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Steps for a Bathroom Remodel Plan

Bathroom Remodel Plan

Necessary Steps for a Bathroom Remodel Plan

Are you considering a bathroom remodel plan to add value to your home and to incorporate your style preference? There are steps you need to take in order to ensure that you do achieve these ends and avoid having regrets later on.


Evaluate the existing space 

First, you need to study the bathroom and figure out what areas and features you would like to improve on. How’s the lighting? Do you want different mirrors? Would the room do better with a complete overhaul? By evaluating the space, you can get a better idea of how you want the renovation to turn out?


Compare with other homes 

You need to look into comparable homes in the neighborhood and see what they offer in terms of bathrooms. For instance, if all the other homes have only one bathroom, you could boost your home’s value by adding a second bathroom.


Consider your future plans 

Your plans would dictate what kind of renovation would make the most sense. For instance, if you plan to move in the next five years, a neutral upgrade to suit mainstream tastes is ideal; however, if you see yourself staying put for at least another decade, if not for life, then you can go ahead and remodel based on your personal tastes.


Determine your budget

Bathrooms can be really expensive to remodel. You don’t want to skimp on items either, especially the sink, the toilet, and other highly utilized features, so figure out what your budget is in order for you to make a practical plan. It’s also a good idea to pad your budget with 10 to 20 percent more money in case unforeseen problems arise. You never know what may be uncovered by your workers. If they find a leak, rot, unsafe wiring, or anything else that can’t be ignored, you’ll need the funds to address it right away as well.


Consult a professional

After you’ve worked out what you want and how much you can invest in the project, you’ll need to choose a contractor to hire. You want to work with one who has had plenty of experience installing bathroom features, from the flooring to the plumbing lines. It’s a good idea to consider contractors who have a showroom so you can have a good idea of the kind of work you can expect from them. Once you’ve picked a contractor, you can present your ideas and discuss what’s feasible, what’s not, and what alternative solutions you might want to consider.


Planning a bathroom remodel is much more involved than selecting pieces that suit your taste. It’s a highly technical undertaking, so it’s good to get a pro to weigh in on your ideas. If you are thinking about a bathroom remodel plan for your home, contact Turek’s Plumbing. 


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