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Common Issues Causing Water Heater Repair

water heater repairman

Without a doubt, a water heater repair is one of the most inconvenient home repairs. 

We don’t realize how absolutely miserable life can be until there is no hot water in the house.

Aren’t we fortunate to live in a time when we don’t need to heat up water at the stove in order to have a comfortable bath? How far we have come with technology is pretty amazing. In 2016 we tend to take for-granted  daily frequent water use, like washing our hands, or giving our kids a warm bath. You can attribute a water heater leak or breakdown to normal wear and tear most of the time, so it’s not anything unusual. As your local fox valley plumbers, one of our most common calls is for repair water heaters. Nonetheless, you still need to get it fixed right away in order to keep your everyday routine in tact. 

What are the common issues associated with water heater repair?

As plumbers, we are often called to address problems like leaks, strange sounds, and water temperature changes. For instance, if you notice a puddle forming around the bottom of the water heater, chances are the tank has sprung a leak. Water minerals corrode steel over time, so a leak usually means that there’s a crack somewhere along the interior of the heating tank and it’s time for a new one. Other times it’s a simple repair that may even be covered under the warranty of your water heater. It all just depends on the age of the system and volume of use over time. For this, you need to call your local plumber to install the replacement part or to help you choose a new water heater. Of course, a leak may originate elsewhere. At any rate, your plumber will tell you what the source of the problem is and what his recommended remedy is. 

When your water heater starts producing strange noises like whining, bangs, creaks, or squeals, you need to have it checked out by a plumber. Most of the time, those noises are due to sediment that settles at the bottom of the tank. When it comes into contact with the heating component, sounds produced by the debris heating up will be easily audible. To find out what’s really causing the noise and to conduct the necessary mending, call your plumber for a diagnosis.

Other signs of a troubled water heater

  • When your water heater is not reaching the heat temperature as it used to, this is a signal that your heater needs to be checked out. Look at your thermostat and see if it’s working properly. Whether the problem is with the heating tank or with the thermostat, your system requires inspection and possible repair.
  • If your water heater is not giving you hot water at all, then something’s obviously wrong. With gas heaters, the trouble usually involves a faulty pilot light; with electric tanks, it could be a tripped breaker. Your plumber will find out what’s causing the problem and let you know about appropriate fixes.
  • The most obvious need for water heater repair will come when you have flooding from your water heater. Although this is more of an extreme example, it does happen typically due to old age and overall system failure.  In this case, it is time to replace your water heater.

Anytime you need water heater repair, Fox Valley customers can count on Turek’s Plumbing to make an accurate diagnosis and deliver the appropriate fix.

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