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6 Stylish Bathroom Vanities with Great Storage

bathroom vanities with great storage

6 Stylish Bathroom Vanities with Great Storage

You don’t have to choose between style and storage space if you are shopping for a vanity for a powder room or bathroom with limited space. Designers have come up with stylish vanities that provide ample storage for all the necessities that you need to have in your powder room. In this article, you’ll discover some of the most popular vanity designs that Fox Valley plumbers have seen in bathroom remodels.

Downscale to a Child-Sized Vanity

You don’t have to place a full-sized vanity in a bathroom used by kids. Match their stature by scaling the vanity down to a miniature version fit for a small kids’ bathroom. For example, the width of the vanity can be no bigger than the size of the sink at the top of that vanity. Two drawers can be located just below the sink and bigger shelves can house larger items, such as towels. The child-sized vanity can store enough supplies for two kids!

Barrel Vanity

A barrel-shaped vanity can also take sleekness to a whole new level when it is installed as a space-saving option. The barrel shape provides more vertical storage space while limiting the horizontal footprint of the vanity. The beauty of such vanity is that its doors open to an angle that exceeds 90 degrees, so it is possible for you to make maximum use of the space inside without fearing that the door will limit your access to the stored items.

Modern Minimalism

If space is at a premium in your bathroom, then opting for a minimalist approach when selecting a vanity will do wonders for you according to the small bathrooms seen by plumbers from Tureks Plumbing Services.

A vanity made in this style features plenty of space on the countertop where you can keep your toiletries and a soap dispenser. An open shelf above the cabinet can do a good job of creating an impression of spaciousness instead of closed cabinetry that may highlight how small the bathroom is.

Go Furniture-Style

Do you own a vintage home that you would like to get a vanity that matches the style of that home? A furniture-style vanity can provide incredible storage for the small bathroom and add provide visual appeal to that space. For example, a compact 30-inch-wide furniture-style vanity with several cabinets and drawers will store sufficient supplies for the couple using the master bedroom for whom the powder room is being outfitted.

Classic Chrome Console

Another way to make the most of a small bathroom is by getting a console vanity which is no more than 30 inches wide and approximately 32 inches tall. A bottom shelf can provide more storage space underneath the console. The console bases leave plenty of room underneath the console, so your bathroom will look roomier. The bonus? This style of vanity gives the home a traditional look.

Customized Cottage Vanity

Some bathrooms are so small that it is not possible to get a store-bought vanity into them. For such situations, a site-built vanity is a feasible option with a small but versatile vanity being made to fit within the available space. A Fox Valley plumber describes one such cottage vanity as being quartz-topped. The countertop holds soap and toiletries. Just below the countertop is a toilet tissue holder, and the storage space is completed by an open shelf below the toilet tissue holder. The shelf has ample space for keeping towels. This cottage style is easier to pull off when the vanity is made at a time when the entire house is being remodeled to that style.

Whether you are buying ready-made or have the resources for a custom-made vanity, there is always something to provide great storage in your powder room while also meeting your stylistic requirements. If you need sections of the storage to be fitted around plumbing fixtures or pipes, Tureks Plumbing Services is happy to drop by and give their professional opinion on how the vanity can fit without endangering the plumbing.

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