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How Do You Fix a House Drain?

Wednesday, August 9th, 2023

A properly functioning house drain is important for maintaining a healthy and hygienic living environment in your Neenah, WI, home.

When a drain becomes clogged or damaged, it can lead to unpleasant odors, slow drainage and even water damage! Fixing a house drain may seem like a daunting task. It might have you searching up drain repair near Neenah.

With the right approach and tools you can tackle many common drain issues. Here are some basic steps to fix a house drain and keep your plumbing system running smoothly.

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Clogged Drain Solutions And Why You Need To Hire A Plumber

Monday, July 18th, 2022
Clogged Drain solutions and why you need to hire a plumber

Why Is My Drain Clogged?

A clogged drain in Appleton WI is a plumbing problem that can occur in any home. It happens when a build-up of hair, soap, grease, or other debris prevents water from flowing freely down the drain. This can cause water to back up in the sink, shower, or tub, and it can also lead to unpleasant odors. If left untreated, a clogged drain can eventually cause serious damage to your plumbing system. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to prevent drain clogs from occurring in the first place. You can also avoid pouring grease and coffee grounds down the drain, as these can quickly build up and cause problems.

Why Its Best To Call A Plumber

Clogged drains near you are a common plumbing issue that can be both annoying and costly to repair. Luckily, Appleton WI plumbers have the tools and expertise to quickly clear the blockage and prevent future clogs from occurring. One of the most effective ways to prevent clogs is to install a drain screen. This simple screen helps to catch hair, soap scum, and other small items that can cause a blockage. In addition, plumbers can also treat drains with special cleaners and chemicals that break down buildup and help keep drains flowing freely. By taking these preventive measures, plumbers can help increase the lifespan of your drains and avoid costly repairs in the future.

Contact Tureks Plumbing Today

If you’re experiencing problems with a slow or clogged drain, don’t wait to call a professional plumber near you. Tureks Plumbing offers drain cleaning services that can quickly and effectively solve the problem. Our experienced technicians can clear even the toughest clogs. Contact Tureks Plumbing today to schedule a consultation. We’ll diagnose the problem and provide a solution that will get your drains flowing freely again.

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Common Causes For A Clogged Drain

Monday, June 13th, 2022

Common Causes For A Clogged Drain

What Are The Main Causes To Why Your Drains Are Clogging?

A clogged drain is a common plumbing problem that can quickly turn into a major issue. It is often caused by hair, soap scum, or grease build-up. These substances can form a blockage that prevents water from flowing freely through the pipe. A clogged drain can cause corrosion, flooding, and sewage backup if left unchecked. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to prevent this problem. First, be sure to regularly clean your drains with hot water and detergent. This will help remove any debris build-up that could lead to a blockage. Second, avoid pouring grease or other fatty substances down your drain. These substances can solidify and form a hard-to-remove clog. Finally, if you do notice a clog forming, take action immediately to clear it before it has a chance to cause serious damage. By following these simple tips, you can keep your drains flowing freely and avoid the costly repairs that a clogged drain can cause.

Mineral Buildup Can Become An Issue

Water contains different minerals. Hard water can be notorious and buildup insoluble mineral masses. This continuous mineral deposit can easily block your drains and reduce the flow of water. One way to solve this issue is to use a water softener. Another way is getting a professional plumbing service in Appleton WI. Give a call to a professional plumber who can descale the pipes and remove the mineral buildup. Common causes for a clogged drain are hair, grease, and soap scum. You can try to remove the clog yourself by using a plunger or an auger. If these do-it-yourself methods do not work, then it is time to give us a call. We will use our plumbing snakes to remove the clog in your drain.


Hair is one of the most common causes of clogged drains. Hair can quickly build up and create a clog, whether it’s human hair from taking a shower or animal fur from petting your dog. Hair clogs can be especially difficult to remove because they often combine with grease or other sticky substances to form a tight blockage. As a result, hair clogs can cause slow drains, bad odors, and even flooding. If you have a hair clog, the best course of action is to call a professional plumber in Appleton WI. Plumbers have the tools and experience necessary to quickly and safely remove hair clogs from your drain.


