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Increase Your Home’s Value With a Kitchen and Bath Remodel

kitchen and bath remodel

How to Increase Your Home’s Value With a Kitchen and Bath Remodel

If you want to increase your home’s value, you need to start out by making a plan. Your upgrades should best be intentional and not impulsive, so list the changes and updates you want to achieve. Factor in your choices the duration in which you plan to live in the house. If you plan to sell soon, it’s a good idea to be guided by a realtor regarding improvements you should implement.

In making your list, be sure to categorize according to cost, both in time and money. It’s important that you be realistic and keep your financial limits in mind. Once you have your list categorized, figure out what’s doable.

With your plan in place, do your research on the potential returns of your intended improvements. Understandably, some will add more value to your home than others.

Now, if your budget only allows you to focus on a couple of areas in your home, the expert recommendation is that you do a kitchen and bath remodel. Any real estate professional will tell you that a kitchen upgrade brings in the greatest return. The bathroom, on the other hand, is a workhorse, so you need to remedy all the wear and tear it has suffered to ensure that everything’s in tip-top shape and looking great.

What can you do to upgrade your kitchen?

  • Change the paint. It’s simple, but the difference it makes is huge. You could also change the look of your cabinets using a faux-wood finish.
  • Install a new backsplash. New tile looks attractive and adds color to your kitchen.
  • Switch to stainless steel. This gives your kitchen a new, shiny, and modern appeal.
  • Put in a rolling island. This gives you adjustable storage and counter space.
  • Hang a pot rack and a wine bottle holder. This will allow you to display new pots and pans as well as an interesting assortment of wines, which will emphasize the functionality of your kitchen.

What can you do to beautify your bathroom?

  • Put in attractive faucets and switch to under-mount sinks. Drop sinks look dated.
  • Invest in a granite countertop. This should be cheaper than a kitchen countertop since it would be smaller.
  • Use wall mounts instead of overhead lighting. They are warmer and make the bathroom look more chic.
  • Install heated floors. These should win many buyers over if you’re looking to sell.
  • Improve the bath area. Consider installing a stone surround tile shower with body sprays. This will give your bathroom a Zen feel.
  • Freshen up your grout. Old grout usually causes the dingy look of a bathroom.

These kitchen and bath remodel ideas are sure to make your home look better while gaining value. If you are interested in a few remodel ideas, call your local Fox Cities Plumber at Turek’s Plumbing today!

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