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Affordable Kitchen Upgrade Trends | Touch Free Faucets

Touch-Free Faucets – Must-Have Kitchen Upgrade Trends

Planning a kitchen remodel? Consider adding these low cost but high impact upgrades to your shopping list: touch-free faucets.

Kitchen upgrade trends come and go. Some move into the pantheon of essentials that property owners put on top of their priority lists while others are consigned to a forgotten fate. What makes these kitchen upgrades appealing for homeowners planning to revamp their kitchens? Three key reasons: convenient food preparation, quick clean-up and sanitary reasons. These are the trends that tend to last. 

Foot activated Faucets

Many manufacturers are launching different versions of touch-free faucets which use foot control technology. Through this foot control technology, you can easily and conveniently turn the faucet on and off by tapping the activation plate with your feet. This activation plate can be installed in the toe space of a cabinet. It’s pretty convenient, but does take some getting used to. 

Because these faucets do not require the use of hands to be turned on and off, the chance of spreading bacteria like salmonella and other germs from handling food can be minimized. If not totally eliminated. This concept has been present in hospitals for decades. It is now becoming a popular trend among homeowners. The foot activation plate can be positioned anywhere along the lower portion of the kitchen cabinet. This means that persons with disabilities who use wheelchairs do not need to put themselves in an uncomfortable position just to turn the water on and off. All they have to do is to tap the activation plate.

Touch Control Faucets

A hands-free faucet was first developed in the 1950’s but was not sold to the public until the 80’s. They have since become extremely trendy.  Even being used as a selling point in real estate listings. One of our favorite touch free faucets features a sensor which controls the faucet’s output as well as the water temperature. It has five infrared sensors strategically located on the faucet. The water temperature has three settings that can be defined by the user depending on preference. In order to prevent accidental scalding, the faucet also has a maximum temperature setting. The faucet comes in brushed nickel and polished nickel, giving it a stylish and modern look. The faucet comes with a backup battery, is ADA-compliant, and is certified by WaterSense.

Whether you choose to install your own faucet or you need a plumber to do it, we hope you find this post helpful. There are dozens of brands of touch free faucets. Most reputable brands will work well and last a long time. Prices can range from just under $100 to $400 for a luxury brand. Also keep in mind you will have labor charges when hiring a licensed plumber to do the work. Should you need help and live in the Appleton or Fox Valley area, contact Turek’s Plumbing for all of your bathroom remodel needs.

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