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Is My Sewer Line Damage Caused By Tree Roots?

How to determine if  your sewer line damage is caused by tree roots

sewer line damage

It’s a big delight for gardeners to see trees and plants growing healthily through the changing seasons. It’s always nice to see carefully planted vegetation thriving even through extreme weather like we get here in Appleton, WI.

However, trees and shrubs that root deeply and widely tend to overpower and destroy plumbing structures installed underground. Sewer line damage is common in areas like Appleton where there are big, old trees and shrubs, and this can be a big problem. Their roots can grow within the sewer line, creating blockages that inhibit the proper flow of water and waste. These blockages will cause backflow that can reek and create health problems; worst of all, additional household expenses for the repair of the sewer line will definitely add up. Not a fun diagnosis to get from your local plumber.

So, how do you know if you have sewer line damage?

  1. Slow-flowing drains indicate that the system is having a difficult time pushing everything down.
  2. Another reliable indicator is the frequent gurgling noise from the toilet. That sound means it’s barely successful in doing its job of flushing waste away.
  3. Overflow. This means the drain is clogged. Common drain clogs are easy enough to take care of; there are corrosive liquid agents that can break them down easily. But if you’ve already used a great amount of these products and your drains still get clogged often and the toilets overflow, it’s highly likely that roots have penetrated your sewer lines and are causing the clogging in your pipes.

What to do when you have a plumbing problem you think may be a sewer problem?

There’s no smarter way of dealing with this situation than calling in the pros. They know what to do about this problem — this includes getting permission from the local public works office to carry out repairs that will involve some serious digging.

A Professional plumber will inspect the drains and sewer with a camera to accurately assess the situation. They will then inform you of the best repair strategy to take; if there’s major damage because of the roots, the lines will have to be replaced.

For the dig, they can help you get permission from authorities; this way, repair can be carried out as soon as possible to prevent further damage and inconvenience to your household. They’ll also get rid of the roots that caused the damage and help you create a barrier (recommended growth inhibitors are copper sulfate and potassium hydroxide) between the trees and pipes.

Finally, once all that is done, you can expect to be provided advice on how to regularly maintain and clear the lines to prevent roots from growing inside them. As always Turek’s Plumbing is at your service for honest reliable sewer and drain service. 

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