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What Kitchen Countertop Should I Choose?

kitchen countertops - tureks plumbing servicesWhen it comes to the overall look of your kitchen, color is almost the single determinant of what you will end up with after a remodel project. For that reason, the home remodel contractors in Appleton, WI put together the following general guide so that you can choose the right countertops for your kitchen.

Softly Veined or Flecked White Kitchen Countertops

White or off-white is a very popular color among people who opt for natural or manufactured stone kitchen countertops. The multi-tonal grain or flecks give the countertop a subtle natural richness.

If you plan on having a traditional kitchen, softly veined or flecked white is the ideal color rather than stark white. Stark white competes for dominance with other features, but the flecked or softly veined white countertop tones down the other dominant features without directly drawing attention to itself.

This color is also ideal for people who want to strike a balance between having a white countertop without having to see each speck of dust or crumb clearly visible. The flecks and soft veins tone down the white color and hide some of the particles which inevitably land on the countertop.

Pure White Kitchen Countertops

It is hard to find a countertop which is pure white if you want natural materials, such as stone. Pure white is more easily available in manufactured materials. Don’t worry about maintaining a pure white countertop as these manufactured materials resist stains and need minimal care. Go for a pure white kitchen countertop if you love crisp, modern kitchens.

People with small kitchens would also be well advised to select a kitchen countertop that is pure white. This is because such a countertop will create an illusion of expansiveness in that small space.

Tureks Plumbing Services also recommends a pure white countertop if your kitchen has other bold materials and finishes, such as cabinets made from dark wood. The pure white countertop will break the dominance of those bold features and create some type of contrast. They’ll also bringing some brightness to the darker tones in the kitchen.

The nautical blue and white color combination are still popular, and a pure white countertop matches well with this color scheme. The countertop will pop beautifully since the blue features will make it stand out a little more.

Woody Colors Kitchen Countertops

Wood comes in many variations of color, and you can select one of these wood colors for your countertop. For example, wood in lighter colors is good for a countertop in a kitchen whose owner wants a casual or rustic atmosphere.

Home remodel professionals in Appleton, WI also suggests that you go for a countertop made of wood if your kitchen already has other elements made from wood. 

If you have pure white cabinets, Fox Valley plumbers report seeing wooden countertops creating a warm effect on the stark white cabinets. Wood is also a good material for a countertop if you would like your kitchen to have a warm and approachable feel to it.

Finally, some people just love wood and cannot get enough of it. If you are one of those people, by all means, get a wood countertop and satisfy your love for this versatile and timeless material!

Black or Dark Colors Kitchen Countertops

For those of you who love dark colors, you aren’t left out if it is time to remodel your kitchen and get a new countertop. You can opt for a dark or black countertop if other features of the kitchen are dark and you would like everything to blend in.

If you have brightly colored cabinets, a dark countertop can bring a dark hue to this atmosphere and the countertop will really shine. Also, for those who want a unified black and white kitchen color theme, a dark or black countertop will fit in perfectly.

There is no shortage of countertop colors, so you should not limit yourself while imagining what your perfect kitchen should look like. Our home remodel professionals at Tureks Plumbing Services will be on hand to bring your dream to reality, so don’t hesitate to reach out for our help!

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