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Biggest Plumbing Myths

Biggest Plumbing Myths

Biggest Plumbing Myths - Tureks Plumbing Services

Your plumbing system can easily be a casualty of plumbing myths. While sometimes they work, they could also put your entire plumbing system in danger. 

When it comes to such delicate systems, it is best to work with facts. After all, it is the myths about plumbing that make it inherently harder to run a fully functioning home. The expert plumbers in Appleton, WI explain some common myths about plumbing: 

Lemon Peels Are Good For Your Garbage Disposal 

This myth is aimed at helping people keep their garbage disposals clean. Due to its work, your garbage disposal will smell and it is understandable to want to get rid of that smell. However, orange peels only mask the smell and do nothing to improve the functionality of your drain. In fact, the peels are more likely to cause damage to your blades which will lose their functionality and cause more problems along the drain. 

The best way to clean your garbage disposal drain is to use hot water, soap, and a brush. This will help remove the smell and get rid of any accumulated particles within the drain. Also, make sure to disconnect the system from the power source to avoid accidents. 

Water Draining Means Clear Draining

Just because the drain in your kitchen seems to be working doesn’t mean it is. Sometimes, we notice faults in our homes such as slow drainage or a finicky tap and apply quick fixes. 

While this saves time and money,  applying a quick fix allows the situation to get worse explains Sacramento plumbers from Gilmore Heating, Air, & Plumbing. Make sure to clean your drainage systems manually and have the plumbing checked every few months.  

A Wire Hanger is as Good as a Plumbing Snake 

Drainage problems require urgent fixing before they cause more problems in our homes. Most people tend to use a wire hanger instead of using appropriate tools such as a plumbing snake. 

The problem with using a wire hanger is that it could cause more damage than it is intended. An exposed wire could damage the pipes by scratching the interior surface. This, in turn, makes it easier for food and waste debris to attach themselves. If you have to use a wire hanger, wrap it with a piece of clothing at the end. 

Flushable Wipes are Safe to Flush 

Wet wipes are liked because they offer quick cleaning solutions and are easy to dispose of. However, not all wipes can and should be flushed. The fact that the package has a flushable tag on them only means that they won’t clog your drainage system when you flush. They, however, take longer to break down and can cause problems to the environment.

Getting the best plumber for your Home 

You are likely to encounter at least two plumbing problems in a year depending on factors such as where you live and the number of people you live with. These plumbing issues can morph into big issues if not looked at in time and by a professional. Contact Turek’s Plumbing for all your plumbing needs in Appleton Wisconsin and enjoy fast and professional services all-year-round. 

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