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Slow Drains Could Be a Sign of a Larger Problem


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Slow Drains in my Appleton, MI Home

Slow drains are often caused by the accumulation of debris, hair and soap scum. If you notice that the water in the shower or kitchen drain, or the sink in your kitchen or bathroom, isn’t going down as quickly as it used to, you should act fast before the problem worsens.

Often, the best solution to a slow drain is to remove the hair and debris that have accumulated. For this task, you can use a pair of needle nose pliers or a clothes hanger bent into a hook shape. After removing the debris blocking the drain, you should run hot water down the drain. In most cases, this will effectively solve the problem at hand. However, if the water is moving slowly, you may have a bigger problem at hand.

What could slow drains mean for my home?

In some cases, a slow drain is an indicator of a larger problem. It is one thing to notice a slow drain occurring in one part of the house, and it is an entirely different matter if you notice slow drains happening all at once in different places in your home .If you notice other symptoms like bad smells and gurgling sounds coming from the drain, it is best to call in expert plumbers to properly diagnose the problem at hand and enforce the appropriate solutions.

There are times when a slow drain indicates an issue in the main sewer line which will leave your plumbing and sewer system unusable. Main sewer problems can also lead to flooding and backing up of dirty and unhealthy water. In other cases, a slow drain may be a sign that your septic tank needs to be pumped out. An expert plumber can determine whether the septic tank does need to be pumped out or if the symptoms you are seeing are indicative of a different problem. Apart from pumping out the septic tank, your plumber may recommend a few other solutions, including the use of an augur or a high pressure water jet.

Slow Drain Solutions

An augur is a mechanical device that is powered by an electric motor. This device slowly spins inside the drain in order to remove the accumulated debris which impedes the proper flow of water. A high pressure water jet, on the other hand, can scrub the interiors of pipes in order to remove accumulated debris, including hair and soap scum. In some cases, your plumber may recommend cutting off tree roots which have damaged a section of your home’s pipes.

Again, if removing the accumulated debris in the shower or kitchen drain or sink does not do the trick, or if you notice unusual noises, call in the professionals to help solve the problem for you. Do not attempt to do it yourself.


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