One of the common causes of a clogged drain is the build-up of soap scum. Soaps are made up of fats and minerals which can accumulate over time and form a soap residue or soap scum. This soap scum can clog your laundry, bathroom, and shower drains. Furthermore, soap scum often combines with hair and mineral buildup causing severely clogged drains. In order to prevent this from happening, it is important to clean your drains on a regular basis. You can do this by using a plunger or a drain snake. If you have a major clog, you may need to call an Appleton WI plumber.

Cotton Products

A clogged drain can also be caused by flushing cotton products down the toilet. This includes wipes, cotton swabs, diapers, and feminine hygiene products. These items don’t break down and can quickly block up the drain. Tampons can grow up to 10 times their size by absorbing fluid. Therefore, it’s important to be careful when disposing of these items and not flush them down the drain. If you have a cotton product that needs to be disposed of, it’s best to throw it in the trash. This will help to prevent any clogs and keep your drain running smoothly.

Contact Tureks Plumbing Today

Tureks Plumbing is the best plumbing and drains cleaning service in Appleton, WI. We have expert plumbers who can unclog all your drains and provide solutions to all your plumbing problems. We also offer a wide range of other services, including water heater installation and repair, sump pump installation and repair, and much more. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the very best service possible, and we always stand behind our work. If you need plumbing or drain cleaning service, call Tureks Plumbing today. You won’t be disappointed!

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Flood Draining Maintenance Tips

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021
floor drain maintenance tips - Appleton WI

Floor Drain Maintenance Tips From Appleton Plumber

Floor drains are frequently overlooked when it comes to residential plumbing. Floor drains seem similar to drains found in bathtubs and showers because they are flush with the surface, but they are more typically found in basement floors, garages, laundry rooms, older bathroom floors, and even on patios and roads. Floor drains are installed everywhere. There is a need for quick, effective water drainage. Most Appleton homeowners do not consider floor drain maintenance until a problem arises. Follow these recommended floor drain maintenance tips from your Appleton plumber.

Fill Traps On A Regular Basis

Indoor floor drains collect overflow from sinks, toilets, tubs, water heaters, and washing machines, among other things. Floor drains, whether indoors or outdoors, are designed to efficiently and safely transport water. It’s transferred to a sewer or municipal storm drain, keeping the floor dry and rooms from flooding. The overall objective of traps is to keep sewage odors and gasses from entering your home through the drain. Our friends at McQuillan Bros, who offers Twin Cities plumbing services, recommend filing these drain traps on a regular basis to see that they’re working efficiently. Simply pour a gallon of water down each floor drain in your home. Water will fill the trap, creating a barrier between your home and the sewer system.

Immediately Remove Clogs 

Many various forms of material build on your floor, from pet hair to dust bunnies. Therefore, it has the potential to end up in and block. The first indicator of a clogged drain is if it drains slowly. If you find a blockage early on, you’ll avoid flooding. You can easily eliminate that tiny clog with a plunger and a few pumps. Another trick is to try pouring a baking soda and vinegar solution in the drain. When all else fails, contact Tureks Plumbing Services. Our team offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services throughout the Appleton, WI areas.

Clean Your Drains On A Regular Basis 

Check your plumbing drains for debris. It’s recommended that you clear them at least once a quarter. You can always hire a professional plumber for drain cleaning services. Getting your drains cleared will help you avoid plumbing disasters. It’s also a good idea to arrange professional drain cleanings once a year to avoid obstructions and keep your drains working smoothly.

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Reasons Not to Use Liquid Drain Cleaners

Wednesday, September 8th, 2021
reasons not to use liquid drain cleaners - Appleton plumber

Top Reasons Not To Use Liquid Drain Cleaners at Home

When your drain starts to become slow, your instinct may be to grab the liquid drain cleaner instead of calling a local plumber. Many Appleton plumbers can agree that liquid drain cleaners can cause more harm than good. In this article, our Tureks plumbers share the top reasons not to use liquid drain cleaners.

