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Vital Components in Determining a Kitchen Remodel Timeline

Kitchen Remodel TimelineHow to Determine a Kitchen Remodel Timeline

For many property owners, speed is a vital consideration for any remodeling job. Homeowners simply want the remodel to be completed fast as possible. And with how home makeover shows on TV get things done, many tend to believe that any home improvement project can be accomplished in just a matter of days. A fast kitchen remodel is the dream. This is possible if homeowners are willing to dole out a huge amount of money for manual labor. It truly will not be difficult to complete a remodeling project in just a matter of days.

But the reality is most homeowners do not have the same resources as popular reality home makeover shows. Thus, they need to plan the project carefully in order to control costs and establish an effective timeline. This is most especially applicable when planning a kitchen remodel. Timeline development is very important because having property work done can alter the efficiency of the household. This can also impact the quality of life at home.

Now, if you need to determine a kitchen remodel timeline, trusted remodelers in Applegate and Fox Valley, Wisconsin say it’s necessary to clearly identify the important factors that can really affect the speed of work. What are these factors?

Hiring the right remodeler

The first factor that can determine project timeline is the remodelers you hire for the job. Will you be hiring a lot of them or will you be sticking to just a few? If you hire more people for labor then you can expect the project to be completely finished within a month or even just three weeks.

It’s worth mentioning too that there are remodelers that utilize more advanced equipment that allow them to finish tasks much faster. Have a thorough consultation with remodelers and you can have a fair estimate of how long the project will last as well as how tasks are grouped into stages.

Consider your design carefully

The next factor is the design of the kitchen. If you’re thinking of a complete overhaul, this surely will require more time even with advanced equipment and more workers. Taking into account the design and the new installations the design requires will provide you a fair estimate of how long certain tasks will take to complete.


And the last component is the materials – you need to know when materials will be delivered. The delay in the arrival of certain materials can really mess up the schedule. Establish the schedule of when materials will be delivered. Know when you’re going to follow up on your orders to ensure that all the supplies necessary for the project will arrive even before they’re needed.

Determining the right kitchen remodel timeline is a vital part of your upcoming project. For additional tips on how to tackle a kitchen remodel in Fox Cities, contact the professionals at Turek’s Plumbing.

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