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Trenchless Sewer Repair – No Need to Dig Up the Yard

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless Sewer Repair | What You Need To Know 

If your sewer pipe broke, you should consider hiring a company that does trenchless sewer repair. This solution will certainly enable you to avoid the usual disruption and costs associated with the traditional method of sewer repairs. Traditional sewer repair normally involves digging trenches in your yard. This will mess up everything from your landscaping to your driveway and other structures that may stand above the damaged sewer lines.

The cost of traditional trenching usually includes payment for digging up the portion of street in front of your home. Sometimes the repair can even cause traffic to be rerouted to accommodate the work being done. This could mean anything from a few thousand dollars to more than $20,000 in sewer repair work. 

Trenchless Sewer Repair Options

The option of trenchless sewer repair has been available for about 15 years. Pipe lining and pipe bursting are the most common kind. A pipe liner or cured-in-place pipe is a flexible tube with resin coating. It is blown or pulled into the problem pipe and inflated. When the resin hardens, it results in a pipe within a pipe effect with the new pipe jointless and corrosion resistant. Pipe lining will result in the diameter of the lateral pipe being reduced by about a fourth of an inch, but this won’t impact its capacity to remove waste from the home. The method does require digging one hole for access. It also has some restrictions. For instance, it might not work if the lateral has joints or if it has collapsed.

Pipe bursting, on the other hand, is still possible even in the case of a collapsed lateral as long as there’s room for a cable to be dragged through the old pipe. This method involves pulling a new pipe through the damaged pipe, fracturing the latter outward in the process. This requires digging access holes on each side of the lateral pipe. Both pipe lining and bursting are proven effective and durable solutions for damaged sewer pipes.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Costs

Trenchless sewer repair costs vary depending on factors such as soil type, materials used, and how deep the pipes are buried. The work itself can be more expensive than conventional digging. Sometimes costing about 30 to 50 percent more. No dig sewer repair options are still the more cost effective option long term. There won’t be any need to spend thousands of dollars on restorative work.

There are situations, of course, that still call for trenching. Depending on the location as well as the condition and configuration of the pipes. If you are looking for the best advise for trenchless sewer repair in Fox Cities, call the plumbing professionals at Turek’s Plumbing


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