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Tips on Creating a Kitchen Floor Plan

Tips on Creating a Kitchen Floor Plan That Effectively Combines Style and Function

Kitchen – the heart of the home. Homeowners usually have a many ideas on how to make it the center of productivity and quality time for the family. But often, with all of the ideas they have on beautifying it and making sure it can do more for the family, the kitchen just turns into a mess of good intentions and “stuff.”

To restore order to this very important room, a kitchen floor plan is needed, says kitchen remodelers in Applegate and Fox Valley. In creating a kitchen floor plan, it automatically gets so much easier to combine style and function, or in the words of design gurus, “beautility.” To help you with this, here are tips on how to plan a smart layout for your kitchen.

Tip #1

Write down the different activities you commonly use the kitchen for. Do you love to cook and bake there? Does your family often hang out in it? Do you wish to have a bar there that will be the perfect spot for the parties you like to throw? It’s important to identify all these activities so you can also identify the best appliances and furniture to use for the space.

Tip #2

Triangle or Workstation? The triangle layout is highly efficient for movement in the kitchen, especially if it’s a small one. But if you’re adding more appliances to your kitchen space, the workstation may be more ideal.

Tip #3

If you’re going to install an island, determine how you can make it a more functional feature of your kitchen, particularly if it’s a big one. You want to make sure that for the amount of space it eats, more uses can be derived from it so activities carried out in the kitchen will have a comfortable and smooth flow. Some of the features you can add to an island are a wine rack, shelves for cookbooks, mini-fridge and dishwasher.

Tip #4

Don’t forget about strategic lighting. Strategic lighting  should always be included in floor planning. Proper illumination is necessary for the right ambiance, comfort, convenience and function.

Tip #5

Do check building guidelines in your area so your kitchen can be remodeled to code. TheNational Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) provides guiding principles in order to make kitchen and bathroom optimally functional. Refer to the guide to see if your layout ideas are compliant with the functional standards established by the experts.

With these tips, you can better organize your ideas for “arranging” your kitchen. The goal is to create a visually pleasing and productive section of your home. Before starting a kitchen remodel in the Fox Valley area contact Turek’s Plumbing for more kitchen floorplan ideas.



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