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George the Handsome Pumpkin


There lived a large orange pumpkin named George. George was the most handsome pumpkin in all the land (at least he thought)…IMG_8612

Every year Halloween came around and George waited patiently in the patch hoping and wishing someone would finally take him home. He had spent months working on his figure. Dieting like everyone said to do, twisting and turning in the sun to catch the best tan, and getting plenty of sleep at night. But it always failed. Every year, the kids would walk right past him and neglect to pick him up. But this year was his year. George could feel it!

October 30th rolled around & George could see little Jesse Fernwicky walking towards him about 10 ft away. George pulled his stomach in tight, tucked in his shirt, and crossed his toes. Jesse walked past him, scoping him out, judging him from every angle and then finally, SNAP! Right off the vine he went. George was the one! “Yippee,” George yelled! This was his time to shine. Little Jesse brought George home & proudly showed him off to his friends at school. The next day, Halloween Eve, Jesse was ready to carve George into the most perfect design.

George couldn’t wait! This is what he signed up for, the gutting, the carving, & the candle lit evening. As Jesse doodled on the best looking face and peeled the top off of his handsome looking pumpkin, George felt all his gooey insides tingle. “Yes,” George thought to himself. “This is finally it!”

IMG_8614Jesse reached inside and squished all the stringy guts between his hands, handed them to his mom and started carving away. But THEN you’ll never believe what happened next! What did Jesse’s mom do? She took George’s sticky insides and washed them right down sink!!! George absolutely couldn’t believe it. He only dreamt of having his seeds roasted and his innards turned into pumpkin pie. “What was she doing?” George thought.

What Jesse’s Mom didn’t realize was that George the handsome pumpkin was NOT going to take this abuse. George was going to get revenge. He was not going to put up with being simply thrown down the drain and forgotten about. So what did George do? He clung on. He made himself even stickier and coated all of the drains clogging up Mrs. Fernwicky’s sink.

“That was brilliant move,” George said to himself. “Nobody will forget about me now.”

Well, lo and behold, what happened the next day?? Jesse’s Mom had to call the plumber. George  definitely had made his point. Ring Ring “Hi yes, I need someone to come out as soon as possible. My drain is clogged from pumpkin guts.” Plumber on the line, “Oh sorry, no, we don’t do Sunday calls. We actually don’t have the equipment for that. You’ll have to call someone else.” “Well that was helpful,” Jesse’s Mom thought, “Not…”

So Mrs. Fernwicky flipped through the Yellow Pages and found Turek’s Plumbing. Ring Ring. “Hi, this is Tureks Plumbing, how can we help you?” Mrs. Fernwicky says, “I just called another plumber. They were no help. My drain is clogged, I know it’s Sunday, but I really need my sink today.” Turek’s, “Oh Mrs. Fernwicky, that is not a problem. We have 24/7 Emergency service and all the right equipment to take care of the job. We’ll be out there as soon as possible. Thanks for giving us a call!”

A few minutes later, Turek’s Plumbing showed up at the door, just like they said, and had the sink back in commission in no time.


Don’t let George take over your sink & garbage disposals next weekend. Otherwise, you’ll be the one calling Turek’s Plumbing. Throw your pumpkin guts in the garbage or check out many other uses for pumpkin here! http://www.brit.co/things-to-make-with-pumpkin-guts/ Have a safe, fun Halloween!

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