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Bathroom Remodel Approach – 3 Elements For Success

Bathroom Remodel Approach – 3 Elements For Success

Planning a bathroom remodel? Then you’re on the right track. Improving the bathroom offers the following proven benefits:

A sure ROI

Remodeling magazine estimates a 62 percent return for bathroom makeovers done right. The daily safety, productivity and efficiency you can experience from an improved bathroom also result in direct financial savings.

Improved quality of life

Homeowners who have updated their baths successfully said the changes they made are a constant source of joy for them. That means aside from the monetary returns, you also get priceless satisfaction from a great bathroom project.

Practicality and value for money

The renovation industry has become more sophisticated than ever. You can now find a wide range of materials, solutions and services to suit your budget and preferences, making bathroom remodels easier and more practical to execute.

However, these paybacks can only be possible with the right bathroom remodel approach. Make sure the following elements are present to get the bathroom you want at the budget you have.

A well laid-out plan, developed with advice from the experts

Make sure you have a solid plan – the costliest mistake you can ever make is to start all over again because of vague vision or disorganization.

Work with bathroom remodeling professionals early on as they can help you develop an efficient timeline and a cost-effective budget. A reputable contractor will also have the industry connections and experience to help you realize your vision through solutions that are right for you.

A design that maximizes the existing space

Another practical approach is to implement changes that make the most impact but won’t require complicated work.

Remember that the more complicated a project is, the more expensive it will be and the longer it will take to finish. For instance, update the look by changing fixtures, but try to follow the existing plumbing system to minimize demolition and waste.

A focus on safe and healthy living

A major factor that is commonly neglected during renovations is ventilation. But if you pay attention to improving how air circulates in the bathroom, you will get a huge benefit. One of those benefits including improved indoor air not just for the bathroom but also for the entire home.

Good ventilation also minimizes moisture, thus reducing slippery floors and walls and mold growth. Moreover, it prevents damage caused by mildew and moisture to furniture and finishes, allowing you to avoid premature repairs, replacements and costly mold remediation. Strategic installation of air vents, exhaust fans and humidity detectors all help in improving the air quality in your bathroom.

If you aren’t sure how to handle a bathroom remodel approach, contact your plumbing professionals in Fox Cities at Turek’s Plumbing.



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