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Top 6 Trenchless Sewer Repair Benefits You Should Know

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

Trenchless sewer repair benefits

Top 6 Trenchless Sewer Repair Benefits You Should Know

Needing sewer line repairs on your property usually triggers groans from homeowners because of the inconvenience. However, new trenchless sewer repair technology is now available and you can opt for this modern way of fixing sewer line defects. Here are some of the key benefits of trenchless sewer repair that you can consider.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Is Less Invasive

Traditional sewer repair methods were a nightmare because of all the disruption that it would cause. For example, a large section of your yard can be dug up in order to fix a damaged sewer pipe.

Trenchless sewer repair has provided a solution to all this mess. In this method, only one or two access holes are dug and the repair is completed without further damage to your landscape. Ask a Fox Valley plumber about trenchless sewer line repair if you need sewer repair done.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Requires Less Time

Another major advantage of trenchless sewer repair is that less time is required to complete the project. An expert at Tureks Plumbing Services explains that there are two key reasons for this time-economy of the technique. First, the fact that minimal digging is needed saves time. Where plumbers need several days or weeks to dig up and then return the fill earth into the hole during traditional sewer repair, trenchless sewer repair needs just one or two access holes and the job can proceed swiftly.

The second reason why less time is required is that a significant portion of the work is done by machines rather than by humans. For instance, the process of inserting a liner inside a damaged sewer pipe is achieved using a machine. Traditional sewer repair often requires more man labor. For instance, workers will have to get inside the pipe in order to repair it, and this takes more time.

Trenchless Sewer Repair is Less Expensive

Initially, it is easy to conclude that trenchless sewer repair is more expensive compared to traditional sewer repair. However, a closer analysis shows the reverse to be true. For example, a plumber in Appleton, WI explains that traditional sewer repair may seem affordable but when you factor in the costs you incur to restore your yard to the state it was before the repairs, then the option doesn’t seem so affordable after all. The longer lifespan of the completed trenchless sewer repairs also spreads out the cost and makes the option affordable in the long run.

Higher Quality Work

Trenchless sewer repair utilizes high-quality materials that make the completed job better than traditional plumbing. For example, cured in place pipes (CIPP) are used to fix damaged pipe sections. These pipes have no seams. So, they stand a high chance of lasting much longer than metallic pipes which have joints. In fact, many trenchless sewer repair firms often say the pipes will last for 50 or more years! This is due to the high quality of the materials used during trenchless sewer repair.

Improved Sewer Function

The latest technology that is used during trenchless sewer repair ensures a successful repair. For instance, the seamless CIPP pipes used to remove the places where solids flowing through the system could snag and cause a clog to develop. You should, therefore, talk to a Fox Valley plumber about trenchless sewer repair if you would like a more efficient system once the repairs are completed.


As already mentioned, traditional sewer repair takes several days or even weeks to be completed. Can you imagine living in your home for all those days when you cannot use the toilet or shower? You will most likely find a temporary place to live, such as a hotel, while the plumbers complete the repairs. Such inconveniences can disrupt your life and make it harder for you to do the things that you normally do, such as focusing on your job while at work. Trenchless sewer repair spares you those inconveniences since the sewer system will be back to normalcy in a short time.

Trenchless sewer repair may not be appropriate for all situations. For example, the damaged pipe section may be on an undeveloped section of your property where traditional trenching wouldn’t cause any serious damage. It is therefore advisable for you to talk to an expert at Tureks Plumbing Services so that the suitability of this method can be ascertained.  

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