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When Should You Have Your Pipes Relined?

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020

When Should You Have Your Pipes Relined for Your Appleton Home?

when should you get your pipes relined - Tureks Plumbing

Like electrical wiring, plumbing is one of those things that has to work optimally at all times to avoid potential household disasters. Sewer lines play an especially crucial role in the home, and any issues that aren’t addressed can result in major sewer line repair fees and possibly structural damage. However, while plumbers in Appleton, Wisconsin advise their clients to stay on top of their plumbing maintenance. Replacing pipes is just about the worst kind of home repair project you could go through. It is disruptive, expensive, and chances are your Appleton plumber will have to dig up your yard to fix the problem.

So, aside from replacing the damaged pipes, what alternatives do you have for sewer pipe repair in Appleton, WI that aren’t as expensive and disruptive? Well, you could choose to reline the damaged pipes, a restorative measure that’s easier, faster, and costs a lot less. Currently, an evolving technology, pipe lining in Appleton, WI can be used to correct a wide variety of plumbing issues. With this technique, a special resin is used to repair your pipes from the inside. A resin-saturated felt tube, usually polyester or fiberglass, is inserted into the damaged pipe and the resin hardens, creating a new and in some cases stronger pipe within the damaged one.

The following plumbing issues can be addressed with pipe lining technique, so if you notice any of them, contact an Appleton Wisconsin plumber right away.

Common Plumbing Issues

Plumbing is essential to homes everywhere, but everyday use puts immense stress on it, leading to wear and tear over time. Ideally, the resulting issues should be addressed by a plumber in Appleton Wisconsin early enough to prevent them from becoming too severe. They include:

Burst Pipes  

Solid and oily materials will undoubtedly be part of your waste, and they can build up and cause blockages within your piping. Water pressure will start building up within the pipes and if left unchecked, will continue to increase until the pipe bursts. How would you know your piping has a blockage? McQuillan Bros, a plumbing company in Minneapolis, says to watch out for unpleasant smells coming from the drains, gurgling sounds, lush green plants growing around your sewer line, slow or failed draining, raised water levels, and dampness.

If a damaged pipe has gone unnoticed for a long time, the soil or ground around it may subside or sink over time as the sewage weakens its structural integrity. If the pipe lies beneath the building’s structural points, cracks may start to appear on the floors or in the walls. Trying to fix the cracks would be an unwise short term solution.  Instead, contact a plumber in Appleton Wisconsin to address the root of the problem. If it is due to a blockage in the piping, you will benefit from the ease and simplicity of pipe lining in Appleton Wisconsin.

Root Intrusions

This goes to all the Appleton, Wisconsin residents who have plants, especially trees, close to their sewer lines. Sewer lines provide water and nutrients to the plants, so when there is a leak, a root might push its way into the pipes and clog them. Once the roots are in, they will slowly grow and expand until the pipe is completely clogged. To prevent it from getting this far, watch out for:

  • Slowly emptying drains, especially when you flush the toilet
  • Gurgling noises
  • Sinkholes can form if the root intrusion is extensive. At this stage, the structural integrity of your foundation may be in question, so contact a plumber in Appleton Wisconsin immediately to come and inspect your property. 
  • Bad odor coming from the drain.

If you’ve noticed any of these warning signs, contact a plumber right away. Your plumbing can be fixed with pipe lining repair in Appleton WI.

Rust and Deterioration

If you used steel pipes, chances are they will eventually start rusting due to their constant exposure to moisture. This weakens their structural integrity, making them susceptible to leaks. Additionally, all kinds of pipes are subject to wear and tear, and over time, they will degrade in quality. Watch out for:

  • Discolored water coming from your taps.
  • Stains underneath the sink or discoloration in the wall. Try looking at the ceiling of a room directly underneath a bathroom.
  • Warped bathroom walls. If there is a leak due to deterioration, the drywall in your bathroom may become moist and begin to bubble, causing it to warp and eventually break. You will have to contact a contractor to repair the drywall once the Appleton plumber is done repairing the leak.

Pipe relining in Appleton, WI is a new and exciting technique for fixing damaged pipes and removing blockages. Not only is it easier and faster than replacing damaged pipes, but it is quite easy on the pocket, and your precious yard won’t be uprooted in the process. Have you noticed any of the above issues on your property? They ought to be fixed right away, and pipe relining in Appleton, WI is the best way to do that. Contact Tureks Plumbing Services in Appleton, Wisconsin today. 

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Signs Tree Roots are Interfering Your Underground Pipes

Thursday, February 27th, 2020

signs tree roots are interfering your underground pipesTrees are a great addition to your lawn or compound. Their benefits range from increasing the aesthetic value of your home to holding the soil together and preventing erosion and providing natural shade. 

However, underneath the trees are roots that could cause problems to your underground pipes. Unlike the branches and leaves which can be monitored and trimmed before causing damage, roots are often left unattended. Their growth can damage your plumbing system and cause blockages. Our friends at Gilmore Heating and Air Conditioning, a residential ac company in Placerville, add that roots can also damage your heating and cooling system if they get out of hand.

Given that you cannot see roots, how can you tell that they are interfering with your underground pipes? Below are several different signs to look for. 

