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Why Hire A Licensed Plumber

Why Hire a Licensed Plumber

Why Should You Hire a Licensed Plumber?

One of the most critical aspects of your house is its plumbing system. It’s probably the last thing you think of while it’s functioning. When it fails, though, everyday routines are disrupted. After all, when toilets back up, chaos ensues.

Homeowners will take considerable measures to have their plumbing service in Appleton WI back up and running as quickly as feasible. Some even try to do the repairs themselves. But, unfortunately, this might result in poor repairs and substantial house damage.

Hiring a qualified plumber does not ensure that a plumbing repair will go well. It does, however, provide you with more security than the individual conducting the task has the necessary knowledge and competence for the assignment. Why?

  • Licensed plumbers do hundreds of hours of apprenticeship training. This allows students to acquire the skills required for the job from experienced and certified plumbers before obtaining a license.
  • Plumbers must be skilled in arithmetic, mechanics, and manual dexterity. They must also be adept at problem-solving.

The procedure of becoming a licensed plumber differs by state. After completing the requisite hours in an apprenticeship program, they are entitled to apply for their license via the state contractor’s board. They must do the following to earn their license:

  • You must pass a criminal background check.
  • Complete any extra training needs.
  • Pass a difficult plumbing contractor test
  • They must register and submit their company name.
  • Provide the board with evidence of business liability insurance.
  • Complete the board’s yearly continuing education requirements.

Because liability insurance is one of the requirements for being a certified plumber, you and your property are insured against any plumbing mishaps or damage suffered during the plumbing repair.

Hiring an unlicensed plumber poses various hazards to the unwary homeowner:

  • Many states have regulations prohibiting the employment of unlicensed contractors. Unfortunately, this implies you might face prosecution or become a witness in criminal or civil proceedings involving the unauthorized person.
  • Incorrect plumbing repairs may be hazardous to your health and cause serious injury and/or major property damage.
  • Unlicensed plumbers are more prone to make plumbing errors and/or act unethically.

Before selecting a professional plumber, make sure they have a valid state plumbing license, liability insurance, and workers compensation insurance. Additionally, ensure that they are linked. Many states maintain contractor verification websites. You may also ask about complaints and current cases by contacting the Better Business Bureau or the Consumer Protection Agency.

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