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When to Replace Your Water Softener at Home

How to Know When to Replace the Water Softener at Home - Tureks PlumbingLike any of the other appliances that you have in your home, the water softener will also need to be replaced at some point. It is important for you to know when the time has come to replace this appliance. Most water softeners last for between 10 and 15 years, so if yours is more than a decade old, then you could consider replacing it. Apart from the age, there are other signs that you can base upon to make the decision to replace your water softener. Tureks Plumbing Services shares some of those warning signs.

Less Lather Than Expected

If you notice that you have to use more soap or shampoo in order to get enough lather while you take a bath or shower, then it may be time to replace the water softener since the current one isn’t doing a good job of softening the hard water.

Spotted or Stained Laundry

When you run your clothes through the laundry machine, and the clothes have visible white spots or stains, you can suspect that the water softener isn’t doing its work as it should and you may, therefore, need to be replaced. The spots you see are minerals that have remained after the water evaporated as your laundry dried.

This problem can also be seen on your dishes and pans since the same minerals making your clothes to look dirty are also present in the water used in the dishwasher. Consequently, if you see streaks on your dishes and other kitchenware, take that as a sign that the water softener may have become ineffective and it may be time to replace it or have a Fox Valley plumber check and repair it.

Deposits Around Faucets and Pipes

You also need to observe the pipes and faucets in your home. If you see crusty deposits on those faucets and pipes, then the water softener may not be doing its job. That chalky substance can gradually clog the pipes or even damage them.

Changes in the Taste of Water

If you have been drinking water directly from a faucet, you may start to notice that its taste changes to something you don’t like. That change may signify that the minerals which the water softener was removing are now remaining in the water because the water softener is no longer doing its work as it should. This suspicion may gain further credence if you notice any of the other signs discussed earlier.

Changes in the Water Pressure

If the water pressure at different points of use drops inexplicably, the problem may lie squarely with the malfunctioning water softener. The drop in pressure may be due to the mineral deposits in hard water accumulating on the walls of the pipes to the extent that water cannot flow through easily. Fox Valley plumbers advise that it is much better, in the long run, to replace the water softener instead of indulging in the futile task of repeatedly clearing the clogged pipes.

Too Much Salt

Older water softeners required the homeowner to keep topping up the salt that is used by the appliance to soften hard water. Appleton plumbers reveal that if you check your water softener and find that the supply of salt isn’t changing despite the water softener running, then that water softener may have reached the end of its usefulness and it may be time to replace it.

Dry and Itchy Skin

If your skin feels itchy and dry after a shower, then some dissolved minerals may be remaining in the water. This is a sign that the water softener isn’t as effective as it once was.

When to Replace Your Water Softener

The signs above are only indicative and may not be definitive proof that it is time to replace your water softener. This is because the problem may be fixed by servicing the appliance, or another cause may be responsible for the signs you see. For example, the metallic water pipes in your home may be rusty, which could explain the altered taste of the water in your home. The best way to confirm that your water softener is due for replacement is by asking an Appleton plumber from Tureks Plumbing Services to check the softener and determine whether servicing or repairing it may restore it to full functionality, or whether replacing it is the best option. Don’t live with the problems resulting from hard water flowing through your pipes, contact Tureks Plumbing Services for help today!

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