Repeated Toilet Backups

Your toilet drain transports waste material which is a great source of nutrients to plants. Since roots are always using nutrients, they can invade your drainage system in search of these nutrients. Initially, the small root hairs find weak spots in your drainage system and get through. But with time, the hairs grow thicker and bigger causing blockages. 

Such a situation unchecked can cost you a lot of money to replace the damaged drainage system. 

Other signs that indicate root interference with your drainage system include: 

  • Recurrent and unexplainable clogs 
  • Gurgling sounds 
  • Slow drainage 

Blocked Water Main

Your water main is also susceptible to damage from roots. The water main feeds water into your home for various uses. Therefore, any kind of interference from the roots will affect the amount of water you get. Some of the signs to be on the lookout for include: 

  • A gradual drop in water pressure
  • Banging and gurgling sounds

Since roots take time to grow, the effect might not be easily noticeable until very late. 

Broken Pipes or Sewer lines 

As roots grow bigger, they tend to crush or break underground pipes. This is especially the case in homes whose pipes are made of concrete or clay. You might not experience such effects on your pipes if they are made of PVC since they are impervious to roots. 

Some of the most telling signs of broken pipes and sewer lines include: 

  • Low water pressure
  • Abnormal sounds such as whistling and banging from the pipes
  • Increased water bills despite no change in water usage habits
  • Odors coming from your basement or yard
  • Water puddles in your yard. This could either be clean water being fed into your house or sewage coming from your house. 

The best way to determine whether your pipes are broken is through the use of a special camera that can be snaked through the pipe to detect issues. 

Prevent Tree Roots from Damaging your Underground Pipes 

Stopping tree roots from damaging your underground pipes will not only save you money but will also save you the trouble of having to damage your yard during repairs and replacements. You can do this through 

  • Considering your pipes and sewer lines before planting your tree. Avoid planting your trees around them. 
  • Find out what kind of roots your trees have. Avoid those with aggressive root systems. 

And if you have trees already, the best way to ensure that their roots do not interfere with your underground pipes in Appleton Wisconsin is by calling Tureks, your number one plumbing solution. Contact us today so we can inspect your roots and drains!


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Repipe FAQ

Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

Repipe FAQA home plumbing repipe exercise is a project in which all the plumbing pipes in the home are replaced in order to resolve the plumbing problems you’ve been having. Tureks Plumbing Services in Appleton, Wisconsin, offers copper and PEX repipes that are cost-effective, fast and durable. The following frequently asked questions will help you to get more clarity about the necessity of repiping.

Is the Water Pressure in Your Home Low?

Low water pressure is one of the warning signs that can alert you that you may need a repipe to be done by an Appleton, Wisconsin plumber. As pipes age, they tend to corrode. This interior corrosion can inhibit the flow of water. As the flow remains impeded for long, leaks develop due to the constant pressure to which the constricted pipes are subjected.

You know what happens when water pipes develop leaks, don’t you? Water damage, mold, and other problems will become evident. The solution to this plumbing problem is a home repipe.

Have You Ever Been Scalded by Hot Water When Someone Flushed the Toilet While You Showered?

Under normal circumstances, the plumbing system in your home is designed to provide water to all points of use, such as the kitchen faucet and toilet, at the same time. However, the plumbing experts at Tureks Plumbing Services in Appleton, Wisconsin, explain that when internal corrosion occurs within the pipes, water is no longer able to flow freely to all the places where it is needed. 

Consequently, you could end up being scalded while taking a shower if another person flushes the toilet. This is because when the person flushes the toilet, the limited cold water available rushes to refill the toilet tank and you will be left with only hot water flowing to the shower.

The best way to solve this problem is by asking your local Appleton plumber for professional repiping services.

Are You Keen on Proactive Plumbing System Maintenance?

If you are the type of person who would rather take the necessary steps to avert plumbing problems before they occur, rather than one who waits for problems to develop and them fixes them, then repiping the plumbing system may be the right plumbing project for you.

A home repipe will ensure that the plumbing system is always performing at its best without developing any defects, such as springing frequent leaks.

Is the Plumbing System 5 Years or Older?

Every plumbing material has an expected service life, and those materials will deteriorate with the passage of time. For this reason, it may be advisable for you to talk to a plumber from Tureks Plumbing Services about the possibility of professional repipe services. Your Appleton, Wisconsin plumber will conduct a thorough assessment of the plumbing system and give you sound advice regarding the necessity to repipe the home.

If he or she finds that the condition of the plumbing system warrants a home repipe, then you will be given an estimate of the most cost-effective way to have this system repipe done so that your home can have a plumbing system in peak condition.

Have You Noticed Yellow or Rust-Colored Water in Your Home?

If you notice that the water in your bathtub looks rusty, the pipes supplying that water could have corroded. The extent of the internal corrosion can be assessed by finding out how many faucets discharge rusty-looking water. If the problem is evident throughout the home, then the best long-term solution to the problem is to have your plumbing system repiped by Tureks Plumbing Services.

As you can see, a home repipe project is a sure way to fix most of the plumbing problems that you have been having in your home. These problems include recurrent water leaks, low water pressure, inferior pipe materials that develop defects easily and poor delivery of hot water throughout the home. Our Plumbers at Tureks Plumbing Services have extensive experience performing repipe projects, so give us a call today. We will discuss how this plumbing service can be of benefit to you.

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