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2021 Kitchen Trends

2021 Kitchen Trends

2021 Kitchen Trends

More and more Fox Valley homeowners are starting home projects because they’re spending more time at home. Who could blame them? We’re here for all the kitchen and bathroom remodel projects! That being said, renovations can be time-consuming and costly without the right help. Below, we’ve shared a simple guide to 2021 kitchen trends.

With trendy new kitchen brands popping up left and right, there are plenty of creative design concepts and clever twists to improve your home. We hope this guide inspires you or helps you during your home remodel. You can always count on Tureks Plumbing for home remodeling services in Appleton, WI

Marble Counters

We currently love marble. Whether you want a minimalist or modern look, this next-level style will elevate the space and increase your home’s value. 

Wood Finishes

Another common trend we’re seeing is wood finishes. Exposed wood beams, wooden cabinets, oversized islands, and accents warm up the room, bringing earthy tones to the space. 

Moody & Dramatic

Now more than ever, moody and dramatic kitchens are in demand. Many Fox Valley homeowners are incorporating dark accent walls, dark cabinets, or dark pieces. If you’re going for a modern-rustic feel, we recommend textured woods and black accent colors. 


Those who aren’t into the moody and dramatic kitchen elements are for the colorful and warming kitchen trends. A little color goes a long way. Here are our favorite ways to add a pop of color into the kitchen: paint colored kitchen islands, window treatments, and appliances. If you don’t plan on selling your house, then go wild! However, if you’re not in your forever home, consider adding items that are non-permanent, like art or chair cushions.

Not One, But Two Islands

Moving towards larger kitchens and open-concept rooms, the kitchen island has become the focus of many kitchens. If you’re interested in a modern and luxurious kitchen, double islands are an excellent addition. Not to mention the additional storage. 

Smart Home Design

As we advance in technology, we learn more ways to live efficiently. If you plan on remodeling your kitchen, you might as well add smart home technology to it. Today, there are plenty of smart appliances that will make your life so much easier. Our friends at Specialized Audio and Video, a smart home automation company in NorCal, agree that homeowners everywhere need this technology. It adds a modern look and feel, not to mention resale value is tremendous. Some features you may like include smart ovens, smart fridges, smart dishwashers. You can save time, money, and energy when you have a smart home design. 

Gold Finishes

Did you know that the sinks and appliances are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes? Yep! Anything your heart can imagine. Of course, nongeneric appliances and sinks will cost more than traditional ones. However, if you’re going for a unique and custom kitchen, adding gold finishes will truly enhance the space. 

Unique Lighting Fixtures

If you’re looking for an affordable way to improve your kitchen, start with light fixtures. You’d be surprised to see how different the kitchen looks when you change out the light fixtures. Make sure to choose a fixture that fits the theme of your kitchen as well as the space.

Contact Tureks Plumbing 

When you need bathroom or kitchen remodeling services in Appleton, WI, contact Tureks Plumbing. We provide excellent remodeling services and have many years of experience in home renovations. Call us today for a free estimate.  

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