Say No to Liquid Drain Cleaners

Our experienced plumbers have a problem with chemical drain cleaners. To start, they are not suitable for cleaning drains, although marketing and advertising may have you convinced otherwise. There are plenty of other remedies for drain cleaning. Here’s why you should avoid liquid drain cleaners at all costs:

Drain Cleaners Are Toxic

The chemicals in commercial drain cleaners, particularly off-brand and low-cost variants, are extremely dangerous. The gases are harmful to your health and will irritate your nose and eyes. These fumes linger in the area where the chemical was employed for a long time after it has been disposed of. It’s safe to say these chemicals should not be going down your bathroom sink or shower drain. 

Drain Cleaners Damage Your Pipes

Chemicals in drain cleaners can cause harm to pipes while purportedly “cleaning” them. Hydrochloric acid is the primary ingredient in liquid drain cleaners. This solution eats at your pipes and can eventually cause serious plumbing problems. Our friends at Gilmore Heating, Air, and Plumbing, a plumber in Sacramento, agree that you would spend more money replacing your damaged pipes than you would have a professional come out in the first place.

Drain Cleaners Hurt the Environment

As we mentioned before, drain cleaners include harmful chemicals. As a result, they are extremely bad for the environment. Bottle residue ends up in landfills and can contaminate water, harming fish and other species.

Not an Effective Solution

What is the source of your drain clog? Drains can back up due to problems in the sewage system or broken pipes. Dumping chemicals down the drain will not solve these issues, just prolong them. Don’t waste your time or money on liquid drain cleaners. Contact Tureks Plumbing for professional plumbing services. Our team is happy to help, no matter what the problem. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing solutions in the surrounding areas of Appleton, Wisconsin.

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Why Hire Professional Drain Clearing

Wednesday, January 27th, 2021
Why Hire Professional Drain Clearing

Why Hire Professional Drain Clearing

There’s a lot of stuff you can successfully DIY around your house. There are, however, those that are best left to the experts, such as drain clearing. Yes, we live in the age of the Internet, where information is easily available, but DIY plumbing is costly and time-consuming. Fox valley plumbing companies agree that it’s worth hiring a professional. You may even end up making the problem worse. If you know that you have sluggish or failed drainage, foul or unwanted odors, gurgling noises, you should contact Tureks Plumbing Services. Our plumbers will fix your plumbing problems in no time. Are you not convinced? In the article below, we explain why hire a professional drain clearing expert

Safer Than DIY Plumbing

Yes, you can DIY some drain problems. Some common methos include a bent wire, boiling water, corrosive soda, etc. The most common method is chemical drain cleaners. When the old methods fail, people prefer to turn to chemical cleaners, which is like putting a bandaid on the problem or just make it worse. 

In fact, chemical drain cleaners form an acid in the pipe that corrodes the clog. The problem is that the acid does not know how to distinguish between pipes and clogs. Over time, this may lead to more clogs, leaks, or even abductions. Our friends at Maid for Muddy Paws, a house cleaning company in Magnolia, TX, agree that the more chemicals you use, the lower the life expectancy of your drain. Professionals provide safer, non-toxic, and greener options to unclog pipes, saving you a lot of time and money.

Locate Plumbing Problems

When you hire a Fox Valley plumber to handle the job, they’re not just clearing the clogs. They would also check and locate any possible plumbing problems in the drain – such as leaks, corrosion, scratches, and tears – that may be troublesome down the road. But if you were to DIY your plumbing problems, you’d probably just concentrate on removing the clog.

