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How Should You Handle a Plumbing Emergency?

Plumbing Emergency

How to Handle a Plumbing Emergency

Uh-oh, there’s a plumbing emergency. What now?

It’s a question all property owners will most likely face in at least one point in their lives. It pays to prepare and know the sure answer to that question in advance, so you’ll know how to act in case of such an unfortunate situation.

Understanding how to handle a plumbing emergency properly will allow you to prevent more serious consequences from happening and to avoid costly avoidable repairs. Here are some helpful tips to consider:

Thinking Ahead

You don’t have to wait for an emergency to happen before taking action. The moment you move into a house, make it your priority to get the number of a reputable plumber in your area. It doesn’t matter whether the plumbing system in your property is old or brand-new; unforeseen damage is possible whatever the circumstance.

Of course, it’s better if you also get to know the plumbing team better, aside from merely getting their contact information. Calling them on the phone or asking them to do maintenance work or to conduct a checkup will allow you to test their skills and reliability, allowing you to determine if you can count on them during more serious cases.  

When You Notice the Problem

A water leak is one of the most obvious manifestations of a plumbing problem, and should be addressed without delay. Aside from causing costly damage to your property and belongings, a leak can also lead to significant water waste, flooding and safety issues such as electrocution and fire due to water coming in contact with electrical wires. At the first sign of a leak, shut off the direct water source of the affected fixture. If you still can’t trace the leak, then turn off the main water supply to the house as well to see if that stops the water flow.  

Reporting the Issue

Other common causes of a plumbing emergency are connected to problems in the sewer and the main water line. If this is the case, then only your water company will be able to resolve the issue. Call the water company first so they can determine if the problem is related to their services. If it is, it should be handled by their office instead of an outside contractor.   

Before the Plumber Comes In

A good emergency plumber will be able to respond to your call through their 24/7 services. Before calling them, it’s best to gauge the extent and source of the problem through a quick ocular inspection. This way, you can provide more details when you call for help, allowing them to fix the problem faster.

If you are facing a plumbing emergency, and you need a plumber in Fox Cities, contact the professionals at Turek’s Plumbing.

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