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Converting your bathroom from tub to shower only

Video: Converting Your Bathroom Tub Into Shower Only – How Will It Affect Resale Value?

Are you considering converting your bathroom by getting rid of your tub and switching to a shower-only bathroom?

There are several reasons why people would want to do this. any of our clients looking to get rid of their tub are Seniors and need to be able to get in the shower without stepping over the side of the tub. It can be difficult to step over 15 inches to get in the tub for a shower especially with a hip or knee problem which is common in seniors. Other reasons for converting from tub to shower only are you simply don’t take baths. It could be that you don’t want the hassle of maintaining a bathtub or simply want more space. Trends are showing that shower-only bathrooms are more contemporary-looking so many homeowners are simply making the change for style purposes. Whatever your reasons are for converting your bathroom, you need to take into account the possible ramifications of such a move, especially on your home’s value. In the below video, Turek’s Plumbing Owner, Ed Turek talks about this very subject. 

Converting tub into shower only — how will it affect resale value?

Bathroom remodel projects can do a lot in increasing your home’s value, which usually means a good return on however much you invested. However, if you do decide to replace a bathtub with a shower, you’re changing your bathroom specs from a full bath (toilet, tub, and shower) to a three-quarter bath. This, however, doesn’t automatically mean a decrease in value.

Another factor you might want to consider is how many bathrooms there are in your home. If you’re removing the tub in the only bathroom, this might turn off many potential buyers — ones who love a good soak after a tiring week, mothers who prefer to bathe their children in the tub, etc. As long as your home maintains at least one tub, converting one bathroom to shower-only shouldn’t negatively impact its resale value.

It’s true that bathroom remodels are popular and considered a good investment. If you’re reselling in the near future, you have to appreciate that a mid-range, full bathroom remodel can return more than 50 percent of the investment. Nonetheless, if you expect to continue living in the house for some time, your convenience seriously trumps value.

You have to figure out what best serves your needs, especially where safety is a concern.

If, right now, you could use more space for storage or for your personal comfort, then you should have a bathroom that gives you that. If safety is an issue, there definitely shouldn’t be any question either. You need to do what’s best for safety. You’ll just have to take the slight decrease in value if it does result in that. If you are considering a bathroom remodel in Appleton, Oskosh or the Fox Cities area, be sure to give us a call. We will be happy to schedule an in-home evaluation and estimate. 

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