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What Are the Top Kitchen Remodel Trends in 2018?

What Are the Top Kitchen Remodel Trends for 2018?

You can recoup 81.1 percent of your cost from a minor kitchen remodel, according to a 2018 report from business intelligence source Hanley Wood. The typical cost of a kitchen renovation for a midrange property is $21,198, and the added resale value of that project is $17,193. It’s not a bad investment when you want to put your home back in the market.

But what kind of remodel would you do? What should you change? If you’re at a loss for ideas, look to these top kitchen remodel trends for 2018.

Quartz-surfaced Countertops

Kitchens this year shimmer with this engineered stone. It’s a combination of roughly 94 percent quartz with polyester resins (for binding) and pigments (for color). The trendy countertop is not just alluring in a kitchen; it’s also low maintenance in comparison to granite. Quartz is scratch-resistant and stands up against stains.

Even better, this engineered stone now comes in a variety of patterns, colors, and styles. If you’re not in love with the polished look, try getting your quartz countertops sandblasted or embossed for a matte finish.

Counter-height Islands

Since kitchens have turned into the hub of any home for gathering with the family and entertaining friends, the island has become essential. This year, the multi-functional and aesthetic feature is even more of a star.

The ideal island not only allows for seamless movement in the kitchen. It also serves as an extension for prepping food. Counter-height islands further provide storage solutions, keeping kitchens free of clutter.

Masculine and Moody

White kitchens are still in, but the dominant palettes this year are warm grays, light khaki tones, and dark finishes. The mixture of these colors creates a masculine and somewhat moody style.

Modern Farmhouse

As the shift toward natural food and healthier lifestyles move steadily, kitchens are adopting the trend with a take on farm life. The style works around the concept of less is more. You’ll find open shelving, reclaimed wood (reclaimed-like wood), and other similar elements all feature in the modern farmhouse. With the right cabinetry you can create a shabby chic look that will last decades! 

The Smart Kitchen

Finally, what contemporary kitchen would not be without some type of smart gadget? As the Internet of Things (IoT) improves devices further, you’ll find today’s kitchens featuring more than just the typical fridge that tells you you’re out of milk and eggs or an oven with a camera that cooks your food without your intervention.

Some of the devices you might want in your kitchen are: the HAPIfork that tracks your eating habits; Bluetooth-enabled precision cookers that allow you to cook through your smartphone, and the fridgecam, which is cheaper than a smartfridge but lets you know if you need to pick up milk or eggs.

No matter which style works best for your home, our design consultants at Turek’s Plumbing can help you design and install your dream kitchen.

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