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DIY Plumbing or Hire a Professional?

DIY Plumbing

DIY Plumbing or Should I Hire a Professional?

The DIY route’s main charm is the promise to save you money; by not hiring the pricey services of the professionals, you truly can prevent a heavy cash outflow. But, here’s something everybody should know about DIY projects: They do not always go as planned, especially if it’s your first time undertaking such work. It doesn’t matter if the task is a simple or a complex one; if it’s your first time, you can bet that things will not go as smoothly as the YouTube tutorial you might be following.

Now, if you already have some experience with repairs or you simply have the special gift of “tinkering” with things successfully, then by all means, go and DIY! However, before taking on any project, be sure to evaluate the task thoroughly; know your limits and recognize when to hire the pros.

For example, with plumbing, you should be able to differentiate the difficulty of certain repairs and installations to be carried out. Say, you need to replace a faucet or an old washing machine hose, or fix toilet hardware; ask yourself, “Are they the DIY plumbing or hire-a-professional type of tasks?” Actually, those are plumbing jobs that you can do yourself because there aren’t too many risks surrounding these issues.

Hire a Professional Tasks

Hire-a-professional tasks, according to the plumbers that Applegate and Fox Valley residents turn to, are for big ticket projects such as remodeling and renovations because experience and highly technical skills are required for these. Other tasks only pros should take care of are sump pump repair, backed up toilets, and other gnarly issues that can compromise safety and living conditions.

Plumbing tasks that truly should never be done through DIY are anything involving gas appliances or lines. A Fox Valley plumber says that you should never take risks with anything that involves gas. A misstep with a gas appliance or pipe can be very dangerous. Experienced plumbers have a tried-and-tested safe procedure for installation and repair; you can have the assurance that the job will be completed properly.

So, here are the rules of thumb in determining if a DIY plumbing job is something you can do or if it needs a professional:

  •         If the job is something that you don’t want to pay for twice, hire the pros.
  •         If it’s a big-ticket item, call the pros.
  •         For replacements of small plumbing hardware that you’re familiar with, take the DIY route.
  •         If a repair doesn’t require special skills, tools or require strict safety standards, you can DIY.
  •         For anything that involves gas, call the pro.
  •         If you want to restore the proper working order of your plumbing system as soon as possible, call the pros.

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