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Common Commercial Plumbing Problems (and How to Avoid Them)

commercial-plumbingCommon Commercial Plumbing Problems

A plumbing issue in your commercial property can be one of the costliest and most inconvenient situations you can face. If left unattended, even a minor issue can become a serious and complicated problem within just a short span of time. The flow of your operations, the health and safety of your clients and employees, and your everyday productivity and efficiency can all be affected by commercial plumbing problems.  

While addressing plumbing problems promptly is important, the best course of action is still to be proactive in preventing issues before they happen. As an owner, manager or caretaker of a commercial property, it’s your duty to be familiar with common commercial plumbing problems so you can undertake measures to reduce their possibility of occurring.  

Common Plumbing Problems

Water leaking from pipes, taps and fixtures is a frequent problem for both commercial and residential plumbing systems. Leaks can be caused by a variety of reasons, from simple, everyday wear-and-tear to worn-out connectors to pipe damage.

Leaking can cause property damage, flooding and a significant waste of water and energy. Thus, it’s a must to conduct routine check-ups and maintenance. Plumbing maintenance should be performed by a professional. A good plumbing check up will include checking the condition of each component in your plumbing system.

Another common plumbing issue is blocked drains and clogged toilets and sinks. When drainage is slow or not working well, the accumulated water may eventually overflow. When the water overflows it can be extremely difficult to control and clean up.  

Clogged Toilet

Meanwhile, a clogged toilet is the last thing you would want to worry about when managing a commercial property. Aside from the possible overflow, it may also cause unpleasant odors and health risks if it’s not addressed immediately.

Commercial property owners must then be very strict about keeping bathrooms, restrooms and other wet areas clean and well-maintained. All the time to prevent debris and foreign objects from blocking drainage systems.

How to Prevent Commercial Plumbing Problems

Don’t call a plumber only when an emergency happens. It’s best to look for a reputable local plumber to perform maintenance work, systems upgrades and replacements. The more familiar a plumber is with your system, the better they will be able to solve problems should those arise.

Your Fox Cities plumbing team at Turek’s Plumbing will not just assess the system and hunt for damage. They will also conduct improvements and other related jobs to ensure pipework and drainage systems are working in tip-top condition.

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