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Why Flushable Wipes Are Causing Plumbing Problems

Why Flushable Wipes Are Causing Plumbing Problems

It’s true, flushable wipes are causing plumbing problems across Fox Valley 

Moist towelettes, wipes — it doesn’t really matter what you call them, but they’re great for staying sanitized. They’re so much better than regular tissues since they’re already wet; plus, they don’t scratch the skin. A lot of times, as well, they come with skin boosters like antibacterial components or vitamins; some are even come with a refreshing scent.

Where we see the most common plumbing problem is in homes where parents are using flushable wipes for potty training Toddlers.

We know, parents swear by flushable wipes for keeping their children clean and comfortable during this process. Typically we end up buy packs of them and while they are meant for toilet training they quickly become useful for cleaning everything from toys, counter tops, faucets, and many other elements in the space we are spending time working with our little ones. From there they get flushed. Why, because the package says FLUSHABLE. It makes complete sense. 

These wipes are not just turning up in pipes where little ones are present. We find that these plumbing hazards are bringing additional delight to germophobes across Fox Valley as well. However, as great as these disposable wipes are in keeping people clean, they are a significant cause of plumbing problems for a lot of places, including Fox Valley homeowners and Appleton, Wi residents.

Why flushable wipes are causing plumbing problems

  • According to our plumbing engineers who are tasked to deal with the problems caused by these flushable wipes, the material for this great cleaning tool is still not as biodegradable as your typical tissue paper, which actually still gets caught in plumbing pipes.
  • These wipes are woven so well that they don’t disintegrate easily, so they just collect in drains and build up into a huge bulk. They are not designed to tear quickly because they’ll be less effective as cleaning tools. Even deliberately tearing them is not easy – a child can get frustrated trying to rip them to shreds.
  • To make the problem worse, there are so many wipes on the market nowadays that claim to be “flushable” when they’re not. Of course, when they’re labeled flushable, people automatically ditch looking around for a trash bin nearby, and turn to the toilet for quick disposal.
  • Our master plumbers also point out that the term “flushable” is so casually plastered on packaging without any proof. Most manufacturers don’t hold great accountability for properly educating users on responsible wipes disposal. They don’t make important instructions as prominent as they could.
  • Another issue here is that there are no reliable groups that are constantly testing everything, from the said product to their packaging.
  • Lastly, a lot of people really don’t want to throw their soiled wipes in the trash. With this behavior, it certainly is no wonder these wipes are clogging up and damaging plumbing systems.

What can be done?

We are not saying flushable wipes are terrible and you should not buy them. We understand how convenient and useful they are. The easiest and smartest solution is simply to throw them in the trash. Other than that, there really is nothing more that can be done to prevent wipes from clogging up drains. However if you continue to flush them regularly, there will come a time where your toilets and tubs will get backed up. Trust us, we see it all too often. The plumbing professionals at Turek’s Plumbing are here to help you get rid of clogs and clear the problem through your main clean out. It’s not a complicated repair but it does take the tools and expertise of a professional plumber to repair. Save yourself the hassle and throw those things in the trash. 


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