to spend in order to achieve the new look and level of function you want for the room. Having a clear budget for the project will bring better focus to your shopping, and at the same time, it will allow you to get a better sense of how much time you need for the job, and even who to hire for the job.


Study how much time is needed for the job and when to carry out the project; also, expect delays. A Wisconsin-based plumbing company says that delays are simply the reality for every project, so take this into consideration and prepare for it the best way you can.


Clearly identify the current problems with the bathroom and create a checklist of these for your remodelers so they can tackle them one by one. Doing this will ascertain that the project will be carried out in the most efficient manner.

Beauty and Utility

Decide what new style, as well as improved functionality, you want for the bathroom. Determine the color scheme and the kinds of tiles, lighting, accessories, and other visual implements you want. As for functionality, think about the experience you want to have every time you use the bathroom, and perhaps, think about how it can boost your home’s market value, too.


A bathroom remodel project is a highly technical job; you will need the services of a professional contractor to ensure the best results and even to stick with your budget. With a contractor, you can avoid all sorts of costly and time-consuming mistakes.

If you are thinking about starting a bathroom remodel in Fox Cities, contact the professionals at Turek’s Plumbing to set up a consultation.

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Components You Need in Building a Bathroom to Grow With Your Age

Thursday, October 6th, 2016


Components You Need in Building a Bathroom to Grow With Your Age

Different countries have different ways of investing in the care of its elderly population. For instance, in Japan, where the majority of the population is comprised of people above 60 years of age. Structures are especially built with elderly convenience in mind. This can be observed in most public bathrooms where every single implement is measured and placed strategically so that the elderly and individuals with mobility issues won’t have a hard time using the space. Therefore, if you’re thinking of building a bathroom to grow with your age, you should definitely take a cue from Japan’s bathrooms.

You might think that Japan’s bathroom designs would be challenging to translate in Wisconsin’s environment, but that need not be the case. Trusted bathroom remodel contractors that service Fox Valley and Applegate residents keep abreast with bathroom design trends for the needs of different homeowners — senior citizens included. You can discuss your requirements and preferences, and they’ll go about finding the appropriate solutions.

So, what design components must be present in a bathroom that will age well with you? Here are six features that are highly recommended by Wisconsin bathroom remodel specialists.

Automatic Lights

Eliminating one basic task is actually a huge convenience for everybody, especially the elderly. Not needing to fumble with switches, like when you’re in a hurry to go, is something you will appreciate greatly when you’re older.

Strategically Placed Grab Bars 

These are helpful for folks with balance issues due to aches in different parts of the body, or weakness. Also, they are highly functional because they can double as robe racks or towel holders.

Walk-in Bathtub 

These are musts because as you get older, you can benefit a lot from regular hot soaks to treat your aches and pains. A walk-in tub is a whole lot safer to use as well because it already comes with a seat. Getting in and out of the tub won’t be a big challenge, particularly when your knees are already wobbly.

Handheld Showerheads

Rinsing will be so much easier with these. You can make sure that you get that blast of water where it’s needed, even if you’re seated while bathing.

High Quality Toilet at a Comfortable Height

A great toilet that has some techy features is a fantastic investment. One with heated seats, an automatic electric bidet for both soaping and rinsing. You can also get a toilet with a tank that automatically lifts for easy cleaning, and water jets for “self-cleaning” can be purchased either online or from top home improvement stores. This toilet will make bathroom routines very comfortable and easy for you when you get older.

Textured Flooring

This will easily prevent slips and other accidents.

If you are looking for a great plumbing remodel contractor in Applegate, contact the professionals at Turek’s Plumbing today!

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