Sump Pumps Save Basements

May 1st, 2023

Hey readers! We know you probably weren’t expecting a PSA from your favorite plumbing company, but we thought this announcement needed a shoutout. Sump pumps, these systems are absolutely vital for certain homes in our area, but we’re always surprised by how little attention they get.

Especially during the springtime when April showers start flooding certain neighborhoods, a sump pump can be the difference between a nice day and a panic event as water floods your precious basement.

We’re not here to push anyone into purchasing a sump pump in Appleton, WI. Instead, we’ll let this little system speak for itself and tell you why you might want to purchase it.

For anyone who experiences basement flooding, or who has a finished basement they’d like to protect at all costs from water damage, this blog post might be the deciding factor in whether you invest in a sump pump or not.

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Make 2023 a Year Without Hard Water

April 17th, 2023

Hard water can be a frustration for the whole family. Whether you’re trying to wash your clothes, your dishes, or even take a shower, it’s going to cause trouble for everyone. The good news is that nobody has to have hard water, especially not in our area. With the help of a licensed and terrific plumber on call, you can get a water softener in Appleton, WI. These systems are excellent and will make a huge difference in your life.

Today, we’d like to cover the basics of how a water softener works, why it’s so good at what it does, and some of the benefits that you can get from it. They come in different sizes and brands, but the reality is that your specific water heater will depend on many different factors. We want to give a general overview on why these systems are so great, and why 2023 might be the year you finally get rid of the minerals in your water!

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Don’t Depend on Chemical Drain Cleaners

April 3rd, 2023

When you’re in need of a plumbing solution, you’re going to want something that’s dependable. Chemical drain cleaners, especially the ones you buy at the grocery store, are just not dependable.

They don’t work particularly well, they’re bad for your health, they’re bad for the environment, and they’re just nauseating to use in the first place.

Compare this to calling a plumber for drain or sewer cleaning in Appleton, WI. Plumbers are fast, friendly, and reliable, and you don’t need to deal with hazardous fumes in the air or destroying the environment on your local property.

This blog is going to be dedicated to the problems associated with chemical drain cleaners, and why you should always count on a professional plumber to clear your drain clog. Whether it’s a routine drain or sewer cleaning, or you’ve got a particularly stubborn clog that needs to be taken care of, we can help!

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Why a Bathroom Remodel Is a Great Idea

March 20th, 2023

Bathroom remodeling does two things, it updates the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom and makes it easier to use. This can be important in multiple different ways, so we’d like to use a blog post describing to our customers who might be on the fence about why a bathroom remodel might be a huge improvement for your life.

For instance, bathroom counters and sinks that are remodeled can usually be cleaner looking, which means that it’s easier for you to spot bacteria and other contaminants that have settled on them. Spending less time keeping these surfaces clean and healthy means that you’ll be able to spend more time doing fun things in life.

Of course, a bathroom remodel in Appleton, WI can be an intensive ordeal and is not for everyone. But it might be perfect for you! Let’s figure out how you can benefit from this.

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Good Plumbers Vs. Mediocre Plumbers

March 6th, 2023

We’re not here to knock anyone down a peg. In fact, most mediocre plumbers are just plumbers who could use a bit more training and expertise on the systems that they work with. But to customers, they might not understand that.

A bad plumbing experience can easily lead a potential customer to start trying to fix things on their own, which is always going to end up badly.

So, we want to tell you about some of the expectations we put on our employees and the company as a whole. There’s a big difference between a good plumber and an average one, and we want customers to keep this in mind when they’re researching for professional plumbing in Appleton, WI.

We guarantee that you’ll notice the difference in several different ways. This blog post will help keep the bar high and get you the most out of your plumbing experience.

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Always Know Where Your Water Shut-Off Valve Is

February 20th, 2023

This is an essential tip for any homeowner, and one that is criminally underrated.

It’s heartbreaking each time we’ve seen leaks and burst pipes become disasters due to a homeowner not knowing where their water shut-off valve is.

These components are vital in an emergency, and they’re going to save you time, stress, and keep your furniture safe when a leak does occur.

Since this is an informative blog, we can’t just tell you where the location is and call it a day. That would be too easy and it wouldn’t be right, since you’re probably wondering how this part works and why it’s so important.

So, let’s answer all of your questions and give a thorough examination of the intricacies of your water shut-off valve. Let’s discuss what it is, why it’s there, and how it’s going to be important during the next plumbing emergency in Appleton, WI.

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Watch Where You Dig! Our End-of-Winter Tips

February 6th, 2023

Hopefully, by the time you’re reading this, winter is almost over. March is only a few weeks away and the temperatures are only going to get warmer and more comfortable, which means all of those outdoor projects can begin!

If you’re an avid gardener, then you’re probably looking at the calendar with bated breath for the last freeze.

If you’re really into home improvement, then this might finally be the year that you finish building that fence or doing the repairs on the garage.

However, we need to talk about a few guidelines that homeowners should be aware of when temperatures inevitably start to warm up.

Even if things get warmer earlier, which is always a possibility, you don’t want to start digging in your lawn or working on your home plumbing until you’ve done your research and you’re ready to go.

Take it from your local plumber in Appleton, WI, and make sure you’ve learned everything you need to before getting to work!

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Why Going Pro Is a Good Move

January 23rd, 2023

DIY plumbing work has exploded in popularity. Over the past 15-20 years with the advent of the internet, for the first time we’ve had unprecedented access to guides, tutorials, blogs, and articles that help people learn about their plumbing systems and how things work.

Overall, this is a good thing and leads to some pretty amazing ways for homeowners to save money. But with the good comes the bad, and there’s plenty of bad when you look for guides online.

Many people will post blogs and DIY tutorials that are designed to save customers money, but they’re really jobs that should be done by a professional. After several hours and wasted money, a homeowner finally gives in and anxiously calls a pro.

Plumbing in Appleton, WI doesn’t have to be complicated. Let’s talk about why choosing our team is one of the best things you can do when you need plumbing assistance.

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Old Pipe Materials You Need to Replace

January 9th, 2023

As professional plumbers, we’ve seen new and old pipe materials in many of our customers’ homes. From copper to galvanized steel, and even lead, there can be pipes of all different materials in a home depending on how old it is.

However, some of these pipe materials can be pretty bad and can start leading to leaks or problems depending on the material type.

Today, we’d like to focus on some pipe materials that are not really in circulation anymore. When compared with newer pipe materials like PVC or copper, these older materials are both expensive and don’t hold up in terms of their safety and reliability.

If you’re noticing a trend where your older home has a lot of old pipes made out of unreliable materials, then you might be the perfect customer to call us for repiping in Appleton, WI.

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Video Pipe Inspection: A Dependable Resource for Your Home

December 26th, 2022

Plumbing services can be scary to a homeowner, especially a homeowner on a budget! If you’re looking to improve your plumbing system, either through the reduction of drain clogs or the fixing of some pesky hidden leaks, you’re going to want to be able to locate them and fix them accordingly. Our team of licensed plumbers can do all of that for you.

But if you’re nervous about the scale of work that needs to be done, or you’re not even sure if your home needs work, then what do you do? Do you just take your plumber’s word for it, like it was done in the old days?

Nope! Teams like ours utilize state-of-the-art video pipe inspection in Appleton, WI to take a deep dive through your plumbing system and locate any budding or urgent problems. Then, with proof in hand, we let you make the decision of how we should move forward.

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