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How to Prepare Your Plumbing for Fall

how to prepare your plumbing for fall - Tureks Plumbing ServicesThe weather changes that occur during autumn bring several risks for the plumbing system of your home. Preparing your plumbing for this season will help to avert many of those potential problems. The following tips provided by the experienced plumbers at Tureks Plumbing Services in Appleton, WI, will get you underway with this task.

Insulate Your Water Pipes

When a pipe freezes and bursts, the resultant damage can cost you thousands of dollars to fix. The best way that Fox Valley plumbers recommend for preventing this problem is by insulating the water pipes so that they are protected from the cold.

You can buy self-adhering pipe insulation from a plumbing supplies store near you and install this insulation yourself. All you have to do is measure the pipe you want to insulate is and then cut the appropriate length of insulating material.

To make this activity as easy as possible, experienced Appleton plumbers suggest that instead of trying to insulate all the pipes in one day, spread out this work over several days.

Pay special attention to the outdoor water pipes and those in spaces that aren’t conditioned, such as the basement, since these are most prone to freezing during cold weather.

Disconnect the Hose

Now is also the time to disconnect all the water hoses outside your home. Drain those hoses and keep them in your garage or any other sheltered place in your home. Check the faucets to which the hoses were connected and repair any leaks to those faucets before the cold weather sets in.

This is also the time to turn the shutoff valves off so that the pipes supplying the garden hoses don’t retain any water in them. Any water that remains in these pipes could freeze and make the pipe burst.

Clear the Drainpipes and Gutters

Falling leaves and other debris are a threat to the drainpipes and gutters on your home because they can cause clogs that prevent water from flowing freely from the roof and away from your house. It is therefore important for you to inspect and clean out the gutters and the drainpipes so that they can do their work when the time comes.

If you are unable to clean the gutters and drainpipes on your own due to mobility challenges or safety concerns, ask Tureks Plumbing Services for help.

Inspect the Water Heater

The onset of cold weather means that your water heater will be working extra hard to keep your household supplied with the hot water .

Appleton plumbers recommend that you inspect and service the water heater so that it is at its best before the cold weather sets in. Flush the water heater and get rid of the sediment at the bottom of the tank.

Test the pressure relief valve and confirm that it is functional. Also, look underneath the heater to confirm that there are no puddles that could suggest that the water heater is leaking.

You can also check the anode rod if you hadn’t checked and replaced it recently. This component plays an important role in preventing your water heater tank from corroding since the anode sacrifices itself so that the water heater tank can remain intact. If you have a tankless water heater, then you don’t have to worry about sacrificial anodes.

Now might be a perfect time to ask your local Fox Valley plumber to examine your water heater. Tureks Plumbing can help you with any water heater repairs or replacements that are needed. Remember, it’s best to detect these plumbing problems sooner than later.

Service the Sump Pump

The sump pump plays an important role in preventing your basement from flooding by pumping out all the water that accumulates in the sump pit. This pump and any auxiliary pump in your basement need to be at its best to cope with the potential deluge of water entering the basement when the rainy season starts.

Check the discharge line and confirm that it is clear. If you test the pump and it appears to be having a technical problem, invite a plumber from Fox Valley Plumbers to check and fix any issue it may have.

It takes a lot of skill and care to prepare your plumbing system sufficiently for fall. This task is better handled by professionals, and the experienced plumbers at Tureks Plumbing Services are at your service. Give us a call today, and we will take care of your commercial or residential plumbing needs just in time for winter. 

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