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Do Not Flush These Objects Into Your Toilet

There are only two things that need to be flushed down a toilet: human waste and regular toilet paper.

There is one reason why a clogged toilet is one of the leading plumbing problems in a household. People throw things into the toilet that they shouldn’t.

Some people think of the toilet as another trash can where they can dispose of anything they like. But when you throw foreign objects into the toilet, you will not only cause clogs in the toilet. Apart from that, you can experience other problems like damage to the septic tank and pollution. Furthermore, you will need to spend money to fix these problems.

What are the objects that you should not throw into the toilet?

Food and cooking oil/grease

Some homeowners think that it is all right to throw grease into the toilet because it is a liquid. However, grease can congeal when it cools down. And when that happens, the solidified grease can clog the pipes.

Cleaning pads and wet wipes

Plumbers from around the country have seen a marked increase in toilet clogs and backups in sewage pipes. The culprit? Wet wipes.

Instead of throwing used wipes into the toilet, find a trash can and throw these there.

Dental floss

Dental floss is non-biodegradable. Over time, as more of this item accumulates in the toilet, it can cause clogs.

Cotton balls and Q-tips

Cotton does not break down after you flush it down the toilet. Instead, it accumulates and forms clumps which then cause clogs, especially in areas where the pipes bend.


Diapers expand when these are put underwater, making them difficult to flush down toilets. However, if you manage to flush one, it can get caught in the bend of the pipe and cause a clog.

Expired pills

If you find expired pills in your medicine cabinet, do not flush these down the toilet. Although these will not cause the toilet to clog, it can cause water pollution. And when the water you flush down the toilet finds its way to the groundwater supply, it can harm wildlife.

Tissues and paper towels

If you prefer to use paper towels and tissues, do not throw these into the toilet. Unlike regular toilet papers, these do not dissolve in the water.

Cigarette butts

If you must smoke in a bathroom, dispose of your cigarette butts properly. When you throw cigarette butts into the toilet, these will simply float on the water. And when the water flushed down the toilet gets to the groundwater supply, that water will be loaded with lots of harmful chemicals.

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