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Do You Have More Than One Clogged Toilet?

clogged toilet

What Do You Do When You Have More Than One Clogged Toilet?

All toilets, at some point, will clog. Older plumbing systems might lead to more clogs than newer systems. And misuse, like flushing down things you shouldn’t flush in toilets, inevitably leads to clogging. So don’t get too stressed out when one toilet starts to overflow. Take a plunger to it and take care of it.

But when both bathrooms seem to be acting “in concert,” and you’re at your wits end because not one, but two toilets are clogged you need more than just the humble plunger to fix the problem.


Two Is Not Better Than One

When you have one clogged toilet in the upstairs bathroom and another one in the downstairs bathroom, it might mean your septic tank is already full. This is if your property’s on a septic system. Another reason for both toilets getting backed up is a clog in the main sewer line. This is if your house is connected to the main sewer.

Whether it’s a full septic tank or a clogged main sewer line, both indicate serious plumbing problems. And only licensed plumbers have the knowledge, experience, and the tools to take care of the problem.

Incidentally, water backing up out of your toilets is one of the red flags to watch out for where the main sewer line is concerned. This is because toilets have the most direct path to the sewer, and the biggest drain in your house. A number of issues could be causing the main sewer line clog, like massive tree roots in your waste line.


Resolving the Clog

Immediately call your licensed Fox Valley plumber when you have two clogged toilets. Googling the problem and seeking advice in online forums are not going to be of much help. Only trained plumbers know how to figure out exactly what is causing the clog in your toilets.

The plumber will need to assess the clog. What happens when the toilets are flushed? Will the water come up and overflow? Or will it simply settle a little bit and then go down? Does water back up in your sink or tub when all taps are running?

With appropriate assessment, your plumber will be able to tell the extent of the clogged toilet, and from there, resolve the clog permanently.

It’s a nightmare to deal with toilets that are clogged. It is especially stressful when the clog happens when everyone else is asleep. With the right plumber, who can also do emergency service, you’ll get the right solution to the problem. So contact your local Fox Valley plumber now before your toilets start backing up.


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