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Tips to Make Your Bathroom Renovation a Success

bathroom renovation fox valley

Long winters and hot summers easily turn the bathroom into a complete nook of comfort for Appleton, Wisconsin homeowners. Your bathroom does not have to be just a functional space. With the latest trends in bathroom renovation we can help you create a place of serenity,  perfect for relaxation and comfort. A soak in a hot tub filled with aromatic and healing oils and Epsom salt, for example, can bring relief from headaches, muscle pains, and general exhaustion which we all feel from time to time. Heated floors will feel like a warm blanket on your feet in the winter, and properly laid out bathroom design can transform a place of function to a place of fashion.

These are just a couple of the reasons that a bathroom renovation is such a popular project among homeowners. They no longer want the room to be just a place where they do “stuff” — they want it to be the center of wellness at home. If you’re planning on renovating your bathroom, here are some professional plumbers’ and remodelers’ tips for getting the project done in a stress-free, cost-effective manner.

Bathroom renovation timeline

Remember that you use the bathroom — you need it every day. Determine where you’ll take a shower and do your other hygiene practices while the bathroom is under renovation. Create a schedule for the family if you have just one extra bathroom. Perhaps, you can also create a makeshift shower somewhere (like in the garden) so bathing won’t be an issue, especially during busy days. A bathroom renovation without plumbing work involved can take two to three weeks. If your bathroom renovation contractor is relocating or re-designing plumbing structure, four to five weeks is a reasonable timeline.

Choosing Grout

If you’re tiling your bathroom, remember the principles of choosing grout. Dark grout outlines the tile, makes it appear small, and also hides dirt. Grout in the same color as the tile blends in and makes tiles look larger. Also, for seems that are larger than 1/8 inch, it’s best to use sanded grout.

Another important task that involves grout is re-grouting the shower. It’s best to use admix as it’s stain-resistant (if you hate water marks around your shower) and waterproof. If you have a contractor doing the work, they will be able to go over your options with you and recommend the best plan of action.

Floor Tile Decisions

No matter what type of tile you decide to use in your bathroom, always over-order tiles because tiles come in lot numbers. So if you run short, the next box you pick may look slightly different. You never know when you might need to replace a tile down the line.

Water conservation tips for bathroom remodel projects

If you want to enjoy your bathroom more but you also want to reduce water consumption, ask your Fox Valley Plumber about the latest products on the market that offer “water controls” such as low flow shower, toilets and faucets. Inquire as well about energy-efficient strategies you can use for water heating. Plumbers are a great source of knowledge regarding bathroom remodeling products. In our case, Turek’s has plenty of experience in both. Our licensed plumbers and expert bathroom remodel designers work together to create the perfect functional and luxurious space.

Our last tip for you is, if there’s no window in the bathroom but you want bright lighting without installing a lot of fixed lighting, introduce more mirrors to the bathroom instead and find strategic locations for them. Mirrors will double the amount of light in the bathroom. We can certainly help you design and implement all of the ideas you have to create a bathroom you love.


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