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Components You Need in Building a Bathroom to Grow With Your Age


Components You Need in Building a Bathroom to Grow With Your Age

Different countries have different ways of investing in the care of its elderly population. For instance, in Japan, where the majority of the population is comprised of people above 60 years of age. Structures are especially built with elderly convenience in mind. This can be observed in most public bathrooms where every single implement is measured and placed strategically so that the elderly and individuals with mobility issues won’t have a hard time using the space. Therefore, if you’re thinking of building a bathroom to grow with your age, you should definitely take a cue from Japan’s bathrooms.

You might think that Japan’s bathroom designs would be challenging to translate in Wisconsin’s environment, but that need not be the case. Trusted bathroom remodel contractors that service Fox Valley and Applegate residents keep abreast with bathroom design trends for the needs of different homeowners — senior citizens included. You can discuss your requirements and preferences, and they’ll go about finding the appropriate solutions.

So, what design components must be present in a bathroom that will age well with you? Here are six features that are highly recommended by Wisconsin bathroom remodel specialists.

Automatic Lights

Eliminating one basic task is actually a huge convenience for everybody, especially the elderly. Not needing to fumble with switches, like when you’re in a hurry to go, is something you will appreciate greatly when you’re older.

Strategically Placed Grab Bars 

These are helpful for folks with balance issues due to aches in different parts of the body, or weakness. Also, they are highly functional because they can double as robe racks or towel holders.

Walk-in Bathtub 

These are musts because as you get older, you can benefit a lot from regular hot soaks to treat your aches and pains. A walk-in tub is a whole lot safer to use as well because it already comes with a seat. Getting in and out of the tub won’t be a big challenge, particularly when your knees are already wobbly.

Handheld Showerheads

Rinsing will be so much easier with these. You can make sure that you get that blast of water where it’s needed, even if you’re seated while bathing.

High Quality Toilet at a Comfortable Height

A great toilet that has some techy features is a fantastic investment. One with heated seats, an automatic electric bidet for both soaping and rinsing. You can also get a toilet with a tank that automatically lifts for easy cleaning, and water jets for “self-cleaning” can be purchased either online or from top home improvement stores. This toilet will make bathroom routines very comfortable and easy for you when you get older.

Textured Flooring

This will easily prevent slips and other accidents.

If you are looking for a great plumbing remodel contractor in Applegate, contact the professionals at Turek’s Plumbing today!

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