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Sump Pumps Save Basements

Hey readers! We know you probably weren’t expecting a PSA from your favorite plumbing company, but we thought this announcement needed a shoutout. Sump pumps, these systems are absolutely vital for certain homes in our area, but we’re always surprised by how little attention they get.

Especially during the springtime when April showers start flooding certain neighborhoods, a sump pump can be the difference between a nice day and a panic event as water floods your precious basement.

We’re not here to push anyone into purchasing a sump pump in Appleton, WI. Instead, we’ll let this little system speak for itself and tell you why you might want to purchase it.

For anyone who experiences basement flooding, or who has a finished basement they’d like to protect at all costs from water damage, this blog post might be the deciding factor in whether you invest in a sump pump or not.

Why Sump Pumps Are Important

Sump pumps do the important job of funneling water away from your basement when it would otherwise flood. This is vital, because flooding can happen at any time of the year and for whatever reason.

In the spring, a flood can occur due to the sheer amount of ice and snow that will begin to melt. In the summer or fall, you’ll get flooding due to other weather events causing pouring rain and shifts in the climate. For instance, things like hurricane season, or a Nor’easter off the coast will cause major spikes in weather patterns that can lead to heavy rain for days.

The nice part about investing in a sump pump is the fact that it will always protect your home, no matter what season it is. As long as it’s working properly, you don’t have to care that much about the rain patterns outside.

The Drawbacks of a Sump Pump

So, if you’re interested in this kind of system, you might be wondering about the drawbacks.

Well, from a technical standpoint, there are no drawbacks of owning a sump pump. They work behind the scenes to keep your home safe and as long as they’re maintained properly, they have an excellent track-record of working. They don’t involve any harmful byproducts or anything else.

However, the one drawback of a sump pump is the fact that it’s quite an expense to invest in and maintain in the first place. That’s unavoidable and a part that we know can be a dealbreaker for many homeowners. But we’d like them to think about it as preventative!

The Cost of Preventative Service

Look, when you’re paying the cost of a sump pump installation, what you’re really doing is paying expenses now to avoid paying more later. A flooded basement will cost you money to fix, and your priceless heirlooms or antique furniture will likely lose you a lot of money when they’re ruined by the flood.

A sump pump is a preventative tool that requires a down payment to install, but it will reduce the emergency funds you’ll need to have in the future by stopping a flooding basement from being one of the major problems you’d normally have to deal with.

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