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How to Locate Your Sewer Cleanout

sewer cleanout - Tureks Plumbing ServicesThe sewer lines on your property are important pieces of infrastructure because they move wastes and water away from your home. It is therefore essential for you to maintain this system so that it gives you years of trouble-free service. One of the crucial things you should know is the location of the sewer cleanout valve from where you can remove any debris and waste which could clog the system. The experts at Tureks Plumbing Services recommend that you use the following measures to locate this crucial component of the sewer system.

Refer to the Engineering Plans of Your Lot

The cleanout port is an above-ground vertical pipe that drops to the main sewer line on your property. Fox Valley plumbers explain that this vertical pipe usually has a plug at its top to prevent debris from falling into the main sewer line. When an Appleton plumber wants to unclog the sewer line, he or she will most likely start by opening the cleanout and pushing a plumbing snake into the sewer pipe. If you cannot tell the plumber where to find this pipe, then you could pay more as the plumber spends time to search for this fitting.

The first step that Appleton plumbers recommend that you take in your quest for the location of the cleanout access port is by examining the engineering drawings of your home. These documents will point out the different components of the plumbing system, including the location of the cleanout port. Follow the directions given in the plans, and you will find the cleanout port long before the need to use this fixture arises.

Check the Likely Places

Not every homeowner has access to the engineering drawings of the property, especially if it is an older home. In that case, don’t give up on finding the location of the cleanout port. Instead, start your search from the most likely places where this component could be located.

For example, plumbers in Appleton, WI, suggest that you go outside your home to the side where the bathroom is located. Once there, start your search as you move away from the foundation towards the street. You are likely to see this pipe projecting out of the ground.

Plumbers from Tureks Plumbing Services have also seen several homes where the cleanout port is either located in the basement of the house, or it is hidden behind drywall. This is especially likely in homes that are found in cold areas since putting the cleanout indoors prevents it from freezing up during cold weather. Check these places as well and be careful while cutting bits of drywall to avoid damaging electrical wires installed within the walls.

Get Professional Help

If you cannot locate the cleanout after reading the engineering drawings of the home or by searching the places where cleanouts are usually located, it is time to ask Tureks Plumbing Services for help. Our trained professionals have the knowledge and experience to find the cleanout in a short time without tearing up large sections of the drywall or other components of the home during the search.

Once we locate the cleanout, we will use the most appropriate tools to open it and clean it so that the sewer system can function optimally again. So, why bother with this unpleasant task when you can leave it in the capable hands of our professionals? Give us a call today!

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