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8 Things You Should Never Pour Down Your Drain

things you should never pour down your drain - Tureks Plumbing Services

8 Things You Should Never Pour Down Your Drain

Many of the problems with your plumbing system can be traced to the deceptively simple mistakes that you make each time you pour something inappropriate down the drain. Read through the following list of the things you should never pour down your drain.

Avoid Pouring Grease and Cooking Oil Down the Drain

No amount of grease or cooking is small enough to pour down the drain. Grease and cooking oil solidify inside drains and attract other particles to them. Very soon, the mass will grow into a large enough ball to cause a blockage in the plumbing. You will then start noticing that the drains will function sluggishly. The next step will be a total blockage if nothing is done to fix the situation.

Tureks Plumbing Services advises that you refrain from pouring cooking oil or grease down your kitchen sink. Instead, pour oil or scrape grease into a garbage bin for proper disposal so that you save your plumbing system from the possibility of grease or oil-induced clogs.

Avoid Pouring Pumpkin Fragments Down the Drain

It is also a bad idea to dump any part of a pumpkin into the garbage disposal or kitchen drain. This risk increases exponentially during Halloween when you and your family members carve several pumpkins.

What is so bad about getting rid of pumpkins in the garbage disposal? For starters, pumpkin fragments harden when left on any surface. Haven’t you had trouble cleaning your carving knives after leaving them for a while in the aftermath of cutting pumpkins? Fox Valley plumbers caution that the pumpkin fragments can harden within the drain or garbage disposal and cause problems for the system. Instead, pour those fragments in the trash so that you spare the plumbing system from the eventual problems likely to be triggered when they harden inside the pipes.

Avoid Pouring Fibrous Food Items Down the Drain

While it is recommended that you consume as much fiber in your diet as possible, the same can’t be said for your home’s plumbing system. Fibrous foods, such as celery stalks should not be dumped in the garbage disposal. Those fibers will stick on the disposal blades or form clumps within the drainage pipes. Either possibility isn’t good for the health of the plumbing system and should be avoided by placing those foods in the garbage bin.

Avoid Pouring Rice and Pasta Down the Drain

Another thing you should never pour down your drain is rice and pasta. These items have a lot of starch in them. So they can congeal into a paste-like substance that will stick on the walls of the drainage pipes. Additionally, other solids flowing through the system will attach themselves to this starchy glue and cause a major clog to develop. Talk to a plumber in Appleton, WI, in case you have been disposing of these food items in the garbage disposal. The plumber will inspect the pipes and clean those drains so that any accumulations are removed before they cause a blockage.

Avoid Pouring Bones Down the Drain

The garbage disposal can easily crush different kinds of bones that you dump inside it, right? Wrong. The garbage disposal isn’t a crusher or any such heavy-duty machine. Making it break down hard bones will not only cause massive tear and wear, but also cause major problems to your system.

Err on the side of caution by dumping all bones, except tiny fish bones, into the trash can in your kitchen. This will prolong the service life of the garbage disposal and also safeguard the plumbing system from the harmful effects of any bones that may escape the blades of the garbage disposal.

Avoid Pouring Raw Meat Down the Drain

Raw meat (or trimmings) is also one of the things you should never pour down your drain. Experienced plumbers in Fox Valley say that the meat utilizes all the oxygen within the drainage system as it decomposes. Consequently, there will be no oxygen left for the beneficial bacteria that break down the wastes flushed down the plumbing. Over time, the wastes will accumulate in the septic tank and overflow into the drain field. It is, therefore, better to refrain from triggering this unfortunate chain of events if you want to avoid costly plumbing system repairs.

Avoid Pouring Flour Down the Drain

Flour has a lot of starch, so it should not be poured down the drain. When starch absorbs water, it forms some kind of glue that will bind any particles it comes in contact with into a tight ball. This ball of debris will grow larger until it partially or wholly blocks the drainage pipe. Tureks Plumbing Services recommends that you dispose of unwanted flour in the trash can so that it doesn’t cause plumbing system problems.

Avoid Pouring Coffee Grounds Down the Drain

Can you honestly claim that you have never poured coffee grounds down the drain in your kitchen? Most people have done so because they aren’t aware of the long-term harmful effects of that habit. Now that you know, refrain from pouring those spent grounds in the garbage disposal. They will accumulate in the drains and eventually cause a clog. A far better use of the coffee grounds is to scatter them in your garden or place them in your compost pile so that your plants can benefit from their rich nutrients.

The list of the things you should never pour down your drain is longer than what has been covered in the discussion above. Ask Tureks Plumbing Services professionals for specific questions regarding your plumbing system. Our plumbers will be more than glad to address your concerns, and we are waiting for your call if you ever have any plumbing system problem and need help resolving it.

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