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Common Sump Pump Problems

common sump pump problems - Fox City plumber

Common Sump Pump Problems

Though spring is historically a season of heavy rains and flooded basements, we can also see this in the cold winters in Appleton, WI. If you’re not prepared accordingly, the weather can ruin your home. Older homes are more susceptible to water damage and such. Therefore, it can be hard to keep the basement dry. A sump pump is necessary for keeping out water. Since Winsconsin gets a lot of snow and rain, you’ll need to maintain or even replace your sump pump if necessary. To avoid wear and tear on your sum pump, read below where our plumbers in Appleton, WI, discuss the common sump pump problems.

Always Running

If your pump is running all the time, or even just running when there’s no excuse for it, it’s a warning that something is wrong. All this overwork will cause your pump to wear out prematurely. If your sump pump is always running, it may be that the switch is stuck or a broken valve. However, the issue may also be that there is constant flooding that you are not aware of or that the pump just isn’t the right size. Consult a specialist and have them come out and address the problem as soon as possible.

Missing the Lid

A missing lid on your sump pump is just asking for debris build-up. This can cause problems by blocking the pump and jamming the switches. If your pump is clogged or stuck, our registered plumbers are happy to help. Contact us for a sump pump repair and we’ll get it up and running in no time. 

Noisy Sump Pump

All of the sump pumps make some noise while they’re running, but any odd sound is usually not a good sign. There may be thuds, thumps, rattling, grinding, or gurgling, much of the time, also suggesting problems with the engine. Fortunately, the engines can typically be fixed. Our plumbers will let you know if you need a sump pump repair or a replacement

Dry Sump Pump Pit

If your pump is running, but the pit is empty, the problem is with your pump or drainage system. The pump and the system should operate together, but if the pit is dry, the drain system can be blocked. Our friends at Gilmore Heating, Air, & Plumbing, a plumbing company in Sacramento, point out that the pump was improperly mounted. 

Search for a Plumbing Company Near Me

As mentioned above, a well-functioning sump pump is necessary for avoiding water damage. If you’re having trouble figuring out what the problem is with your sump pump, it’s time to contact a professional. No matter the plumbing needs, you can rely on Tureks Plumbing. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Appleton, WI, and surrounding areas. 

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