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Bathroom Problems You Can Fix Yourself

bathroom problems you can fix yourselfLike most other things, the more the bathroom is used, the more likely it is that problems will start to arise, which you will then have to fix. Whenever there is a problem in the bathroom, the first reaction of people is to call your Fox Valley plumber to get them fixed. But all problems are not of the severity that only a professional plumber can fix them. There are many bathroom problems you can fix yourself, and this can save you a lot of time and money. 

The experts at Tureks plumbing in Appleton, WI have identified some problems that do not require professional assistance. But before we get into that, you need to understand how your toilet works since most of the bathroom-related problems are toilet-related.

A Quick Understanding of How Your Toilet Works

The toilet consists of two parts: the bowl that sits on the ground, and the upper tank that holds the water until you release it when you flush the toilet. The tank is the place where most problems arise, as it contains two important valves and the handle which initiates the toilet flush. 

Plumbing Problems You May Be Able to Fix Yourself

  • Toilet not flushing: This is perhaps the most common problem and has multiple ways to fix it. First, you need to check the handle to see if it is too tight or too loose and then tighten or loosen it accordingly. You can also check on the lift chain to see if it is attached to the flapper and the lift arm correctly, then adjust it accordingly. In case the flapper is not sealing the flush valve opening, you need to replace it because it might be damaged. 
  • A leaking toilet base: Although it sounds horrible, it is not a very hard problem to fix. This problem is mostly caused due to a damaged wax ring that seals the base of the toilet to the drain opening in the floor. In order to replace the wax ring, the toilet needs to be removed, but it is not that hard. By removing the toilet, yourself and replacing the wax ring, you can save money. 
  • A clogged toilet: Another one of the more common toilet problems, this one is probably the easiest to resolve. All you need is a specialized toilet plunger with an internal cup, and you are ready to resolve this problem within a few minutes. In case the clogging is more stubborn, you can use another specialized tool called toilet auger. 
  • Water level too high: This can be caused by a damaged or an old fill valve, which might need to be cleaned or replaced. Another cause might be debris in the fill valve resulting in the malfunction of the shut-off mechanism, and the solution is to clean out that debris


If you are unable to fix any of these problems on your own and need assistance, contact us at Tureks Plumbing Services. Having bigger plumbing issues? We provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services across the Appleton, WI area. 

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