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Types of Plumbing Pipes

Plumbing Pipes

Types of Plumbing Pipes

Whether you are having a new house built or you are planning to have your current home remodeled, it is a good idea to know what your options are when it comes to building materials. This allows you to make a sound investment decision, anchored not only upon the price but other factors as well, including safety.

The same concept applies to your home’s plumbing. Whether there’s a burst pipe that needs replacement or a remodel, or you are planning to add a bathroom to the house, there are a few types of plumbing pipes that you can choose from.

Copper Pipes

Copper pipes rank as one of the most popular types of plumbing pipes because of their longevity and reliability. Initially introduced 80 years ago, many of these pipes still remain in use.

Another advantage of copper pipes is that these do not pollute drinking water. On top of that, these pipes are among the most sustainable because these can be recycled.

Cross-linked Polyethylene

Cross-linked polyethylene or PEX pipes are typically used for tricky retrofits, like situations where it can be difficult or costly to embed other types of pipes beneath walls. Because of the unique properties of PEX pipes, it is relatively easy for plumbers to snake these into walls. Some plumbers even use a single PEX pipe across entire houses while forgoing the need to create joints or soldering. On top of that, these pipes have a relatively long lifespan.

However, if you are considering using these pipes for your home, you have to be aware that there have been studies which suggest that the process of fabricating these pipes involves the use of a toxin commonly found in gasoline called methyl tertiary butyl ether. Traces of this toxins can be absorbed by the water as it passes through the pipes. The state of California, however, has approved the use of PEX pipes.

According to some experts, the new crop of PEX pipes available in the market is generally safer than older counterparts.

Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride

CPVC pipes have long been a favorite of avid DIY-ers because these are straightforward to install; practically anyone can use these, even without special tools.

Additionally, CPVC pipes have been available in the market for 40 years, attesting to the value these pipes offer. Using these pipes won’t affect the quality of the water in your home.

However, if you have eco-friendly leanings, be aware that these pipes produce a high amount of pollution during fabrication. Plus, these pipes cannot be recycled and require the use of chemical solvents, which are volatile.

Polypropylene Pipes

In terms of water safety, the number one name for that is Polypropylene pipe. Although PP has been used in Europe for 30 years, it is a relative newcomer in America. But despite that status, PP has a proven record of both durability and water safety.
Unlike other pipes, PP does not require the use of chemicals to join together different ends. However, these pipes have a steeper price tag and require the use of specialty tools.

If you would like more information about pipes available for your home, contact your Fox Cities Plumber at Turek’s Plumbing today!

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