Prevent Future Drain & Sewer Problems

Clogging also occurs as a result of waste accumulation – including food particles, fats, paper, hair, and so on. These materials limit the flow of water, making it easier for you to deal with other cloggs. If you DIY, it’s probably not going to flush anything out of the drain, and it’s only going to be a matter of time before another clog occurs. Professionals, on the other hand, can use their job-specific equipment and supplies to clean your drain. They will also provide advice on how to maintain a clog-free drain for your peace of mind.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Of course, you get stellar services working with an Appleton, WI plumbing company because they are plumbing specialists. If you ever need drain clearing or other plumbing services, contact Tureks Plumbing. We offer 24/7 plumbing services throughout the Fox Valley cities and beyond. 

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What is High-Pressure Water Jetting?

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020
what is high-pressure water jetting? - Tureks Plumbing Services

What Is High-Pressure Water Jetting?

High-pressure water jetting also referred to as hydro-jetting, is a technique of unblocking and cleaning drains. It uses high water pressure to thoroughly clean drains that have been clogged. This technique removes even the toughest of blockages that may be in your pipes and drains. High-pressure water jetting completed by Tureks Plumbing Services in Appleton, Wisconsin, leaves your drainage system almost as good as new. You may, therefore, find yourself experiencing no problems with your system in the future. 

To help understand how high-pressure water jetting works, here’s a list of some of its benefits.

Hydro-Jetting is Versatile

This method of cleaning can be used to fix both commercial and domestic drainage-related issues. Our commercial plumbing company in Appleton, WI, utilizes state of the art technology to clear blockages from your drains using high-pressure water jetting. Additionally, the drainage engineers are trained and skilled, thus ensuring that there’s no risk of your drains clogging up in the future. 

It is an Effective Drain Cleaning Technique

While there are various traditional methods that can be used to unblock drains, none of them equal the effectiveness of high-pressure water jetting. Snaking or rooting a drain does not clean your drainage pipe fully, which leaves residue behind even after the unblocking has been done. Some residue types are sticky, and this may cause the pipe to block, again, explains our friends at Do It Right Plumbers, an OC drain cleaning company

On the other hand, using high-pressure water jetting to clean your pipes thoroughly ensures that no residue is left behind. This ensures the water flows in your pipes steadily and continuously with no hindrances. Contact an emergency Fox Valley plumbing company today for effective drain cleaning using this technique.

An Environmentally Friendly Option

While it may seem that hydro-jetting is a waste of water, this is a misconception. This is because little water is used, and it only looks like a lot because the pressure of the water in use is high. If you live near a water body such as a river or lake, many drain service providers will utilize water from the river or lake with added pressure to clean your drains. Water is a valuable resource for mankind, so an option that scarcely uses a resource is a better option to that which exploits a lot of the same resource.

In addition, Fox Valley plumbing experts assert that this method of cleaning your drains does not use any harmful chemicals. It, therefore, has no negative impact on the environment.

A Cost-effective Option

Using traditional methods, such as chemical cleaners, baking soda, vinegar, or hot water to unclog your pipes, is only a temporary fix. This only makes it more expensive to have your drain cleaned regularly. The use of hydro-jetting, on the other hand, is effective after one cleaning session. Additionally, it leaves no possibility of your drains clogging up in the near future. This makes it a cost-effective way to unblock drains. Tureks Plumbing Services provides this service at affordable rates; contact us today!

Cleaner Method of Cleaning Your Pipes

In comparison to traditional methods of cleaning your drains, high-pressure water jetting is cleaner, faster, and more efficient. Because it uses water pressure, it requires no chemicals or acid that leave a foul smell behind in your home or your business. Furthermore, the job is done quickly, which reduces the risk of many people getting exposed to possible contaminants. This makes it a cleaner technique for cleaning your pipes that poses no health risks. 

Hydro-Jetting Services in Fox Valley

Now that we are well informed on the various benefits of hydro-jetting, you should make sure you use hydro-jetting to unblock your clogged drains. Instead of contacting other companies that may prefer to use traditional sewer methods that may not be safe to clean your pipes, contact Tureks Plumbing Services to clean your pipes using hydro-jetting or trenchless sewer repair.

The method is effective, judging by the benefits mentioned above, so contact us for the best results!

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