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Don’t Depend on Chemical Drain Cleaners


When you’re in need of a plumbing solution, you’re going to want something that’s dependable. Chemical drain cleaners, especially the ones you buy at the grocery store, are just not dependable.

They don’t work particularly well, they’re bad for your health, they’re bad for the environment, and they’re just nauseating to use in the first place.

Compare this to calling a plumber for drain or sewer cleaning in Appleton, WI. Plumbers are fast, friendly, and reliable, and you don’t need to deal with hazardous fumes in the air or destroying the environment on your local property.

This blog is going to be dedicated to the problems associated with chemical drain cleaners, and why you should always count on a professional plumber to clear your drain clog. Whether it’s a routine drain or sewer cleaning, or you’ve got a particularly stubborn clog that needs to be taken care of, we can help!

They’re Acidic and Hazardous

You might see many warnings on these bottles–and for good reason. Many of them are caustic or acidic, which means they can burn you or cause an awful skin rash when they come in contact with your body. Since you’d use them in your kitchen or bathroom, that can be a likely possibility.

These are just bad to have around in the first place, especially if you have small children in your home. They’re just too unhealthy and dangerous to be kept around.

The Fumes Can Be Awful

The fumes from a chemical drain cleaner can be foul enough to make anyone want to leave that room alone. They can last for hours, days, and sometimes an entire week depending on how long they spend in your drain. These fumes can make allergies and asthma symptoms worse, and they can seriously ruin the aesthetic of your home.

Bad for Your Home, Bad for the Environment

Not only will drain cleaning chemicals eat through your pipes and be bad for your plumbing system, but they’re also bad for the environment. If they manage to leak out on your property they could kill your local plants and poison critters in the ecosystem around your home. This can be a dealbreaker for homeowners with a wonderful garden, or with landscaped plants that look beautiful in the spring or summer.

They Barely Even Work!

Don’t even get us started on the fact that most of the time, chemical drain cleaners don’t even work! It turns out that chemical reactions are one of the worst ways to have a drain clog dealt with, since depending on the material of the clog, it might take a very long time or be extremely ineffective. It takes time for chemicals to eat through a drain clog, and during that time they might eat through your pipes instead.

Regular plumbing tools like a plunger, a drain snake, and even a hydro jet are way more effective at this job. Pressure, friction, and water are great sources of power to remove clogging material no matter how stubborn they are.

Do yourself a favor and schedule a drain cleaning with Tureks Plumbing Services. Terrific People, Terrific Service.

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