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Kitchen Remodel Planning Tips

Kitchen Remodel Planning

Turek’s Kitchen Remodel Planning Checklist for Your Home Renovation Project 

Whether you are planning to remodel your kitchen to accommodate your family’s growing needs, to update its style, or simply to increase your property’s value, there are a few important factors that you need to consider before embarking on this project. Turek’s Plumbing has come up with a kitchen remodel checklist in order to start this project off on the right foot and prevent or eliminate some potential hassles you might encounter along the way. No demolition/remodel project is flawless but we sure can try to get it right with proper planning. 

Identify your current kitchen space

Before and during the planning stage, be sure to take into serious consideration how much available space you have for your kitchen. More often than not, the available space will influence the layout of your new kitchen as well as dictate which elements you can squeeze in and which elements are not serving the space well. By seeking the help of an experienced kitchen designer, you can better evaluate your available space and make efficient use of this. Your kitchen remodel planning contractor will carefully lay out the plans of your new kitchen including precise measurements, bringing your vision to life.  

Current kitchen layout

Perhaps you have grown accustomed to the current kitchen layout and you want to retain as many parts of this layout as much as possible but just want to upgrade cabinets, counter-tops and appliances. Your contractor will review the existing layout and figure out which things are simply not working and are out of place while considering the infrastructure of the kitchen, as we dive into further below. 

When looking into the planned layout for the new kitchen, the primary considerations should be efficiency and ease of movement. The new layout should give you (and your family members and the occasional party guests) ample room to move about. You can also save a lot of time in prepping and cooking by moving a few elements (like the sink and the range) closer together. Lots of elements to consider before you begin picking out the fun stuff like colors and fixtures. 

Your kitchen’s infrastructure

You might be planning on a few additions to your kitchen but you have to make sure that your home’s current infrastructure, specifically your home’s plumbing and electrical systems, can accommodate these additions. This is particularly true if your home is older. Another thing to consider when you are opening the kitchen to more of an open floor plan are load bearing walls. Having a company like Turek’s come out to evaluate and estimate the project is invaluable. We have the construction, plumbing and electrical know how. Ignoring this can bring to light potential issues halfway through the project, instantly drain your budget.

Kitchen Remodel Planning | Lifestyle and budget

Evaluate your current lifestyle and how your new kitchen should reflect this. Do you like to invite people over for meals and get-togethers, or will you simply use the kitchen for preparing meals with your family members? Your goal here is to evaluate the shortcomings of your current kitchen setup which your new kitchen should solve. Dream big and prioritize according to needs vs. wants. This will help your kitchen remodel contractor to budget the project.

Speaking of project budget, it is a good idea to be flexible, especially in terms of the materials to be used for the kitchen. Sometimes, exploring alternatives will allow you to get substantial savings which you can use to splurge on other kitchen essentials. Kitchen Remodel Planning doesn’t have to be overwhelming, especially when you hire a kitchen remodel contractor to lead you in the planning process. 

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