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Sewer Line Damage From Tree Roots

sewer line damage from tree roots - Appleton WI

Sewer Pipe Damage From Tree Roots

So many Fox City residents experience sewer pipe damage from tree roots. So, why is this plumbing problem so common? Mother nature can’t help it. As trees begin to grow, it’s common for their roots to infiltrate underground sewer lines. In the article below, we discuss the seriousness of sewer pipe damage from tree roots. For plumbing services, contact Tureks Plumbing.

Signs of Damaged Pipes

  • Clogged drains – If you keep experiencing clogged drains, it’s likely that you have sewer pipe damage from tree roots.
  • Noises – Gurgle sounds are common after flushing the toilet.
  • Blocked or collapsed pipes – this is often manifested as a clogged drain or toilet. It might be that someone flushed something they shouldn’t have. It is also caused by tree roots in sewage line pipes.
  • Sinkholes – If you see a sinkhole in your yard, it is possible that tree roots are growing within your sewer pipes. Keep a safe distance from it and hire a Fox Valley plumber for a plumbing pipe inspection. This is a severe warning sign that suggests a significant sewer line problem. This amount of tree root disruption in sewer lines jeopardizes your home’s base.
  • Foul odors – Typically, damaged sewage lines emit foul odors. You can have a major sewage problem if you smell rotten eggs or sulfur.

Are you experiencing these plumbing problems? Contact Tureks Plumbing today.

The Dangers of Tree Roots in Sewer Lines

Tree roots travel long distances in search of water, and they also seek moisture from tiny leaks. Unfortunately, your sewer line may be the only place for this. Roots with hair-thin strands can easily clog pipes. The gunk, when combined with the grime and grease that flows into the sewer pipes, can cause toilets, sinks, and other drains to become sluggish and even back up.

In addition, roots cause pipes to start cracking. Our friends at Gilmore Heating, Air, and Plumbing, the best plumbers in Sacramento, explains clay pipes in older plumbing systems are particularly fragile. This plumbing issue of tree roots in sewer line systems causes some serious damage.

How to Avoid Tree Roots Out of Sewage System Pipes

The only way to deal with tree root problems is to avoid them from happening in the first place. Here’s what our plumbing professionals recommend doing to prevent tree roots from growing in sewer line drain systems.

  • Landscaping – Big trees will have big roots, so keep an eye out for any damage. You can go to the extent of removing trees to prevent the roots from infiltrating your sewer lines. 
  • Stay on top of drain clearing and repairs – If yous suspect that there is a plumbing problem, address it before it grows into a bigger problem. Unfortunately, this type of pipe damage won’t go away on its own. When searching for a “plumber near me,” find a plumber who offers trenchless sewer line repair. Regular clearing and cleaning of sewer lines prevent root growth within your pipes. As a result, substantial sewage upgrades can be avoided.
  • Get regular inspections – Living in an older home? Our plumbing contractors recommend annual plumbing inspections. 

Contact Your Appleton Plumber

A full-functioning plumbing system is crucial for any home. Don’t put off calling a plumbing professional any longer. For any plumbing problems, contact your Appleton plumber as soon as possible. Our Tureks Plumbing team will work with you to provide residential plumbing solutions and restore your plumbing in no time! 

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