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How to Deal with Tree Root Problems

How to Deal with Tree Root Problems

Majestic trees never fail to boost curb appeal. They look grand and beautiful, and they also provide shade and protection from the wind. In some cultures, they symbolize longevity and abundance. They are also sources of sustenance for animals and humans.

However, trees can be the source of problems too, especially when their roots grow into underground structures, or they spread wide and compromise the stability of above ground fixtures. There are many tree root problems, but perhaps one of the most inconvenient is the way they damage underground plumbing systems. Households suffer from clogging and backflow due to roots growing into pipes and septic tanks. They can also cause flooding when pipes crack due to the pressure of invasive tree roots.

Getting rid of tree root infestation in sewer lines or underground plumbing structures is imperative. According to a plumbing company that services Applegate and Fox Valley, Wisconsin residents, there are some effective methods that can be tried, but they all need to be executed by experienced professionals.

  1. Using a mechanical auger

A powered sewer auger is sent down the sewer line with a rotating spiral head with teeth that cut the roots easily. This is effective in cutting down some roots and clearing the sewer line some. However, this doesn’t guarantee that the roots won’t grow back in, so this method of root removal would have to be done frequently, which is rather inconvenient.

  1. Poisoning roots with copper sulfate crystals

This is a highly recommended method for making sure roots don’t grow back. Copper sulfate crystals create a poison zone within the soil outside the pipe and this prevents roots from growing into the sewer because they die in the process.

* Other chemicals have a similar effect; foaming root killers work similarly to copper sulfate crystals and not only kill roots but also prevent regrowth.

  1. Blasting roots away with a hydro jetter

A hydro jetter can blast away roots so chemicals can be applied properly to kill off any roots still present in the plumbing system. Using this is effective but expensive.

Repairing damaged plumbing systems is costly, so in the future, take preventive steps against tree root infestation. If you’re thinking of growing trees in your garden or lawn, find out first where your utility lines are and make sure to plant away from those structures. Likewise, choose tree species that don’t have invasive root systems such as Amur maple, American hornbeam, Adam’s crabapple tree, and Cornelian cherry dogwood.

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