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Plumbing Projects to Increase Your Home’s Value

Plumbing Projects

What Plumbing Projects Could Increase Your Home’s Value?

Whether or not you intend to sell your Appleton, WI home, it wouldn’t hurt to make some improvements. It’s important to note, not all home improvements have the ability to increase your homes value.

Among the home improvement efforts that can actually have a huge impact on your home’s market value are those that include plumbing, since plumbing is such an essential component in a comfortable and convenient life at home. As such, provided below are plumbing projects to increase your home’s worth:

Adding a New Bathroom

HGTV estimates an 80% to 130% return on investment from a new bathroom remodel. Why such value? People like the convenience of being able to take a bath or use the toilet whenever they need to. Bathrooms have become spaces to experience full comfort and relaxation. People have great appreciation for a well-designed bathroom that will provide them such an experience. And of course, the cost of bathroom implements is no joke. If they are high-quality provisions that offer multiple convenience features (such as “futuristic” toilets and senior-friendly hot tubs), and are combined beautifully with each other for optimum function, then the value they’ll create in the lives of people will be greater.

Kitchen Remodeling

Modern kitchens boost home values by anywhere between 5% to 10%; incorporating new gas appliances and improving plumbing to match a better floor layout can really enhance the value of the room. The kitchen remodelers that Applegate and Fox Valley residents trust advise placing the cooktop and dishwasher on the sink for a smoother flow of activities in the kitchen.

Replacing Old, Rusty Iron Pipes

Home appraisers pay great attention to plumbing when assigning value to a home. Directing money toward the replacement of old pipes on the property can boost the property’s market value. Heavy-duty plastic tubing is generally the more preferred option now. This type of tubing is much easier to maintain and homeowners won’t have to worry about rusty particles in the water.

These three plumbing projects are the most highly recommended to implement in order to boost the value of your property. These projects may seem complicated or daunting at first. But you can have the assurance that when you do decide to sell, you will get a solid return on your investment.

If you are looking for a plumber in Applegate, contact the professionals at Turek’s Plumbing today!

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